Can Any Computer People Help Me Out?

I recently upgraded this blog to a more recent WordPress edition, and there are some problems I can’t seem to fix… WordPress support forums are not being very helpful. If you can help me, please let me know! Here are the problems: 1) When people post comments, they get a long error message. The post [Read More...]

If You Want to Become Straight, Edit a Gay Magazine

First, it was Charlene Cothran, editor of Venus Magazine. Now, it’s Michael Glatze, founding editor of Young Gay America magazine. Glatze was attracted to men at 14. He came out as gay when he was 20. Now, he’s 30 and declaring himself straight. He wrote a piece about this for WorldNetDaily: Homosexuality came easy to [Read More...]

I’m Glad I Came, Too…

This came in the mail today: My favorite parts of the enclosed letter: … as a new friend of Answers in Genesis, your perspective is especially important because it’s “fresh!” … Before you came to visit, you no doubt saw what the popular media has been saying about the Creation Museum, and how almost all [Read More...]

Do What With Religion?

Remember when an American artist got in trouble for Chocolate Jesus? People in Britain are much more laid back when it comes to art. Artist Dan Baldwin created a painting called “Fuck Religion” (seen above). Apparently, it’s popular in the town of Brighton: Seventy-five limited edition prints of Fuck Religion were sold – at £400 [Read More...]

Where the Party’s At

Looks like Washington D.C. is the place to go for a hedonistically good time. Time to celebrate Atheistfest! What is Atheistfest? The yearly meetings (held just after the fourth of July) conducted by the godless for the purposes of worshipping Satan, sacrificing cats, having group sex, and making blood pacts with our glorious father, Lucifer. [Read More...]