American Idol and Faith

Since the finale’s going on right now (not that I’m watching…), it seems like a good time to explore the Top Ten Religious Moments on American Idol, courtesy of It all starts with the title: something called “American Idol” is bound to be religious. And indeed, Fox’s megahit is all about worshiping new idols, [Read More...]

Random Thoughts on TV

This has nothing to do with anything. Is anyone else as obsessed as I am about Lost? Do you watch campaign coverage? All I watch now is MSNBC… nothing else will do anymore… I think I have a man crush on Keith Olbermann. Why have none of you informed me about the awesomeness of Flight [Read More...]

Heaven and Hell

From The New Yorker weekly cartoon caption contest: [tags]atheist, atheism, Christian, Christianity[/tags] [Read more...]

Not Quite a Christian… Not Quite an Atheist

Kido wasn’t trying to become an atheist or find any fault with her faith, but God just sort of left her life: I remember the exact feeling. I stepped into the church feeling different. It was different than all the other times. I felt alone. Even surrounded by familiar and friendly faces, someone was missing. [Read More...]

Professional Counselor Advises Mother on Her Son’s Atheism

I’ll say it again: Dan Savage is the only advice columnist worth reading. This advice columnist, who works in the town next to mine, should have just skipped over this question or passed it along to someone more qualified. Here’s the letter sent to “licensed clinical professional counselor” Doreen A. Zaborac: Dear Counselor: I have [Read More...]