Number of Teenage Atheists in Canada Is Going Up!

Canadians can be optimistic about this statistic (hey, I rhyme!): Teens who said they definitely believed in God, or a higher power, went from 54% to 37%, from 1984 to 2008, while the number of atheists rose from 6% to 16%. The number of teens that remained uncertain about God stayed at 31%. In an [Read More...]


Europe is definitely more secular than America… but they’re not immune from religious nonsense interfering with the government. Case in point: today, on Good Friday, there is a ban on dancing in many parts of Germany. It’s called Tanzverbot. I found a lot of poorly translated articles on it in German, so maybe a reader [Read More...]

Complete the Analogy

This is up on my Twitter account but I wanted to share it here. Complete the analogy: Straight people : Hurt by gay marriage :: ________ : ________ My favorite response so far: Straight people : Hurt by gay marriage :: Meat-eaters : Hurt by vegetarians (Thanks, Andrea!) (via Brett) [Read more...]

The Holy Gospel of the Easter Bunny

Now, I truly understand Easter: (via The Atheist Blogger) [Read more...]

Joel Osteen’s Awkward Response

I really enjoyed watching this interaction between Larry King and Joel Osteen/Victoria Osteen for one reason: It’s awkward as hell. Just like Rick Warren, Joel just can’t bring himself to say he absolutely opposes gay marriage. So he tries to work around it and he fails. Here’s what journalists need to do: keep questioning Christian [Read More...]