If a *-ist Goes Bad, is the *-ism Wrong?

PhillyChief strings together a lot of interesting thoughts in this post: Bring up mormons and most christians say they’re not “real” christians. Bring up the Inquisition and catholics will argue it got out of hand by twisted people who “lost their way” whereas born agains and other protestants will say “well that’s the catholic church [Read More...]

A Chance to Watch the Atheist Alliance International Conference!

A lot of people rushed to get tickets to September’s Atheist Alliance International convention in Washington D.C. the moment they became available. No one expected that level of interest and no one knew that so many “atheist luminaries” would be able to speak at the convention. It sold out in a hurry (so did a [Read More...]

Guess Who Found Jesus?

Michael Vick. Allow me to just quote Dan Savage, who put it so well: How come no one ever finds Jesus before they get caught doing something criminal? … Why is this I’ve-found-Jesus detail trotted out, uncritically, in news reports? If a close reading of the news tells us anything—and I’m hoping that news reporters [Read More...]

One More Survey

Here’s another survey courtesy of the social bookmarking site Digg (See question number 9). That poll has atheists at 43.2% of the responders. (And who knew there were more Pastafarians than there were Jews?!) It’s still not scientific, but it’s probably more reliable than the Larry King Live poll. And if it’s even remotely accurate, [Read More...]

How Should Atheist Parents Approach Religious Children?

I received this email recently. I did send some of my own suggestions to the parent, but I told her I’d also put the message on here and see what others have to say: After struggling with issues of faith for a while, my husband and I have recently “de-converted”. Our boys (ages 10 & [Read More...]