Author of The Year of Living Biblically on the Creation Museum

A. J. Jacobs writes about his visit to the Creation Museum in The Year of Living Biblically. I’ll have more on that when I post my interview with him soon. But he did write a post today for Mental Floss where he shared the five things he learned from the visit: 1. Creationists are not [Read More...]

Annual War on Christmas Begun by Trying to Avoid It

Last year at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky wanted to see an 8-foot-tall menorah on display. The airport already had giant Christmas trees in place. Madness ensued. To avoid that situation, airport personnel are done with all things Christmas-y: “We’re featuring peace and harmony,” said Mike Feldman, deputy managing director of the airport. “We’re [Read More...]

Secular Student Alliance in the News

The organization I chair, the Secular Student Alliance, was featured in The (Daily) Gazette of Schenectady, NY. Unfortunately, the article is inaccessible online, but enjoy the copy I received through email: Not too long ago, August Brunsman IV was working out of computer labs and coffee shops in Columbus, Ohio, trying to build a network [Read More...]

The Council of Atheists… and Porn

Spain’s FederaciĆ³n Internacional de Ateos, a.k.a. International Federation of Atheists (coolest name for an atheist organization *ever*), is holding the first “Council of Atheists” in a Toledo church this December. I don’t think I got the invite. Curses to them. (Here’s a translated version of FIdA’s website, by the way.) What will occur at this [Read More...]

Bong Hits 4 Jesus… the Movie

It’s happening: … though the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the school’s assertion that [Joseph] Frederick was promoting drug use, it seems Frederick is now the one with the last laugh. He is, after all, the one who’s recently received a fat wad of cash from Paramount and MTV Films to make a movie [Read More...]