Ask Richard: One Spouse Became an Atheist After a Few Years of Marriage

Dear Richard, Over the last few years my beliefs have changed drastically from fundamentalist Christian (since childhood) to staunch atheist. There came a certain point in which I finally shed my fear-based beliefs and overcame my indoctrination to religion and embraced rational and free thought. It was a painful internal struggle but I felt relieved [Read More...]

A Child Questions Noah’s Ark

I’ve never seen the USA show Psych before, but this clip makes me want to start. The background: Each episode begins with a flashback of main character Shawn Spencer‘s life. That flashback somehow connects to the present-day plot. Just watch the first two minutes of the most recent episode, “The Devil is in the Details… [Read More...]

Cherry Creek School District Lawsuit Settled

A while back, Cherry Creek Public Schools began promoting “40 Developmental Assets” — a program that would help students become “responsible and confident young adults.” One of those assets was Asset Number 19. It suggested “young adults spend one or more hours per week in activities in a religious institution.” The Freedom From Religion Foundation [Read More...]

Did God Perform Heart Surgery on Pat Robertson?

***Update***: A press release put out by Robertson’s people does thank doctors, though almost as a throwaway line: Robertson said, “Only the prayers of thousands of believing people kept me on this earth. As it is, I anticipate many more years of creative service in the ministry I founded (CBN), as well as Regent University [Read More...]

Bill Donohue and Me

Hemant has been urging me to tell this story, and with the recent mentions of Bill Donohue, it seems like a good time to bring this up: Yes, I’m laughing at Bill Donohue on Fox News.  (Here’s a link) This happened was while I worked for the American Humanist Association, when we had put up [Read More...]