Carl Sagan’s Cosmos on iTunes

For anyone who would like to legally buy Carl Sagan‘s series Cosmos so you can watch it when you drive or work out or are sitting in class, all the episodes are now available on iTunes! The whole series is $25.87 while individual episodes are $1.99. (In other words, there’s no discount for buying all [Read More...]

The Texas Freethought Convention

For any of you who missed the Atheist De-Baptism ceremony in Ohio, there’s another happening in Texas! It’s part of the day-long Texas Freethought Conference in Austin, TX on Sunday, October 26th. While you’re there, you can participate in a blood drive, hear live music, and meet other local atheists — So far, around 200 [Read More...]

Pastor Rick Warren Needed a Few Follow-Up Questions…

After spouting off against atheists in interviews following his Civil Forum, pastor Rick Warren should have received some follow-up questions: (via 1 2 3 Religious Comics) [Read more...]

Why Weren’t Atheists Invited to the Democratic National Committee’s Interfaith Gathering?

The Democratic National Convention will open next week with an interfaith gathering. Representatives from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and other faiths will be there. No atheists, though. We weren’t invited. The Secular Coalition for America has tried to persuade Convention CEO Leah Daughtry to allow atheists to be a part of the gathering, but to no [Read More...]

Bill Maher Gunning for An Oscar

It looks like Bill Maher wants his movie Religulous to win an Oscar for Best Documentary. What leads us to this conclusion? We know that “Religulous” is seriously in the derby for several reasons. First, Lionsgate hired veteran Oscars PR reps to handle its ballyhoo (Michele Robertson in L.A., Jeff Hill in New York). Secondly, [Read More...]