How Google Complete Queries About Christian Right Figures…

Ron was playing around with Google’s predictive text feature and noticed that if he typed in the names of some conservative Christians, Google suggested some interesting query completions… Other examples are on his site. He left out the “Ted Haggard is” query (which I find amusing). And the “Rick Warren is” query was surprising to [Read More...]

The Mindset of Faith-Healing Parents

We’ve seen a lot of stories about children — like Kara Neumann and Ava Worthington — who died because their parents trusted a god instead of modern medicine. They let their children suffer because they wrongly thought a god was going to save them. John Worth knows what goes on in those parents’ heads… because [Read More...]

Another Religion Reporter Loses His Faith

William Lobdell‘s time working as a religion reporter for the LA Times helped him become an atheist. It looks like he has a counterpart in the UK. Stephen Bates is a former religion reporter for The Guardian. His time reporting on religion led him to agnosticism. The thing that astounded me was the vituperation directed [Read More...]

Florida Principal Faces Prison Time for Luncheon Prayer

Last year, a school administrator at a public high school in Florida said a prayer at a school luncheon at the request of another administrator. That’s illegal to say the least, since children were present, and school officials should not be using their positions of authority to promote a particular faith. Apparently, that wasn’t the [Read More...]

Atheist Bus Ads in… Croatia?

The posters would read, “No Gods, No Masters” and they would go up on trams in Zagreb, Croatia. … Bojana Genov said today (Tues) she was very optimistic and believed the posters would soon be on Zagreb trams. Similar posters have already been seen in Spain, the UK and Italy. The Croatian Catholic Church has [Read More...]