It’s Bill Nye the Science Guy!

I spent the weekend at the American Humanist Society conference in San Jose, CA (woo!) The big annual award the AHA gives out is the Humanist of the Year — this year, the honoree was Bill Nye, the Science Guy. Here’s my unofficial video of his talk (in three parts)! (If the AHA puts out [Read More...]

What Do Atheists Do That Frustrates You?

A while back, I asked: What do Christians say or do that frustrates you? A whole bunch of you responded with very insightful thoughts. Now, let’s turn it back on ourselves. What do other atheists do or say that frustrates you? I wonder if this thread will be anywhere as long as the other one… [Read more...]

A Tour Through a Hell House

I know it’s not that time of year, but it’s still frightening as hell. Here’s video of an actual “Hell House” sponsored by Trinity Church of Cedar Hill in Texas. This is a real event and it’s aimed at children. Church members want to scare kids into accepting Jesus. Because, obviously, if you’re not a [Read More...]

An Atheist Restaurant

If I ever go to London again, I need to remember to make a stop at ArchAngel. They have one thing on the menu I can actually eat. (Thanks to Ed for the pic!) [Read more...]

Another Student Speaks Out Against Greensboro City Council Invocations

Bill Knight, the mayor of Greensboro, North Carolina, recently decided to have prayers before city council meetings. A couple weeks ago, Joshua Deaton (a member of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro Atheists/Agnostics/Skeptics) spoke out against this. A couple nights ago, the founder and current president of that group, Phillip Drum, spoke out against [Read More...]