Excellent Interview Discussing Illinois’ Mandatory Moment of Silence

It doesn’t take a whole lot to represent yourself well when you’re an atheist being interviewed on television. Just follow a few basic rules: Don’t be unnecessarily contentious. Know your stuff. Smile. Need an example? I just saw a high school student model it beautifully. Dawn Sherman was on a local television talk show talking [Read More...]

If Atheist and Christian Buses Collided… (Part 2)

Reader Anne Photoshopped the pic from last week to let the atheist bus take charge! Are your captions any different now…? [Read more...]

God Was Just Giving Him a Tithe

Randy Pratt and his wife Melissa Pratt were supposed to receive a $1,772.50 deposit in their bank account. Apparently, the bank was running low on decimals and the couple received a deposit of $177,250 instead. They didn’t tell anyone about this. They simply “withdrew the money, quit their jobs and moved to Florida.” Now, they’re [Read More...]

A Non-Believer in God’s Country

Greta Christina felt excluded as an atheist during the Inauguration. And yes, she heard the shout-out to non-believers. Like many of us, she appreciated the gesture. But she wonders whether that is it. Is that all we get? Amidst the excitement of hearing the phrase “and non-believers” in Barack Obama’s speech, did atheists notice just [Read More...]

Backwards Pregnant Baby Cake?

My birthday is in just over a month. And I like food. I’m just saying… (via Cake Wrecks — Thanks to the 39438923 people who sent me this link. You all know me so well.) [Read more...]