A Visual Representation of Biblical Contradictions

How do you keep Christians busy for a long, long time? Get some ink and paper, print this massive PDF collection of biblical contradictions, and have them explain it. Courtesy of Sam Harris‘ Reason Project: (Thanks to everyone for the link!) [Read more...]

Is Bill O’Reilly On Our Side Now?

***Update***: Here’s a clip of the segment (Thanks, Pengui!): … On his show Wednesday, Bill O’Reilly discussed the American Humanist Association’s Consider Humanism campaign with Juliet Huddy. Here’s how it went down according to the O’Reilly Factor website: Juliet Huddy came in to look at some attention-getting videos. One of them was a commercial from [Read More...]

Going Godless in the Black Community

Sikivu Hutchinson writes about the L.A. Black Skeptics’ first “Going Godless in the Black Community” roundtable. Fifteen atheist/humanists from a broad array of backgrounds, ages and world views attended. The discussion ranged from critiques of the influence of hyper-religiosity in the African American community to practical strategies for developing humanist resources and social welfare institutions… [Read More...]

Iowa Atheists Have a Highway, Too

Looks like Greensboro and Amarillo aren’t alone. The Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers have their own highway, too! Which other atheists groups have their own stretches of road? Someone needs to be cataloguing this… [Read more...]

The Historicity of Jesus

I’m no Jesus expert, but David Fitzgerald has been studying his existence for over a decade. He’s just released a new book: Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed at All. Check out the exclusive excerpt below and stick around for a chance to win a free copy of the book! [Read more...]