How to Meet, Date, and Woo Atheist Women

I always hear people talking about where they can meet other atheists for dating/mating purposes. So I put the question out to several atheist lady-friends and the Twitter/Facebook worlds: What do the rest of us need to know in order to woo female atheists? The response was overwhelming. I’ve compiled the advice below from what [Read More...]

Jesus on eBay? Never…

The sign below was found outside a church in Balham, London. That’s absurd. We all know you could never find anything Jesus-related on eBay… (Thanks to Andrew for the pic!) [Read more...]

What Could You Never Say in Church?

My friend Anne Jackson is going to publish a book later this year called Permission to Speak Freely. It’s a sort of Christian version of PostSecret, where people confess things they believe but feel they cannot say in church. For example: … I support civil unions for homosexual couples. … I just had a drink [Read More...]

The Debate Over Unscientific America

Last night, I went out with a friend from high school. Let’s call her… Bob. Bob’s an engineer and she’s religious. At some point, conversation turned to God (I swear, it always does when I’m around…) and I mentioned that I’d been reading a lot of the back and forth over Chris Mooney and Sheril [Read More...]

Help Out My Friend? It’ll Be Quick.

The Cirkus Prinsessan Festival is a competition/showcase in Sweden for female circus artists. They are searching for the “world’s best female performer” and 14 candidates will advance to the finals. 13 chosen by a panel of judges, and 1 chosen by the YouTube viewing audience. All finalists get an all-expenses paid trip to the finals [Read More...]