This is Not a Sitcom

True story. Wiccans move into small-town Bible-Belt-ish Christian community in Illinois. They set up their own school. Chaos ensues. The Christians meet in the local high school’s gym to discuss what to do: As more than 150 people filed into the shuttered high school Wednesday night for the meeting, Andy Thomas, youth minister at the [Read More...]

Chicken Shit Atheists

Humanist Network News’ latest podcast has a series of one-on-one interviews with Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett. I listened to it yesterday and I think it’s one of the best episodes they’ve done to date. (And congratulations to hosts Duncan Crary and Jes Constantine on their two year podcasting anniversary!) You [Read More...]

Questions for Scott Adams, Creator of Dilbert

Dilbert creator Scott Adams is answering questions for the Freakonomics blog. He’s said some increasingly crazy things about atheists and evolution. On atheists: This brings me to atheists. In order to be certain that God doesn’t exist, you have to possess a godlike mental capacity – the ability to be 100% certain. A human can’t [Read More...]

Suing Over the Mandatory Moment of Silence

Illinois has a law mandating a moment of silence in public classrooms. A familiar name is now suing over it. And she’s only 14. Dawn Sherman on Friday filed a lawsuit against Northwest Suburban Township High School District 214 to fight the state-mandated moment of silence. The district is planning to implement the law on [Read More...]

I’m Farked

If you tried checking the site out last night…. or this morning… or two seconds ago, you probably got a page that said this account was suspended. That’s because 302423 people were coming to the page at once. Because my posting on the new atheist symbol was Farked. (See the bottom of the picture) I’ll [Read More...]