This Was Really in a Jehovah’s Witness Publication…?

The Jehovah’s Witnesses put out a monthly magazine called Awake! which is a companion publication to the Watchtower. In this month’s issue (PDF), the cover story on “Atheism on the March” has a very interesting beginning… Yes, how dare those New Atheists not keep their views to themselves!? It’s so rude when people just intrude [Read More...]

A Christian Calls Out Christian Movies

It’s always nice to hear a Christian admitting what we’ve all known for a long time: The term Christian film has become synonymous with substandard production values, stilted dialogue and childish plots. Why is Christian film no more than a side note to modern culture? Why are Christians left behind? … Rather than developing organically, [Read More...]

The Atheist Ministers Still Working in a Church

Earlier this year, Daniel Dennett and Linda LaScola put out a report about pastors who were still in the pulpit but who no longer believed in a god. Last night, ABC News did a report on a couple of their subjects. The video’s not up on their site as I write this, but it should [Read More...]

Have You Had This Conversation Before?

Gary DeSomber, a member of the Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers, made a short film about an atheist trying to explain to a religious friend why God’s existence is no more factual than the Easter Bunny. It’s well made and the dialogue is as honest as you’ll ever see. (I know I’ve had similar conversations before.) [Read More...]

Support Libel Reform in England

All the Simon Singh drama of the past couple years shows how badly libel reform is needed in the UK. Right now, free speech appears to be at a premium. Bloggers, like print journalists, could get sued for mere criticism and not actual libel. The good news is that a draft Defamation Bill will be [Read More...]