For My Stalkers…

You know who you are. I’ll be speaking at a few upcoming conferences in case you’re interested/able to attend! The Amaz!ng Meeting 9 (Las Vegas, NV) July 14th – 17th (Expensive, sold-out) I’ll be live-blogging the conference on this site for those who can’t make it! (And you can always follow the #TAM9 hashtag on [Read More…]

Christians Go After a Popular Pastor Over His Sexism, Too

Popular anti-gay Christian pastor Mark Driscoll is no stranger to controversy or saying crazy things (Avatar is a “demonic, Satanic film“), but he managed to piss off a lot of Christians yesterday with a question he asked on Facebook: So, what story do you have about the most effeminate anatomically male worship leader you’ve ever [Read More…]

An Ideological Turing Test for Atheists and Christians

Here’s an interesting experiment: Leah at Unequally Yoked asked a group of 15 people (a mix of Christians and atheists) to answer a number of questions about god and religion. The atheists were told to answer the questions honestly. The Christians were told to answer the questions as if they were atheists. Can you tell [Read More…]

I Think God Only Answers the Prayers of Athletes

It’s good to know that God’s priorities are always in the right order: (via the always entertaining DarkMatter2525) [Read more…]

The Name's Awesome… How About the Rest of It?

If you use dating websites and you’d like to meet other atheists, there are really two options: One is to go to a traditional site (like Match or OKCupid… anything but eHarmony, really) and search specifically for other atheists. Because of the sheer numbers, you’re bound to find other like-minded people. (Whether you’re a good [Read More…]