2030: The Year Atheists Overtake Christians… in Britain

I’m just gonna leave this headline right here: The study conducted by the British Parliament showed there were 41 million Christians in Britain, down nearly 8 percent since 2004. Meanwhile, the number of nonbelievers stood at 13.4 million, up 49 percent over the same period. … “If these populations continue to shrink and grow by [Read More…]

Mormons Get Caught Baptizing Famous Dead Jews… Now They’re Punishing the People Who Point That Out

There’s a website called familysearch.org that allows you to search through the records of the Mormon Church and find information about people who are now dead, who have since been “baptized” into the Mormon faith… Like Anne Frank. Or Mahatma Gandhi. Or Elie Wiesel (not dead yet but a Mormon-to-be-named-later). Obviously, a “proxy baptism” has [Read More…]

Oklahoma House of Representatives Turns Into a House of Worship

At the start of the Oklahoma state legislature’s sessions, they invite a pastor to speak before the elected officials. It’s a part of the official business. On March 1st (PDF), Rep. George Faught invited Pastor Bill Ledbetter of Fairview Baptist Church to speak to the House of Representatives. And… well… you should just watch this: [Read More…]

Interviewed on the Drew Marshall Show

Last week, I was on the Drew Marshall Show to talk about stories in the atheist community. (Along with a brief foray into sports.) The host playfully tried to get the guest before me — a fellow Patheos blogger (and Christian) who didn’t know I was on the phone call — to talk trash about [Read More…]

So *That’s* How You Do Science…

Scott Welty recently visited the Fermi National Laboratory (not far from Chicago) to sit in on a couple of presentations and he was shocked by what he saw: Actual science! … here’s what I observed: Calm and logical presentations Polite and attentive audience An almost crushing critical eye on their own data (more on this) [Read More…]