Not Every Pitt Student

Campus Crusade for Christ does this sort of thing a lot. They start a meme, tell their affiliates to spread it, and next thing you know, it’s all over campus. It always seems to be a trojan horse. CCC knows if they used their group’s name or the name of Jesus, people will be turned [Read More...]

Speaking Tour Reviews: Days 3-5

I’m finally back home after trips to Indiana and California. The last of the writeups are also in! They say positive things along with some constructive criticism. Akusai at Action Skeptics has both a short and long review: Short version: Hemant was funny, personable, and an extremely talented speaker. While my irascible, sarcastic nature causes [Read More...]

Atheist Groups Get Positive Press in Texas and Kansas

There was a nice article in the Dallas Morning News on Friday about Terry McDonald, chairman of the Metroplex Atheists. “When you tell someone you’re not a theist, it’s like saying I’m taking the issue that is closest to them and discrediting it,” said McDonald, chairman of Metroplex Atheists. The stigma attached to atheism, be [Read More...]

Newsweek: The End of Christian America

The echoes of the ARIS survey findings are still being heard. In a Newsweek article titled “The End of Christian America,” Jon Meacham talks about how power is shifting away from the Religious Right. Before we get to the article, though, let’s talk about this cover: It’s complete exaggeration, similar to the overblown Time cover [Read More...]

What Would You Do with 72 Virgins?

Comedian Keith Lowell Jensen riffs on the Islamic notion of martyrs receiving 72 virgins in the afterlife… and the idea that you might actually get something else: (Thanks to Ashley for the link!) [Read more...]