The Catholic Church Wants to Debate Atheists… There’s Just One Catch

The Vatican is planning to host a series of debates in Paris next year where atheists will be pitted against the Church’s “top theologians.” The “Courtyard of the Gentiles”, as the foundation is known, is being set up by the Pontifical Council for Culture, the influential Vatican department that is charged with fostering better relations [Read More...]


After writing about the Boot Protest against nomad campus preacher Brother Jed, reader JT from Missouri State University let me know how his campus handled Jed when he stopped by for a visit. They used the opportunity to raise money for Heifer International. Brother Jed even played along, which was pretty decent of him… If [Read More...]

Free Religious Humanism Classes in Colorado

A couple months ago, Rev. Roger Butts of the High Plains Unitarian Universalist Church wrote a wonderful defense of atheists doing good works in the Colorado Springs Gazette. Now, he’ll be leading free classes on religious humanism: Beginning Wednesday at High Plains, Butts will teach a free four-week course on religious humanism and its place [Read More...]

Want a Job as a Psychic?

There’s a new “psychic” company starting up and they’re currently looking for “gifted psychics who have prior experience”… I should apply. I once said the Cubs were going to win a baseball game… and they did! I have a gift. So do all of you. You could make some decent money, too: Generous hourly rates [Read More...]

Muslim and Lesbian

I have no idea what I’d say to this woman if I met her… It’s easy to say you have to either suppress your sexuality or lose your faith. But neither one is easy or she would’ve done it already. It’s the same dilemma as being a gay Christian. Where do you go from there? [Read More...]