FFRF Conference Videos

If you missed the Freedom From Religion Foundation convention a couple weeks ago, you can now watch videos of everything here! The videos showcase Julia Sweeney, Christopher Hitchens, and Ellery Schempp. [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Friendly Atheist Contest #6: The Scariest Halloween Costume

Last week, I asked this question: What should atheists scream out in bed? Here are the Top 5 answers (with submitters)! 5| “Oh, God (in whom I don’t believe)!” (The Exterminator) 4| “…punctuated equilibrium!” (Kate) 3| “Suck it Jesus, this is my god now!” (Vincent) 2| “Jesus isn’t coming, but I am!” (Craig) 1| “Touch [Read More...]

New Atheist Symbol

At the Atheist Alliance International Convention last month, we were asked to pick an atheist symbol from a select list. That list had been shaped over several months of suggestions and revisions. The “winning” symbol is seen here: This process was started before the Richard Dawkins Foundation’s “Out Campaign” went public, so maybe the symbol [Read More...]

Jesus Jerseys

You can’t lose with these, right…? Why the number 7? It would be well for the reader to always remember the SEVEN means COMPLETENESS or SPIRITUAL PERFECTION. Whenever you come to a SEVEN in the Word of God read the meaning and the message is plain. SEVEN is found 735 times in the Bible. SEVENFOLD [Read More...]

Upcoming Speaking Gigs

I’ll be speaking about the book at Harding University (a Christian college) in Searcy, Arkansas (about 50 miles north-east of Little Rock) this Sunday evening in the Heritage Building’s Cone Chapel at 7:00 p.m. (local time). The event is free to the public! More information can be found on Facebook. … On Monday, as previously [Read More...]