A Christian Nation, Says Local Bigot

I was reading a (very) local paper and I saw an article written by Pastor Vernon C. Lyons, a Baptist minister. Lyons is a guy who opposed the building of a mosque in our community because he felt it would bring in the terrorists. He tried to come off as sane, but it didn’t work: [Read More...]

Michael Behe’s Book, as Reviewed by Richard Dawkins

The New York Times is going to publish Richard Dawkin’s review of Michael Behe’s new book on Sunday. It was previously up behind the TimesSelect wall, but it’s now available for public viewing. Here’s a selection of what Dawkins has to say about The Edge of Evolution: I had expected to be as irritated by [Read More...]

Atheist Tactics Debate

Chris Hallquist and I will be appearing on The Debate Hour online radio show on the evening of Friday, July 13 at 8:00 p.m. (EDT) to discuss atheist tactics. The host of the show is none other than The Infidel Guy himself, Reginald Finley. Here’s a sampling of the issues that Chris and I disagree [Read More...]

Hitchens vs. Sharpton, Part Deux

Christopher Hitchens and Rev. Al Sharpton were on Hardball yesterday. It’s their second time meeting since a public debate in May when Sharpton made this controversial statement about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney: “As for the one Mormon running for office, those that really believe in God will defeat him anyway, so don’t worry about [Read More...]

Ex-Ex-Gays Speak Out

We laughed when we were told Ted Haggard was “cured” of his gayness after three weeks because the idea of a gay person magically turning straight (through “counseling,” no less) is ludicrous. It’s not always a laughing matter. A lot of gay people, out of fear that there is something wrong with them, try to [Read More...]