A Group for Terminally Ill Atheists

A reader named Chantelle was recently diagnosed with ALS. The only support group in her area met at a church and was all religious-y. So she’s curious if there are other atheists with life-threatening illnesses who may want to talk to each other. She created a Facebook group and would love to hear from people [Read More…]

Tattoos Don’t Hurt, Right…?

Todd Stiefel asked me what I would consider doing if Foundation Beyond Belief reached its goal of 5,400 total members for the Light the Night walk. (Right now, we only have 400.) I said I would grow a beard for a month. Then I remembered that I have to travel. And those aren’t a good [Read More…]

Christian Legal Group Changes Its Name to be More ‘Christian-y’

The (Christian) Alliance Defense Fund is changing its name to be even more misleading: The Alliance Defense Fund is changing its name to “Alliance Defending Freedom.” “Our mission remains the same — defending religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family. Only our name has changed,” said Alliance Defending Freedom President, CEO, and [Read More…]

In Omaha, People Are Offended by Billboard for Atheists

This is the atheist billboard that just went up in Omaha: The organizer of the Omaha Coalition of Reason doesn’t think it’s controversial and he’s right: “We put it up as a beacon to let them know that they’re not alone,” explained William Newman. Newman is with Omaha’s chapter of United Coalition of Reason and [Read More…]

This One’s for You, Nakedpastor

(In response to this post) [Read more…]