Atheist Billboards Go Up in Salt Lake City

The Freedom From Religion Foundation just put up four billboards (rather, two basic images in four locations) in Salt Lake City to mark the holiday season — it marks their first billboard campaign in Utah: FFRF has more than 17,000 nonreligious members nationwide, but its Utah membership, at 102 persons, is on the slim side. [Read More…]

Reddit Atheists Inch Closer to $200,000 Fundraising Goal for Doctors Without Borders

When that much money is raised by godless heathens, the media pays attention: (Reuters) – Atheist bloggers have shown their charitable side by swarming to donate money to Doctors Without Borders, in what turned into the humanitarian agency’s biggest online fundraiser. … Thousands more clicked through from the atheism sub-reddit, a site normally given over [Read More…]

The Non-Christian History of Christmas

Is there anything Christian about Christmas? TheThinkingAtheist takes us through a history of the holiday in To XMAS and Beyond!: [Read more…]

A Chart Describing IQ vs. Religiosity

To quote XKCD, “Correlation doesn’t imply causation, but it does waggle its eyebrows suggestively and gesture furtively while mouthing ‘look over there’.” With that in mind, here’s Tony Piro with a chart that reflects your inner suspicions: Keep in mind that poverty, education, ability to obtain an education, the type of IQ test used, and [Read More…]

I’m Sure He Said It

If Phil Plait can appear in Zach Weiner cartoons, then I’m just going to pretend this little boy is me when I was younger (via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) [Read more…]