How Does an Atheist Explain Death to His Children?

From a reader (emphasis mine): My youngest (daughter, 8yrs old) has been having a difficult time with the concept of dying for a year or two now. It is especially upsetting her at bedtime when she has those quiet moments of thought to herself prior to falling asleep. I have explained to her that our [Read More...]

Did the Colusa County Reverend Plagiarize?

A lot of commenters mentioned this already, but there appears to be a case of plagiarism afoot. First, look at an excerpt from Rev. Albert Mohler‘s book Atheism Remix: Atheism is not a new concept. Even the Bible speaks of the one who tells himself in his heart, “There is no God.” Atheism became an [Read More...]

Anyone Watching Nightline?

Pastor Rick Warren was being interviewed about the weekend’s “Civil Forum”… the reporter asked him whether he would consider voting for a non-Christian for President — a Jew or Muslim, perhaps? Warren said he could easily vote for a Jew. He added: the only person he could not vote for was an atheist. Because the [Read More...]

More Drama in the World of Organized Atheism

The New York City Atheists invited biologist extraordinaire Massimo Pigliucci to join their board of directors a couple years ago. So he did. He saw that the organization was getting ripped apart by those students who attended some of their events. So he tried to bring the board together to solve some of these problems, [Read More...]

Where Atheist Videos Go After They Die

YouTube frequently takes videos due to claims of copyright infringement. While this is the case at times, it’s not always the case (sometimes, people just don’t like the content and claim there’s a copyright violation), and it’s interesting to see what gets taken down. Quite a large number of atheist videos have been the victims [Read More...]