No Religious Displays in the Capitol Building This Year

Last Winter, the Freedom From Religion Foundation began a media controversy when they decided to put their own pro-atheist plaque next to a nativity scene in the Washington state Capitol building The reason they did it was to make a point: You cannot allow one religion’s beliefs to be represented on government property while rejecting [Read More...]

Now I’m a Believed-er

I would totally wear this t-shirt: It’s not offensive, it raises questions, and it could begin many a discussion. Perfect. (via nakedpastor) [Read more...]

Is the Controversy Over?

Nathan Black of The Christian Post is reporting on the war of words between Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute and myself. At least Black mentioned my book title… unlike *some* Christian “family” groups I know… And he gets bonus points for noting that certain comments I made in my original posting were sarcastic. [Read More...]

The Up Side to Psychic Powers

When it works, it’s beautiful: (via XKCD) [Read more...]

Atheists and Ambiguous Wording

This post is by Jesse Galef, who works for the Secular Coalition for America. He also blogs at Rant & Reason … When Bruce Ledewitz (author of “Hallowed Secularism”) found out who I work for, he said with a grin that soon we would soon consider people like him, not the religious right, to be [Read More...]