Philadelphia Cops Paid To Attend Church?

This letter comes from a new police recruit in Philadelphia. He’s also an atheist. Can you help him out? Today I was told that the police academy will be sending its recruit class to “Blue Mass” on Friday at Philadelphia’s local Holy Family College. All recruits have been given the opportunity to opt out, and [Read More...]

Atheists Are Like Anthropologists…

Do your parents know about your atheism? Are you still in the closet at home? Neon Genesis posed a wonderful analogy about such atheists on the Friendly Atheist Forums: I also don’t think it’s hypocritical for you to hide your atheism from your family. I think it’s your family that’s being hypocritical since Christians claim [Read More...]

New Orleans Declares This Thursday “Citywide Day of Reason”

This is a great contrast to the National Day of Prayer. In 2005, the New Orleans Secular Humanist Association was issued the following Proclamation from Mayor Ray Nagin to celebrate the National Day of Reason: This year, they’ll be awarded a proclamation for a Citywide Day of Reason signed by all of the New Orleans [Read More...]

Is There a Heaven? asks News Reporter

Why is a news station doing a story on whether Heaven exists? Probably for the same reason they give airtime to kooks who see Jesus in their furniture… At least they featured an atheist, Edwin Kagin, in the piece. The website for the story features two polls, both heading in the wrong direction. At the [Read More...]

Why Is This Man Shooting Grandma?

Remember this video? This coupon is eerily reminiscent: That ad is courtesy of Faith2Action, a Christian Right group, worried about what would happen if a hate-crimes bill currently in Congress passed. Apparently, it means you’re going to shoot senior citizens. I would love to understand their position… I really would. But then they do stupid [Read More...]