Two Atheist Organizations Suggest Military Policy Recommendations for Barack Obama

We all know there is a serious problem for atheists in the military. From Jeremy Hall to Dustin Chalker to the Free Day Away program to the Christian Embassy videos to the many cases that never get reported at all, military atheists are subject to proselytization, denied promotions, and belittled by their superiors. Today, the [Read More...]

5000 Joined. 2 Left. Now What Happens…?

Best Facebook group status ever: Two people left the group…? What will the group’s creator do now?! JT has an interesting way of putting it: I wonder if that’s anything like swallowing Jesus at communion only to throw him up fifteen minutes later. (via DisComforting Ignorance) [Read more...]

Atheists Love the Social Bookmarking Sites

Shocking news to all of us, I’m sure: Users of social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Digg are overwhelmingly non-religious. Well, that, or we all just enjoy looking at pictures/articles/websites that poke fun at religious people and their beliefs. A 2-year-old survey of Digg users showed a significant concentration of atheists and agnostics. Because Digg’s [Read More...]

Behind the Scenes of Elizabeth Dole’s “Godless Ad” Against Kay Hagan

By now, we know Kay Hagan — a Christian — overcame anti-atheist bigotry from her North Carolina Senate opponent Elizabeth Dole. Rob Christensen of The Charlotte Observer has a behind-the-scenes look at how that ad came to be. In a nutshell, the Dole campaign never intended to create the ad because they never thought Hagan [Read More...]

I Always Wondered If That Happened…

And now I have my answer: (via PostSecret) [Read more...]