The Creationists Are Looking for Targets

It looks like Ken Ham and his acolytes at the Creation Museum are teaching children a new skill: Archery. To me, providing such programs is a part of helping families to provide wholesome Christian-run programs for families and their friends, and at the same time, use it as a way of reaching others with the [Read More…]

Update: Atheist Billboard Featuring Slavery Bible Verse Will Not Go Back Up

Just as quickly as the PA Nonbelievers’ slavery billboard was torn down… … Lamar Advertising has replaced it with a different billboard altogether: Overnight, someone removed part of the sign, probably with a knife, said Andrew Rebuck, general manager of the Lamar Advertising office in Lemoyne. The company put up a different image at 8 [Read More…]

nakedpastor: Straighten Him Out!

[Read more…]

Hebrew Atheist Billboard Finds a New Home

This morning, the future of the Hebrew billboard reaching out to closeted atheists in the Orthodox Jewish community was uncertain, but it looks like American Atheists found a home for it: The atheists had to settle for placing the billboard above the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway near Meeker Avenue — about a mile and a half north [Read More…]

What Happens After You Die?

These beliefs make as much sense as all the religious ones: (via SMBC Theater — Thanks to Paul for the link!) [Read more…]