Save the Foreskin; Save the World

This is a real thing: I like it. Anything to raise awareness about genital mutilation. Also: Hehe. CAN-FAP. (via Joe. My. God.) [Read more…]

Why Algebra is Necessary: Rebutting Andrew Hacker

I teach Geometry. I’ve taught it for years. I’ll have two sections of it this year. Probably 65 kids. Every year that I’ve taught the subject, kids have freaked out at the mere mention of the word “Proof.” Without actually knowing what they are or how to do them, they want to give up immediately. [Read More…]

If Orthodox Jews Take Fruit Trees That Seriously, Be Glad They Didn’t Read the Bible Verses Right Before It

We always talk about religious beliefs that cause harm, but some beliefs are just downright silly. They don’t hurt anybody, but the lengths people go to in order to adhere to the rules is ridiculous. Such is the case with certain trees in Brooklyn: Sheya Wieder owned a small old house on a large lot [Read More…]

More Eagle Scouts Are Resigning Because of the Organization’s Homophobia

It’s not just Eagle Scouts who support the LGBT community who are sending back their badges; atheist scouts are resigning, too: [Dr. William] Van Druten recalled being “proud” when he earned his badge. “Nobody bothered us with what superstition we had or did not have, whether we were straight, gay, black, white, yellow or grey. [Read More…]

What is Humanism? As Explained by Several Famous Humanists

The British Humanist Association just released this Introduction to Humanism featuring Richard Dawkins, A.C. Grayling, Tim Minchin, Zoe Margolis, Polly Toynbee, Phillip Pullman, and many others: (Thanks to Steve for the link!) [Read more…]