Atheist Billboard in Alabama Makes Christians Angry

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has been putting this billboard up across the country: The “Imagine No Religion” is hardly offensive… it doesn’t attack or mock a particular faith. It merely suggests the thought of life without religion using the words of John Lennon. But when the Alabama Freethought Association helped put that billboard up [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Needing Secular Counseling After a Mastectomy

Mr. Wade, This may be an ordinary complaint from a non-believer, but every time I have had to stay in hospital for more than an hour, a “patient advocate” comes into my room and wants to pray with or for me, or leaves me with some sweet religious phrase or blessing in addition to asking [Read More...]

Been Debaptized?

If any of you atheists have been “debaptized” at a ceremony or conference, please let me know. It’s for a reporter. This posting will self-destruct in about an hour… [Read more...]

An Easy Way for Irish People to Leave the Catholic Church

If you’re (literally) an Irish Catholic, and you want to leave the Roman Catholic Church, you now have an easy way out. It takes three steps. Hundreds of like-minded people have completed an “actus defectionis” or “declaration of defection” on the site since it went live last Wednesday. They have completed a three-step process that [Read More...]

NO GODS License Plate in Indiana is Approved!

A couple weeks ago, I posted about Jason from Indiana. His request for a license plate reading NO GODS was rejected by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. There’s good news to report! Jason wrote this in an email: I got a letter on Friday stating that my initially rejected personalized license plate of “NO GODS” [Read More...]