A Christian Pastor Responds (Part 5)

Pastor Mike Clawson responds to your questions. You can also read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. The final part will come tomorrow! … miller asked me to comment on “What I think the atheist movement gets wrong?” My first response was to say “Yikes! This looks like a potential landmine if [Read More...]

Humanism Project Grant

If you have a project in mind to advance atheism/Humanism in some way, but you just don’t have the money to make it happen, your worries are over! Consider applying for the Institute for Humanist Studies Grant. They like projects that are replicable, that cater to youth, and that increase cooperation among those who advocate [Read More...]

A Christian Pastor Responds (Part 4)

Pastor Mike Clawson responds to your questions. You can also read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. … writerdd asks: Do you believe that we atheists are going to burn in hell forever? Or, as Hemant asks in his book, do you believe that we are “lost” souls that need to be “saved”? I [Read More...]

The Top 12 Excuses for God’s Horrible Behavior

August Berkshire, the public relations representative for Minnesota Atheists and Vice-President of Atheist Alliance International, previously put together the list of “18 Unconvincing Arguments for God” (PDF), which so far is the most popular posting this site has ever had. He’s back. August’s new list is called: The Problem of Evil: The Top Twelve Excuses [Read More...]

Intelligent Design Advocate To Become President of a National Education Group?

This July, the National Association of State Boards of Education will elect officers and, according to this article, there is only one person running for the position of president. That person is Kenneth Willard. Why is he not a good choice? [Willard is] a Kansas Republican who voted with the conservative majority in 2005 when [Read More...]