Some Final Remarks on Jerry Falwell

Fred Phelps will be picketing Falwell’s funeral (via Daylight Atheism). This is ironic. Phelps writes that Falwell espoused “false doctrines like ‘God loves everyone.’”… which is completely untrue. Falwell’s God hated everyone who wasn’t his brand of fundamental Christianity. The Onion asked “people” what they thought of his death… Televangelist Jerry Falwell Dead Moral Majority [Read More...]

He Bought My Soul on eBay

Jim Henderson will be speaking on the University of Washington Campus (in Seattle) on Monday, May 21 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. The event will be in Thomson Hall Room 101. Go check him out! What will Jim be talking about? A full description of the event is below the fold. [Read more...]

How Did Everyone React to Jerry Falwell’s Death?

A collection of responses regarding Jerry Falwell’s death from various groups and people is below: American Atheists: While we recognize and respect the grief of friends and relatives, it must be acknowledged in the wake of Rev. Falwell’s death that he and the organizations he founded, especially the so-called Moral Majority, were serious threats to [Read More...]

If This Site Looks Cleaner Today…

It’s because Tim Stiffler helped me fix a few HTML problems! Show him some love by checking out his blog, Righteous Path! [tags]Righteous Path, Tim Stiffler[/tags] [Read more...]

Where Did the Hotel Room Bibles Go?

Well, for the 130 Scandic hotels in ten European countries, they’re gone! Why? Because a humanist complained about it. As a resolution, the hotel chain now has a collection of religious/spiritual texts at the front desk. You can pick up any you’d like. It actually gives you more options than before without forcing any one [Read More...]