Atheist Dating Stories

The Happy New Atheist shares this story: Here’s an email I received after one date with a nice Catholic woman. We had a great first date, went wine tasting and then to dinner. She said she would love to go out again. So I asked a few days later, and here is the response: I [Read More...]

The Meaning of Secular

Nullifidian explains the proper use of the word “secular”: That is to say, “secular” isn’t the same as “atheism” or “anti-religion.” When we have “secular schools” or we advocate a secular government, we’re not pushing to indoctrinate people with atheism. We’re simply saying religious views (and non-religious views) should be kept out of the areas. [Read More...]

Pharmacy Professors Who Want a Job, Step Forward! Not So Fast, Non-Christians…

If you’re a Christian pharmacy professor, they have a job for you: Three private, Christian universities in the state — Belmont, Lipscomb and Union — are hiring positions for new pharmacy colleges scheduled to open next fall. Although the process has been smooth, school administrators know they’re only beginning what could be a long ordeal. [Read More...]

Come See Me at the University of Illinois Next Week!

On Saturday, October 13th, I’ll be speaking at the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign about the eBay auction, my book, and atheism in general. Bonus points (and a Friendly Atheist wristband) to anyone who asks, “You’re cute… can I have your phone number?” during the Q&A. The event is sponsored by the Atheists, Agnostics, & [Read More...]

Atheism Featured on CBC’s The National

***Update: A higher-quality video of the segment can be seen here. (Thanks to George for the link!)*** Thank you, Canada, for airing a wonderful piece on atheism. It appeared on CBC’s The National. It’s over 20 minutes long (!) and features Greydon Square, Sam Harris, Justin Trottier, and several others. The segment is broken up [Read More...]