Ask Richard: Considering an Ultimatum to Her Intolerant Family

Dear Richard, I’m in a polyamorous relationship. I’ve been married to my husband for almost four years, and for the past three, we’ve had a live-in boyfriend. At this point in our relationship, we consider all three of us to be equals – the marriage between me and my husband is no more or less [Read More...]

Starting a Camp Quest in Texas

If you build it, they will come. Amie Parsons, an atheist, couldn’t find any good summer camp for her child to go to, so she began a Camp Quest of her own! “It’s just a camp, for kids, who want to have a camp experience without having the religious dogma placed upon them,” she said. [Read More...]

Young Atheists Are Coming Out of the Closet

There’s a great article about how young people are coming out as atheists. It’s by Kate Shellnutt and appears in the online magazine Shift. I’m mentioned in the piece and it’s one of the rare times where the details about me are actually accurate. You’d be surprised how often that doesn’t happen… Our friend Ron [Read More...]

Foundation Beyond Belief Launches

I’ve written before about Foundation Beyond Belief: Foundation Beyond Belief is a new 501c3 charitable and educational foundation created (1) to focus, encourage and demonstrate humanistic generosity, and (2) to support a nationwide nonreligious parent education program. This is a terrific opportunity for non-religious people everywhere. We’ve never had a true “atheist” charity we could [Read More...]

Muslim Politician Saqib Ali Supports Gay Marriage

Saqib Ali is a practicing Muslim who attended high school in Saudi Arabia. It’s very impressive that he was elected to the state legislature in Maryland in the first place. Even more amazing than that is this: Now the Democratic delegate has come out in support of gay marriage, a position he announced publicly in [Read More...]