Obama Speaks to Catholic Reporters About Faith

This morning, President Obama met with a group of reporters for mostly Catholic publications. Among many topics, he discussed his upcoming meeting with the Pope. The not-so-major-but-kinda-interesting revelations: He is considering choosing a group of churches in Washington, rather than a single congregation, to reduce the impact of his presence on any one community. Joshua [Read More...]

Mike Jones Fired from Christian Living Communities

Mike Jones is the former male escort who exposed Ted Haggard‘s hypocrisy. I interviewed him a couple years ago when his book came out. It turns out his past is still coming back to haunt him. After the whole Haggard debacle died down, Mike tried to get his life back on track. He went back [Read More...]

Tarot Cards Tricked Them…

Usually, when I hear about someone getting duped into giving tons of money to a Tarot card reader or a “psychic,” I don’t feel all that bad for them. Yes, they were taken advantage of, but they were also gullible enough to believe in complete nonsense. This story is far worse than that: [A 15-year-old [Read More...]

Guns and God

You may have heard about the Kentucky pastor who urged his congregation to bring their (unloaded) guns to church last weekend. What did that pastor’s sermon sound like? David Martin offers up his version in today’s Chicago Tribune: Let us pray: “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy sidearm. Thy kingdom come, thy [Read More...]

Eliminating the Faith-Healing Exemptions in Wisconsin

After several unfortunate child deaths due to negligent parents who turned to God instead of doctors, Wisconsin legislators are trying to do something about it. Wisconsin, incidentally, is the state in which Madeline Kara Neumann died. Currently, Wisconsin law (948.03(6)) allows an exemption for parents who kill their child because of failed faith healing: A [Read More...]