Indiana Christians Oppose Legislation That Would Help Children

Indiana Rep. Vanessa Summers (D-Indianapolis) is the chair of the Family, Children and Human Affairs Committee. Recently, she introduced a sensible piece of legislation. It has to do with child-care facilities in religious places — churches, mosques, synagogues, etc. At the moment, none of them need licenses to operate and anyone can be a caregiver. [Read More...]

A Carl Sagan Mosaic

Crispian Jago‘s work is absolutely beautiful: Science is a mosaic. Good science from disparate fields seems to conveniently converge to help us gradually gain a clearer overall view of our universe and make valid predictions based on that knowledge. No one joined this rich mosaic of scientists together more sublimely and eloquently and passionately communicated [Read More...]

Stephen Baldwin Would Rather His Daughter Die than Lie About Jesus

Stephen Baldwin, “actor” and evangelist, is currently appearing on the British version of Celebrity Big Brother. He’s providing everyone with memorable soundbytes. Like: If we’re from apes, why are the apes still here? If we evolved from apes, they would have died out… But this next one isn’t just stupid, it’s frightening: If someone pointed [Read More...]

A Beer for Jesus

The Cutler Bay Brewing Company produces what I’m told is very delicious beer. It’s home-grown for now and not for sale anywhere. Perhaps even better than the beer are the bottle labels. Here’s one of their latest: There’s one reason to wish heaven actually existed, yes? The other labels are funny, too, but likely NSFW. [Read More...]

A Christian’s Clearest Thoughts About God

What are your thoughts about god? David Hayward shows us a Christian’s “clearest thoughts about god“: Funny, I think I feel the same way… (via nakedpastor) [Read more...]