Do You Know What Time It Is?

For the American readers, at some point this morning, in whatever time zone you’re in, the time will be: 04:05:06 07/08/09 (4:05 am, 6 seconds, on July 8th, 2009.) You know what the significance of that is? There is none. None at all. Just thought I’d point that out. Now, if only someone could tell [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Perplexed by Irrational Religious Explanations for a Suicide

Richard, I would like your advice on the following: I’m an atheist, my wife is a fairly liberal cafeteria christian. Recently her good friend, an evangelical christian, committed suicide. No note was left, no reasons were given. At the funeral, 3 of the speakers blamed her death on “Satan” as his evil thoughts caused her [Read More...]

Anti-Gay Pastor May Get Seat in Chicago City Council

Rev. Wilfredo De Jesus is a pastor of a church in a neighborhood in Chicago. He may end up getting a seat in the Chicago City Council via appointment, as opposed to winning it in an election. It’s not all that surprising to see a religious leader make the leap into local or state politics, [Read More...]

Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen (R) says Earth is 6,000 Years Old

Arizona state Senator Sylvia Allen (R) — Would you expect otherwise? — nonchalantly explains that the Earth is 6,000 years old. Twice. She says this while voicing her support for uranium mining in the state. Ironically, it’s by studying the radioactive decay of uranium that we know the Earth is approximately 4,500,000,000 years old. Who [Read More...]

Michael Jackson in a Tree Stump

I don’t know whether to cry or laugh… In Stockton, California, Michael Jackson has supposedly appeared in a tree stump. Worst. Pareidolia. Ever. I don’t see Jackson. I don’t see Jesus. I don’t see anyone. Embedded video from CNN Video The money quotation, when asked why Jackson would appear in Stockton of all places: Lady: [Read More...]