At Christian Conference, Boys Must Use the Escalators

Christian Life College — a school in Chicago — is holding its annual Ascension Convention this weekend at a hotel near O’Hare Airport. As it turns out, one of my readers has a connection to the hotel where this convention is happening and noticed these signs plastered all over the place: Ok… time to play [Read More…]

‘Kind Atheist’ Church Sign Battle

(In response to this post.) [Read more…]

Does God Really Prefer ‘Kind Atheists Over Hateful Christians’?

No. Because god doesn’t exist. *Point for atheists.* … That’s the message on the church sign outside Rose City Park United Methodist Church in Portland, Oregon. It’s getting a lot of press, too. “It is my hope from our little sign board in Portland, Oregon that perhaps some good discussion will take place among those [Read More…]

More Background on Patrick Greene, the Atheist-Activist-Turned-Christian

Hemant Mehta covered Patrick Greene earlier, prior to new information that has come to light. … The headline goes “Patrick Greene, Longtime Atheist, Announces Conversion to Christianity”. Hmm… what is this new lock-tight argument for Christianity that has converted an atheist? Apparently a few hundred dollars in donations to help him with his vision made [Read More…]

A Connection Between Shawshank Redemption and Atheism

Shawshank Redemption is my favorite movie ever. I’ve seen it several times and could quote entire scenes to you. And yet, I never noticed the connection between Brooks (the elderly inmate) and atheism until I read it at Talking Liberty: Forget Brooks’ age. Forget his gender. Forget the literal setting. Brooks is a metaphor of [Read More…]