Atheist Alliance International Convention 2007 (Recap)

Highlights from the Atheist Alliance International Convention 2007: Getting into the hotel ballroom only after going through the hand-held metal detectors and handing over my bag to the people in the storage room. Realizing that it was the second time that day I had to go through a “special screening.” Being told that atheist conventions [Read More...]

Atheist Alliance International Convention on Good Morning America Weekend Edition

A brief writeup on the convention (that doesn’t do it justice) and a video (that doesn’t do it justice) was seen on Good Morning America Weekend Edition this morning. Check it out here! [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Convention Day 2: Brief Update

Bomb sniffing dog. White men dancing to rap music. One speaker’s suggestion that there should be a special fast-track line for atheists at airports. Because, really, are there ever atheist suicide bombers? Details (and more!) to come later. Good night! [Read more...]

Convention Day 1: Brief Update

Great speeches by Richard Dawkins/Sam Harris. I have entertaining pictures. I was Daniel Dennett for an evening. ( [Read more...]

Off to the Convention

I’m off to DC in the morning for the Atheist Alliance International convention. Good times will be had. Pictures will be taken. Interviews will be transcribed. And if I have my way, Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris will be signing my copies of I Sold My Soul on eBay. With some possible exceptions, I’ll be [Read More...]