SSA Conference a Success

This post is by Jesse Galef … I’m taking today off work after having been on the road for nine of the past ten days. For you, that just means I have the time to write up a quick post about the Secular Student Alliance Conference! Highlights of the trip: Seeing 50 people turn out [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Is He a Hypocrite to Keep Working at a Church?

Dear Richard, I am an atheist who became an atheist after getting a job working for a church. I enjoy my work and it is well paying with good benefits (something I need as my wife has had many health problems). My job is not really religious in a major way. I do mostly clerical [Read More...]

A Response to the Atheism and Dating Video

Based on the emails I’m getting and the comments I’m reading, I guess I should explain the opening story of my Atheism & Dating talk. The point of my story was to give a funny story involving an awkward date. It wasn’t awkward because she was a little person (the preferred nomenclature, I’m told). It [Read More...]

Virgin Mary Makes an Ironic Appearance

Well, this should pose a problem for devout Catholics everywhere… The Virgin Mary has been found in a–well, see for yourself: Of all the places for a virgin to appear… I would love to know if someone noticed that post-coitum or if they just shaped it that way. Either way, I’m disturbed. (I don’t know [Read More...]

My Talk on Atheism and Dating

I’m about to start the Secular Student Alliance Board meeting, so I’ll be away for a couple more days, but PZ Myers posted my talk on Atheism and Dating on his website. I haven’t had a chance to see it yet (it’s always weird to watch yourself…) but you can let me know what you [Read More...]