Should This Atheist Group Be Given Office in a Campus “Spiritual Center”?

One decision all college atheist groups need to make is which category of student organizations they’d like to be included in: Religious? Academic? Other? Penn State’s Atheist/Agnostic Association (PSAAA) is listed as a Religious group in the campus directory. As a result, they were allowed to sign up for office space in the Pasquerilla Spiritual [Read More...]

If You Want Government Funding, You Cannot Discriminate

This doesn’t seem like it should be much of an argument. If your campus group — atheist, religious, whatever — receives funding from your public school via activities fees, then you cannot ban certain people from joining the group. If you want to ban people, then you won’t be recognized as an official campus organization. [Read More...]

Have You Ever Been Duped After Agreeing to Speak on a Religion Panel?

I’ve been fortunate that when churches have invited me to speak with the pastor on stage, they’ve stuck to the script when it comes to the program. They talked about what they told me they wanted to talk about. Atheist Jennifer wasn’t as lucky. She was invited — along with her agnostic friend — to [Read More...]

An Eye for an Eye Doesn’t Work

We’ve seen people try the eye-for-an-eye approach to justice — literally. But it doesn’t work, says a new study from Bonn and Maastricht Universities in Germany and the Netherlands. … vindictiveness is not a maxim to be recommended. Anyone who prefers to act according to the Old Testament motto of “An eye for an eye, [Read More...]

An Atheist’s Bad Behavior

I hate it when this happens. It’s hard enough to find local atheist groups that have entertaining, fun, enjoyable meetings. One of the best parts about those events, though, is having conversations about religion. You can’t always have those kinds of discussions at work and home. Personally, I like it when Christians come to these [Read More...]