Register for the 2010 Secular Student Alliance Conference!

The Secular Student Alliance is announcing our 2010 conference in Columbus, Ohio, taking place July 23rd – 25th, and it’s already shaping up to be a fantastic one. To give you a really brief preview, Greta Christina will be the keynote speaker. Jen McCreight and I will be giving talks as well. There will be [Read More...]

Now, We Can All Review Churches

***Update***: The story appeared on the Chicago Tribune’s front page (at the bottom): And if you turn the pages to read the rest of the story…? Freaky, no? The folding of my shirt as I lean over makes my body look oddly-shapen. Oh well. Still kinda cool! … I’ve mentioned ChurchRater before — it’s a [Read More...]

Would You Support a Group Like This?

Here’s a theoretical question that I was discussing with a couple friends recently. We can see both sides of the issue, but we wanted to know how other atheists would react: As an atheist, would you be willing to financially support an efficient and effective charity that is founded and run by a non-dogmatic religious [Read More...]

Dan Barker Pwns Fox News Anchor

Man, it feels good to watch this clip. Dan Barker, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, schools the FOX News Channel rookie anchor in why the National Day of Prayer in unconstitutional: You almost feel bad for the kid… until you realize he’s just parroting the right-wing talking points on the matter. Hope he [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Should I Keep My Son In Catholic School?

Dear Richard, I am an atheist and have been open about my atheism for about 2 years now. Although I have been met with some resistance from family, who are Orthodox Christians, overall my atheism hasn’t caused too much turmoil in my or their lives. My wife is a Christian, but she’s fairly open-minded to [Read More...]