Nampa Classical Academy Can’t Use the Bible

Remember the Nampa Classical Academy in Idaho? The charter school that planned to use the Bible as the primary source for teaching material, and had conservative Christians serving in advisory capacities? The school that was a lawsuit waiting to happen? The Idaho Public Charter School Commission has told the school not to use the Bible. [Read More...]

Which Scientist Dealt a Bigger Blow to Religion?

The Economist has a nice, short article about Galileo and the contributions he made. … He saw mountains casting shadows on the moon and realised this body was a world, like the Earth, endowed with complicated terrain. He saw the moons of Jupiter — objects that circled another heavenly body in direct disobedience of the [Read More...]

What Do You Do with a Plastic Fetus?

Datamancer was doing a project where he needed about 4 to 5 plastic fetuses. I don’t know what project that was, but I’m curious… Anyway, apparently, plastic fetuses only come in bags of 50. I did not know this. So what do you do with the extras? You destroy them and document their fates. 4. [Read More...]

“Church” Wins Lottery and They Won’t Have to Pay Taxes On It

Of all the advantages of having a tax-exemption, I’ll admit this one never came to mind. … a Michigan church is $70,000 richer courtesy of the Michigan Lottery. The Covenant Life Worship Center and its 25 members in Haslett, Mich. had one of the second-prize tickets in the Lucky 7s raffle held May 4. … [Read More...]

Spreading Atheism via Twitter

An article at Religion News Service by S.J. Velasquez discussing how atheists are getting our message out via Twitter: Social networking sites and microblog hosts like Twitter are drawing atheists and agnostics out of seclusion and giving them a platform on which they can discuss and debate their religious beliefs — or lack thereof — [Read More...]