A New Atheist Tattoo

Anthony Camilo designed an awesome tattoo — the “history of evolution” image walking along the Scarlet A He got the tattoo on his arm and you can see that image here. Feel free to share links to your own tattoos in the comments! [Read more…]

It’s Tough Being an Atheist in Mississippi

Alan-Michael White, a senior at the University of Mississippi, talks about the difficulties of being an atheist in such a religious state: Ladies and gentlemen, I am an atheist… We number some 30 million Americans and every newborn baby across the world. Despite our newest members being adorable, ours is a group deemed the second [Read More…]

Who’s Coming to Rick Perry’s Pray-a-Thon?

Texas Governor Rick Perry has invited all 49 other governors to join him for a massive, worthless pray-in. Who’s in and who’s out? Out: Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder. Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal. California’s Governor Jerry Brown. Oklahoma’s Governor Mary Fallin. Vermont’s Governor Peter Shumlin. In: Kansas’ Governor Sam Brownback. … Got links for other governors? [Read More…]

What Do Journalism and Education Have in Common?

Michael Tracey, a former Secular Student Alliance group leader, has a controversial piece in The Nation about journalism schools in general, whether they’re necessary, and whether they’re even teaching the right things. Allow me to rant for a bit: Obviously, there are exceptions, but too many journalists are just good for gathering basic information and [Read More…]

Don’t Pray for Him

Pat Condell hits this one out of the park: [Read more…]