It’s Only $7.99 For a Child’s Cut

I wonder if this salon take coupons… (via FAIL Blog) [Read more...]

Can You Stop the Pro-Christian Messages from Afar?

Reader Kaitie is facing a bit of a dilemma. Her boyfriend (a senior in high school) attends a public school where possible pro-Christian videos are being played for students. He’s not about to stir the pot over it and Kaitie is wondering if there’s anything she can do about it even though she’s no longer [Read More...]

Elizabeth Dole’s Atheism Slander Against Kay Hagan

I stay away from the blog for a day and all hell breaks loose on the Elizabeth Dole/Kay Hagan front. Thanks to everyone who sent me emails about it. To recap: Dole has been accusing her North Carolina Senate seat opponent (Democrat Kay Hagan) of palling around with atheists. Hagan really did nothing of the [Read More...]

A Personal Story About Proposition 8

Frequent commenter Larry shared this story with me via email and I felt it should really be passed along. If you get a chance to read the whole thing, you can see some of the core problems with people who are against gay marriage. It has much less to do with their faith than they [Read More...]

Book Review: Dumbocracy by Marty Beckerman

Marty Beckerman is the author of the recently released Dumbocracy: Adventures with the Loony Left, the Rabid Right, and Other American Idiots. Beckerman is in his twenties and has written articles for Playboy and The Huffington Post. So it’s easy to pigeonhole him as a young liberal who leans so far to the left that [Read More...]