Do You Accept Prayer from Others?

An anecdote and question from reader Steven: Yesterday my daughter fell down some stairs and sustained a mild concussion (she’s OK, according to the doctor at the hospital where she received the best of care.) My co-workers were completely supportive when I had to leave to deal with this accident but my team lead who [Read More...]

Campaign to Depopularize Pro-Evolution Videos

Greg Courtney has created a couple very popular videos on YouTube critiquing the embarrassment that is the Creation Museum. Like this one: If you searched YouTube for “Creation Museum” or “fossils,” his videos would come up near the top of the list as they were very highly rated. Now, it seems Creationists have staged a [Read More...]

High School Atheist to Be Honored

Dawn Sherman (daughter of Rob Sherman) is about to receive a fantastic honor: In the spirit of courageous advocacy of freedom of speech, the John Peter Altgeld Award will be presented to Dawn Sherman, a student who challenged her high school’s implementation of the Illinois Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act. Her initial lawsuit resulted [Read More...]

Gone for the Weekend

I’ll be gone until Sunday. This blog’s on autopost until then. Consider this an open thread! Talk about all things interesting. Or else. [Read more...]

Cracker Attacker

PZ Myers has desecrated his cracker. And pages from the Qur’an. And pages from The God Delusion. (It’s all just paper regardless of what it says, he says, and he’s right.) The cracker is the object with a nail through it. Somehow, I think Catholicism will survive… though I’m sure the hate mail he has [Read More...]