Ouch. My Feelings.

A lot of people have said nice things about I Sold My Soul on eBay. But even in some of the good reviews, the reviewers manage to say certain things that just stick with me. Like when one magazine said: “[Hemant's] plain prose tends to make his procedural accounts of rote church services a slog [Read More...]

Love Everyone! Except…

Some groups just can’t be loved: (Thanks to Tom for the link!) [Read more...]

Government to Use Clergy to Stop the Madness

If our country ever becomes so chaotic, like in the case of a nuclear attack, and martial law was enacted, Homeland Security in Louisiana has a solution. Clergy. Jeff Ferrell of KSLA news says this: For the clergy team, one of the biggest tools that they will have in helping calm the public down or [Read More...]

Protect Your Creationist Beliefs

But you can still smell the science! Consider yourself doomed. (via Reddit) [tags]atheist, atheism, creationism, Christian[/tags] [Read more...]

Flatland: The Movie

This isn’t atheist-related. I’m just excited. And mad that no one told me about this earlier. Flatland has been made into a movie! The book is about the wonders of two-dimensional Geometry (Yes, you can be excited about that). And it’s wonderful. If you haven’t read the book, you can do so for free here. [Read More...]