It Comes with Dressing…?

Hmm… I didn’t know atheists were green and dinosaur-like: A spork would save him time. (Thanks to Keith for the link!) [Read more...]

The True History of American Church/State Separation

Think you know the history of separation of church and state? Smithsonian Magazine has an interesting article on the subject by Kenneth C. Davis — he argues that our knowledge of that doctrine contains a lot more myth than we think: From the earliest arrival of Europeans on America’s shores, religion has often been a [Read More...]

Should Atheists Promote the Interfaith Movement?

The current edition of the Secular Student Alliance newsletter has a debate on the topic of atheist cooperation in the interfaith community. Jason C. Romero is the Co-President of Interfaith Atheists Agnostics & Humanists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and he believes atheist cooperation in interfaith groups is a good thing: … when [Read More...]

Sexy, Sexy, Skeptic Calendars

JT Eberhard, Captain of the Missouri State University Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, is one of the organizers of the upcoming Skepticon 3 — a free conference featuring all sorts of awesome people (really, check out that list). In order to raise money for the event, the organizers created calendars. Sexy calendars. Yes, I [Read More...]

Updates on the Dawkins/Timonen Lawsuit

There’s been a statement released by Blaine Greenberg, the counsel for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, regarding the lawsuit against former employee Josh Timonen, his girlfriend, and his production company: Despite the public interest in this case, I have asked Professor Dawkins and the staff and Trustees of RDFRS not to comment [Read More...]