What’s with the Religion-based Violence Lately?

Last week, we heard about the Muslim man, Muzzammil Hassan, who beheaded his wife. This was the same man who made a name for himself by “founding a Muslim-American television station to help fight Muslim stereotypes.” Right… Almost as worse as the crime itself is the suggestion that this may have been a honor killing. [Read More...]

My Birthday Wish

It’s my birthday (yay!) and with all the Speech Team stuff going on, I haven’t had time to plan any sort of celebration. That, and it’s not really a big deal to turn 26. (It was much cooler last year when I turned 25 on the 25th.) Just for your amusement, though, here’s me sometime [Read More...]

To Hell with Censorship

Jessica Hagy sums up how censorship really works: I wonder where that intersection point is… what’s the happy (unhappy?) medium between knowledge and danger? And when is too much knowledge a bad thing? (via Indexed) [Read more...]

Tattooing Yourself in the Name of Humanism

Here’s a cool fundraising idea: Hanne Stinson, the head of the British Humanist Association, promised to tattoo the “Happy Humanist” logo on her arm if the fundraising goal of £20,000 was met — the more money past that amount that was raised, the larger the tattoo would be. Ultimately, £25,000 was raised and the (slightly [Read More...]

Do You Have a Biblical Name?

Because the irony of atheists having Biblical names makes me laugh. But if you do, you might as well tally up your score: The Crazy Bible Name for Your Kid Score Sheet 1. You give your kid a name that doesn’t sound Biblical except for a slight letter difference that only Christians would notice, e.g. [Read More...]