In Case You Want to Make Good with the Lord

If you still don’t feel comfortable after reserving your spot in Heaven, there’s another way to save your soul. You can still pay indulgences to the Catholic Church! I have committed a cardinalvenalmortalunspeakable sin… I seek completepartial absolution. I am purchasing an indulgence for myselfmy familya friendmy company or organization. After filling out the checklist [Read More...]

Matthew LaClair’s Op-Ed in the LA Times

Matthew LaClair is the high school student who made headlines when he recorded his (public) high school history teacher preaching fundamental Christianity in class. He was last seen leading the charge to get a mistake-riddled, conservatively-biased Government textbook corrected or purged from the school systems. He has an Op-Ed piece in today’s LA Times about [Read More...]

Are Atheists Allowed to Like Christian Music?

This girl had to deal with a frightening scenario: Gwen Adams, a 33-year-old software designer and staunch disbeliever in the existence of God, accidentally enjoyed an uplifting song played on an all-Christian radio station while scanning the dial on her car radio during her drive home from work Tuesday evening. “Since I [tuned in to [Read More...]

National Day of Reason 2008

This Thursday (May 1st) is the National Day of Reason! Consider it a day to give blood, sign up to become an organ donor, or donate money to your favorite secular non-profit! Not coincidentally, the NDR falls on the same day as the National Day of Prayer, headed up by Shirley Dobson. If you’d like [Read More...]

Why Are the Muslims Sitting at a Separate Table?

For the second time in two days, there’s a story of interest to atheists happening in my ultra-local neck of the woods. At a middle school, a 7th grader saw something he found suspicious: Seventh-grader Ryan Vandewiel didn’t quite understand something during his lunch hour at Prairie View School in Tinley Park. Muslim students at [Read More...]