Seattle Writers Get Churchified

In Seattle, the alternative newspaper The Stranger sent 31 writers to 31 houses of worship in one day. Why did they do this? We are, rather famously, one of the least churched cities in North America. It seems that most of us have better things to do on a Sunday morning than go to church. [Read More...]

Article on Parenting Without Religion

The Star Tribune (Minnesota) has an interview with author Dale McGowan of Parenting Beyond Belief. Dale’s book is a wonderful guide for secular parents who wish to raise their children without religion. He answered questions for this site a couple months ago that give you insight into his wit and wisdom. Oh, and the article [Read More...]

Pictures of Creation Museum’s Adam with Drag Queen

The Creation Museum decided to stop playing a particular video when they discovered that their model who played the role of Adam had a scandalous past. The backstory is here. Eric has made a statement on his website about the press he’s received recently: Wow… thank you to the press people freaking out over nothing [Read More...]

My Teaching Career Starts in Two Months

It’s not atheist related. I’d read this poem before and loved it, but it’s so much more effective when you hear Taylor Mali deliver it himself. I should mention my (official) Speech Team coaching career also starts in two months. Can’t wait. (via Conversation at the Edge) [tags]Taylor Mali, What a Teacher Makes[/tags] [Read more...]

James Dobson + Animation = Hilarity

Salon posted an animated video that is similar to The Word segment on The Colbert Report: Scott Bateman’s latest helps decode this very special speech given by one John MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, which was broadcast on conservative powerbroker/Focus on the Family founder James Dobson’s very influential radio show. [Read More...]