Off to the Rally to Restore Sanity

I’m off to Washington for the weekend for the Rally to Restore Sanity and March To Keep Fear Alive! Fun times will be had. I’ll do my best to bring a sign with me! If you spot me, you get bonus points. Also, if you’re heading that way, a whole hitchload of atheists (well over [Read More...]

A Reason Not To Get Married in a Church

This is why I need to have a wedding: Blog fodder for weeks. The bride added: “I felt like telling her she could keep her $50 and her guilt trip, too, but decided I would have my revenge by having a long, happy, secular marriage instead.” Lovely. I am sooooo gonna invite 329423 religious people [Read More...]

Gallup: Religious Americans Have Higher Wellbeing

A new Gallup poll finds that religious Americans have a statistically significantly higher level of wellbeing than nonreligious Americans: They break it down, too: So what’s the explanation? There’s no set answer, but a few possible reasons come to mind: Religious service attendance promotes social interaction and friendship with others, and Gallup analysis has clearly [Read More...]

Jimmy Carter: I Think An Atheist Could Be Elected President

Jimmy Carter appeared on The Joy Behar Show Wednesday night and she spoke with him about religion (at the 5:58 mark): Behar: Yes. Let me ask you about religion for a second because when you were president, I know that you were a very, very religious person, a good Christian, et cetera. You never really [Read More...]

I’m Pro-Life, Too

Laura at Thinkerbell is taking back the word: The Religious Right is Pro-Fetus, Pro-Zygote, Pro-Little-Bunch-Of-Cells, Pro-Sea-Monkey, Pro-People-Seeds. Those labels all fit very well. But where is the Conservative Christian fighting for the life of the rape victim mother? Where is the anti-abortion activist who cares about the 23 year old woman who barely earns enough [Read More...]