Atheist Bus Ad Prompts New Policy in Indiana

Transpo is the public bus line in South Bend, Indiana. They were at the center of a public relations fiasco a couple months ago when they rejected (then later accepted) an ad from atheists. The oh-so-controversial ad read: “You Can Be Good Without God.” Yesterday, Transpo decided they didn’t want to deal with this problem [Read More...]

Atheist Sites Blocked at Work: What Do You Do?

A reader sends this question via email: I currently work for a large Fortune 500 company and I check the Friendly Athiest and other secular blogs on a regular basis. I also listen to several secular podcasts. I was dismayed to find that your site as well as several of the podcasts have been blocked [Read More...]

British Teens Trending Away from Religion

I was impressed a couple years ago when I heard that 20% of Americans aged 18-25 had no religious affiliation or were atheist/agnostic. Apparently, I should have been looking to Britain. It turns out if you survey British children aged 13-18, the stats are even more favorable for non-theists. According to a new study of [Read More...]

Richard Dawkins: The Cologne

Next time I go an atheist conference, I’m totally wearing this: The ladies will be flocking to me. Umm… *ahem*… more than usual, that is. A word of advice to the men: This is one time where too much Reason may work against you. Use in moderation, please. (via Ariane Sherine) [Read more...]

Liberty University Makes Political Clubs “Unofficial”

A month ago, Liberty University made news because it shut down the Democratic Party club at the school because of the party’s platforms. The Young Republicans group was allowed to stay put. Of course, since Liberty is a tax-exempt university, they cannot take sides politically and they could’ve been in deep trouble with the IRS. [Read More...]