Just Say No to Polytheism…?

(via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more...]

Explain This “Saved from Abortion” Number

Here’s the first line of a recent news story: The 40 Days for Life campaign, a period of fasting and prayer to save babies from abortion, is in its final two weeks. If that was all they were doing, I wouldn’t care, because both of those things are ineffective ways to reach their goal. But [Read More...]

All That is Wrong With America… in One Brief Video

It’s under two minutes, and you should watch the whole thing. From Now on PBS: I want to cite Poe’s Law but I think she’s really just that crazy… (Via Cynical-C Blog) [Read more...]

I Apologize for Thinking Independently

David Hayward draws this cartoon: Come to think of it, we rarely hear about Christians who disagree with their pastors — and dare to say so publicly. If you used to be a Christian, did you ever call your pastor out on anything s/he said in church because it was wrong or misguided? (That is, [Read More...]