An Interview That Will Make You Go Insane

Imagine a conversation featuring Pat Robertson and bananaman Ray Comfort that features this snippet: Robertson: Tell me about the essentials of Darwinism. What have you understood that Darwin taught? Comfort: Well, Darwin was a very bitter man… That would make you go crazy, right? Why is one ignorant man asking a more ignorant man about [Read More...]

Atheist Bus Campaign in… Madison, Wisconsin!

Thanks to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, buses in Madison, Wisconsin will be displaying the following ads over the next two months: I’ve never said these words before, but I think I have a sudden urge to ride public transportation in Wisconsin. [Read more...]

How Can Charles Darwin Hurt His Self Image?

By jumping the shark is a variety of ways, says David Ng at McSweeney’s. He makes exploitative prime-time-television cameos Darwin appears as the “man in need of a haircut” in an episode of Gossip Girl, and is the first contestant voted off Survivor: Galápagos. Eventually makes Barbara Walters’s list of most fascinating people of the [Read More...]

Evolution, Illustrated

The first Richard Dawkins book I ever read was The Ancestor’s Tale. (It’s still my favorite by far.) I think I became his fan within the first couple pages. That’s because Dawkins referenced this iconic picture of “evolution in action”: Dawkins wrote about a major flaw with the image. It showed: … man as evolution’s [Read More...]

Correcting the Atheist Myths

Greta Christina says that when Sam Harris wrote about the myths and truths of atheism a couple years ago, he spent a lot of time attacking religion. Don’t get me wrong — I think religion deserves criticism. But here, I think it’s inappropriate. If you’re writing a piece saying, “Here’s who we are and why [Read More...]