Can a (Mostly) Silent Protest Work?

Recently, Iowa State University’s Atheist and Agnostic Society heard that a certain Christian preacher, Tom Short, was visiting their campus. Short is one of those guys who thinks everyone who doesn’t believe exactly what he does is doomed. Listening doesn’t appear to be one of his strengths. So what is an atheist group to do? [Read More...]

Camp Quest Early Registration Ends Soon

There’s still time to sign up for Camp Quest (the summer camp for children of atheist parents) at any one of their six locations — Ohio, Smoky Mountains, Minnesota, Ontario, Michigan, and California. For many of the sites, early registration — and the cheaper rates that go with it — ends this week. So if [Read More...]

The Ages of Your Religious Transformation

This is an interesting little meme that began on the Friendly Atheist Forums. Highlight the important parts of your religious deconversion, grouping it by age. Here’s one example from happycynic: 6-8: Didn’t buy Noah’s Ark or Jonah and the Whale 9-10: Read Phillip Pullman’s Dark Materials Trilogy. It got me thinking about religion, and I [Read More...]

How to Raise Your IQ

I hate it when someone steals my idea for a book… Actually, How to Raise Your I.Q. by Eating Gifted Children is a real book by satirist Lewis Frumkes and he wrote it nearly a decade ago. It should be noted that eating skinny children does not help you lose weight. I learned this the [Read More...]

I Should’ve Been a Pastor…

Mojoey can’t figure this out. I can’t either. Why is the new pastor at Manhattan’s Riverside Church, Rev. Brad Braxton, as good and popular as he may be, getting paid $600,000 a year? And that’s in addition to that includes the following perks: $250,000 in salary. $11,500 monthly housing allowance. Private school tuition for his [Read More...]