Would Your Friends Stay if You Converted?

This week, I’ve been reading Dan Barker‘s fantastic new book Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America’s Leading Atheists. I’ll write more on it later. In the meantime, one particular passage jumped out at me. When Dan finally made the leap from fundamentalist preacher to atheist, he let all of his family and [Read More...]

When Are Atheists Irrational?

Javier met his new college roommates and they are atheists… but they don’t seem to be as intellectual as the atheists he is used to meeting. In an email, Javier writes: … For example they are not very knowledgeable on any form of politics and their critical thinking skills, along with their spelling and English [Read More...]

Jeremy Hall Withdraws His Lawsuit

Specialist Jeremy Hall, who had previously filed a lawsuit against the Department of Defense, has now voluntarily withdrawn it. Earlier, he had stated that he was denied a promotion and prevented from holding a meeting for fellow atheists. He had also received a death threat from another soldier. Those charges still stand. However, since Hall [Read More...]

What Questions Do You Have for the Candidates?

It’s not too late to submit your Secular Values Voter questions! (via Healthy Addict) [Read more...]