A Pseudoscience Fair with James Randi

The Auraria Campus Atheists are putting together a Pseudoscience Fair. Instead of displays featuring volcanos and plants, participants will exhibit various forms of flim flam, explain why they are wrong, and show judges how to prevent getting scammed. It’s an excellent way to promote critical thinking. The icing on the cake? The event will be [Read More…]

A Debate on God’s Existence at University of Chicago

There’s a debate on whether there are good reasons to believe in god’s existence taking place at the University of Chicago Monday night, April 2nd at 7:00p in Stuart 105. If you’re in the area, consider checking it out! The last debate the groups put on was standing room only and the organizers have said [Read More…]

My Speech at the Reason Rally

Here’s the full recap. And here’s the speech I prepared… whether it came out this way or not, I have no idea. I was distracted by the crowd of 1,000,000. It has taken many people many years to put together this event and I hope everyone has a great time. But if you go home [Read More…]

The American Humanist Association Gets Into ePublishing

The American Humanist Association announced yesterday that Humanist Press — their publishing arm since 1995 — would now be the first freethought publisher to put out brand new books in electronic form (for Kindles, Nooks, etc). (Note: Prometheus Books, which also focuses on the freethought community, puts out ebooks as well, but their focus has [Read More…]

Update on the Archdiocese of Montreal’s Prayer: It Didn’t Work

Remember when the Archdiocese of Montreal took out a full page newspaper ad that showed an idealized version of how the NHL Eastern Conference would finish? They hoped their team, the Montreal Canadiens, would finish in the top eight and secure a playoff spot: The Canadiens were purposely left off the list of 15 teams [Read More…]