Arguing About Religion is Worthwhile

Is arguing about religion a waste of time? Greta Christina doesn’t think so and she explained her reasons at the 2011 Secular Student Alliance conference: In short, there are plenty of reasons to do it, but you don’t want to waste your time on every single person who disagrees with you. There are good and [Read More…]

There’s Finally a Campus Atheist Group in Mississippi

Despite there being nearly 300 Student Secular Alliance affiliates across the country, there hasn’t been a single successful one in Mississippi… until now. Enter, the Secular Student Alliance at Southern Miss, the new affiliate at the University of Southern Mississippi. It took them over five months to get officially recognized, but they were finally approved [Read More…]

Principal Threatens His Own Student for Showing Support for Gay-Straight Alliance

This is a scary story in so many ways… After students at Sequoyah High School in Madisonville, Tennessee wanted to start a Gay Straight Alliance, not a single teacher stepped up to sponsor it, effectively killing the group. Last week, Chris Sigler, a 17-year-old senior at the school, wore a shirt supporting the GSA. It [Read More…]

An Atheist Goes to a Christian Men’s Conference (Part 2)

This is a guest post by Don Cook. Don lives in Burleson, TX (birthplace of the famous “See You at the Pole” event) with his wife and two sons. He works in the IT field. You can read Zachary Moore‘s experience at a different Christian Men’s Conference here. … I knew I would be excited [Read More…]

Religious Logic in a Nutshell

If the universe had to have a First Cause… then everything religious people believe must be true. Makes perfect sense. (vía Jesus and Mo) [Read more…]