The Assignment Wasn’t About Jesus

Horace, an assistant professor of English, was teaching his university students about Romanticism. He assigned his students a paper about the works of Kant, Burke, Shelley, Blake, Wordsworth, and the like. He received a number of papers discussing… someone else: For this assignment specifically, I get a lot of students who reference both the language [Read More...]


The Interfaith Alliance presents the “Top 10 Moments in the Race for Pastor-in-Chief” — basically, the worst abuses of religion in the primary campaigns thus far: It’s a nice video, but the Barack Obama clips don’t belong there. Is he pandering? Yes. Is he abusing religion? Not at all. He’s using rhetoric to play to [Read More...]

For Atheists, Even Portland Can Be Unwelcoming

After writing about an atheist denied admission into the Elks club because of her lack of faith, reporter Margie Boulé was contacted by an atheist in Portland. Sylvia Benner read the story and wasn’t surprised. “I am an atheist as well,” she wrote. “I have experience with this ‘last bias.’” Sylvia, and other atheists, believe [Read More...]

Protestants Becoming Minorities

The Onion makes me laugh: Protestants Becoming Minorities Since the 1980s, the percentage of Americans who identify themselves as Protestant has dropped from two-thirds to just 51 percent. What do you think? The best answer: Hehe. [tags]atheist, atheism, Christianity[/tags] [Read more...]

An Interview with Pat Condell

The Freethinker blog has an interview with atheist YouTube celebrity Pat Condell. Pat is as entertaining in print as he is in his videos. FT: What can we do to resist the growing influence of religion? PC: We can speak out. That’s what the internet is for, and it’s the only reason my voice is [Read More...]