A Christian/Atheist Dialogue in Michigan

Reader Hilary had seen some of my postings about atheist/Christian dialogues and decided she wanted to do something like it: I contacted a Christian friend from work, sent him the link to your dialogue, and asked if he could help me set up something like this in our area. He liked the idea and talked [Read More...]

Godless Wine

Well, I’ll be damned. They made a wine just for atheists: (Thanks to Doug for the images!) [Read more...]

Mmm… Baby Peanut

Someone buy me this. (The baby comes included, right?) If you’re dressing up an infant in some ridiculously cute costume this Halloween and you don’t send me the pictures, I’m coming after you. (Thanks to Randall for the link!) [Read more...]

Ask Richard: Do I Belong Here at Friendly Atheist?

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. I was raised Catholic. I am now a Buddhist. After the death of Madelyn Murray O’Hare (I disliked her abrasive style), I became more sympathetic towards Atheist Rights. Free speech and all that. I find myself “sitting on the fence” with regards to Atheism. Although [Read More...]

What’s It Like Running a High School Atheist Group?

Devin Leaman runs a high school Secular Student Alliance affiliate group in California. Perhaps you think it’d be easy for him to do that in a state like CA but, as this email shows, it’s much harder than it seems. Devin starts by referencing the idea that it’s tough to find a teacher willing to [Read More...]