Which Side is Susan Hutchison on?

Susan Hutchison is a former news anchor at KIRO-TV in Seattle. There’s some drama in her life, but what’s relevant here is that she’s running for King County executive (similar to a mayor). Mountain Humanist noticed something odd in her bio, though. Since leaving KIRO Hutchison has been very, very busy. She has her own [Read More...]

9-Year-Old Defeats Creation Museum

Alec Burchick must not have visited the Creation Museum. The 9-year-old boy claims to have discovered a spearhead that is 6,000 year old. But that’s unpossible. The world was just created then. No one would’ve been around to create the spearhead, and the “European explorers” the piece refers to would not have existed. We can [Read More...]

There’s Probably No Cod

***Update***: Picture is here: (Thanks to GreyTheory for the link) … I haven’t come across a picture of it yet, but this is entertaining. Greenpeace has put a billboard up in Halifax and Ottawa in Canada. It reads: “There’s probably no cod. Now let’s stop overfishing & think of the future.” Nice spoof of the [Read More...]

PZ Myers Becomes a Kentucky Colonel

After the Creation Museum trip, there was a surprise waiting for PZ Myers. He was led to the front of the museum, just outside the gates, and presented with… his certification for being named an official Kentucky Colonel! The award was presented by American Atheists legal director Edwin Kagin. This is the video I was [Read More...]

Ask Richard: The Risks of Telling the Truth and the Costs of Keeping Secrets About Your Atheism

These three letters share a common theme, the difficult choices of being open or secretive about one’s atheism to family and friends. The issues in the letters overlap. Much of what I suggest for one case will apply to the others. Dear Richard, First off, thank you for starting this “Ask the Atheist” advice column. [Read More...]