Do You Clash with Your Parents Over Religion?

MTV’s documentary series True Life is seeking out young people who may have converted to a different religion from their parents. I’m guessing most of you would fit that bill (if not the age requirement). Here’s the information: TRUE LIFE: I’m Clashing With My Parents Are you clashing with your parents? Going against their wishes? [Read More...]

Epic Fail over Darwin Day Proclamation

Kudos to Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. On February 12th, he issued a proclamation declaring it to be Charles Darwin Day in the state! How cool is that?! Wait. Check out the document itself (PDF). Do you see it? At the very bottom of the announcement — the announcement that extols Darwin’s incredible accomplishments and explains [Read More...]

Bill Maher’s God Comments at the Oscar

As Bill Maher introduced the Oscar for Best Documentary, he said the following: “I know it’s a touchy subject, but someday we will all have to confront the notion that our silly gods cost the world too greatly.” He said this after mentioning his own film Religulous wasn’t nominated for the award he was presenting. [Read More...]

Erasing ‘Blue Laws’ to Help Economy

Hello everyone. Trina here. I just ran across an article that I wanted to share with you. It grabbed my attention because it is about “Blue Laws.” I can remember when I first moved to Texas several years ago (I don’t live there now) that I was floored to learn that I couldn’t go shopping on Sundays. [Read More...]

Can You Avoid Religious Psychologists?

It’s always scary when you find out someone in whom you place your trust (a doctor, a lawyer, etc.) turns out to put his/her trust in superstition. A reader send me this email. I’ll let him speak for himself: Something just happened that I’d like advice on (from you or your readers). My son has [Read More...]