Catholic Google

You know how you want to search on the Internet… but you want your results to be Catholicized? Here’s the search engine for you: What is this “Catholic Google“? CatholicGoogle is a custom search engine powered by Google, just for Catholics. We strive to provide an easy to use resource to anyone wanting to learn [Read More...]

Humanists Want Community, Too

Robin Shulman of the Washington Post has an article in today’s paper about how non-religious parents are trying to recreate a “church” environment (community, values, rituals) without the religious factor. They are not religious, so they don’t go to church. But they are searching for values and rituals with which to raise their children, as [Read More...]

How Do You Get Atheists To Attend Your Meetings?

It’s always difficult, whether you run a college atheist group or an off-campus local one, to get people to attend meetings. It’s even harder to keep them coming back for more. The Secular Student Alliance’s Campus Organizer, Lyz Liddell, offers suggestions on what atheist groups can do to get bodies in the seats! The full [Read More...]

Why Should You Donate?

For everyone who comments on sites like this and others, it is often said it’s all talk and not enough action. One way to take action is to support the myriad groups who work to spread rational thought and church/state separation. Consider making it a New Year’s Resolution this year to donate to one or [Read More...]

Giving a Talk to the Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago Tomorrow

For anyone in the area, I’ll be giving a talk to the Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago tomorrow (Sunday) morning at 10:30 a.m.! All the details are on their website. Let’s face it: It’s not like you have anything else to do on a Sunday morning… If you come, I’ll wish you a personal Happy [Read More...]