Some Responses from My Life Today Appearances

After my appearances on Life Today, I received a number of emails from people who saw me on the show. There have also been a number of comments made on this blog from Christians more interested in preaching than having a conversation. While more letters are coming in, I thought I’d share certain excerpts from [Read More...]

Subway Prayer

Matthew at Get Underground had an experience not unknown to many atheists: he had to listen to an older man talk about Jesus on a subway. It wasn’t something he asked for. He was just trying to read his newspaper, until the man started talking to him, and Matthew wanted to be polite so he [Read More...]

Freedom From Religion Foundation Membership

According to a recent press release regarding the National Day of Prayer, the Freedom From Religion Foundation said this: The Freedom From Religion Foundation, the largest national association of atheists and agnostics, which reached 10,000 members last month, says public officials should not issue proclamations of prayer or direct citizens to worship. While they are [Read More...]

Culture Shocks with Barry Lynn

Last week, I was a guest on an episode of Culture Shocks with Barry Lynn. Reverend Barry Lynn is the executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, and if you ever get a chance to see him give a speech, go watch him. He’s intelligent, funny, and knows his stuff. Want [Read More...]

Lecture Near Los Angeles

I’m going to be speaking at California State University, Long Beach this Thursday evening. If you’re in the area and would like to come, please stop on by! The event is free so you have no excuses. Here are the details: Where: In Cal State Long Beach’s University Student Union (USU), specifically in the Alamitos [Read More...]