Atheists in Christian Workplaces (Part 3)

Continuing the conversations from here and here, I received this email from an atheist who teaches at a Christian school. If you’d like to share your experience as an atheist in a Christian workplace, please shoot me an email. … I met my husband in church. We had both been raised in fairly conservative, Bible-believing [Read More…]

When Someone Praises God on Facebook…

This is the first in a supposed “commercial” campaign by r/atheism. (Even if that’s not true, consider it a standalone ad.) ***Edit***: Commenters point out this video’s a joke. Glad to hear it. I still think this is a conversation worth having. I think the atheist’s message would’ve been more effective without the CAPS LOCK [Read More…]

New Career Paths for Atheists

[Read more…]

Atheism is Beautiful. Yeah, I said it.

Explaining to a die-hard Christian that you are a “friendly atheist” is sometimes equivalent to explaining you are a friendly murderer.   To them, atheists are evil soulless creatures condemned to hell. God made atheists, atheists. Who are they to question his creations? Who are they to question anything? Questioning means you don’t have true faith. The [Read More…]

Non-Muslim Lawyer Dons Abaya for 9-11 Trial

Attorney Cheryl Bormann is in the midst of defending alleged September 11th conspirator Walid bin Attash, a member of the so called Gitmo 5. It was while meeting with her client that the Chicago-based lawyer began dressing in an abaya — a traditional Muslim woman’s garment that covers everything but the wearer’s face — to [Read More…]