Is This Atheist Flyer Clever or Offensive?

The Secular Student Alliance at Valencia Community College in Florida saw this flyer floating around their campus recently: Ok, fine… no need to vandalize it or anything, but it does seem silly to trivialize your current life because you think eternity is where all the action is at. At least, that’s what I read into [Read More...]

University of Chicago Hires ‘Humanist Advisor’

Josh Oxley, the newly-hired (but not paid, I’ve learned) “Humanist Advisor” for the University of Chicago, got some nice press in The Maroon: Maroon: What else does your job entail? Oxley: I advise for the Secular Student Alliance. I’m the graduate advisor for them. But at the same time my role is to really do [Read More...]

Is Your Race in Conflict with Your Humanism?

NPR recently did a nice piece about how secular students are finding their place on college campuses. They interviewed Greg Epstein, Humanist Chaplain at Harvard; Debbie Goddard, spokesperson for the Center for Inquiry; and Mark Hatcher, founder of the Secular Students of Howard University. I especially loved this segment discussing African-American Humanism: Michael Martin: And [Read More...]

Alabama Atheists Get Positive Press

As American Atheists shuffles around its personnel, new faces are emerging. Dave Silverman went from being National Communications Director to AA’s President. Blair Scott went from being AA’s state director of Alabama to being National Communications Director. And now, Scott Savage has become the AA’s state director of Alabama. When Scott Savage was a kid, [Read More...]

A Chance to Hear A Giant’s Words Come Alive

– by Richard Wade A friend of mine, Richard McNally, editor of Rational Alternative, the newsletter of Atheists United will be one of two speakers at a dramatic reading of selected writings by Robert Ingersoll on Saturday Oct. 16 in Santa Barbara, California. I saw his one-man performance of “A Visit with Robert Green Ingersoll” [Read More...]