Were You Coerced to Go to Christian Bible Camp?

Reader “Bob” saw the article by Ian Bell that suggested some Camp Quest attendees are going there against their will. In an email, “Bob” writes: I work for a Christian Bible camp which also serves as a weekend retreat for groups out of season. I’ve worked there for two years. They are probably the only [Read More...]

The History of the Pledge of Allegiance

Reader Ryan made a very nifty-looking presentation about the Pledge of Allegiance. I’ll admit I did not know about the pre-hand-on-heart gesture used during recitations of the Pledge… Ryan also explains some of the Constitutional issues surrounding it. It’s a quick, helpful history and a great reference. [Read more...]

Is Atheism Intolerant?

The Big Questions is a BBC show that tackles you-know-what. A recent episode asked: Is atheism an intolerant belief? Forget the immediate answer (“No”) for just a moment and watch how the dialogue happens: Reader Tony summarized the entire video this way: Although some of the comments by the religious participants essentially amount to “You [Read More...]

Why Do So Many People Believe in God?

Once again, I’m going to be interviewing someone soon for a project. The subject I will be discussing is why so many people believe in a god. (Could that many people really be wrong?!) I could use some help in compiling questions to ask. Here are some questions I thought of that are the kind [Read More...]

Doonesbury Takes on The Family at C Street

I expect we’ll all enjoy Doonesbury this week: The bigger question: What symbol will represent Mark Sanford? If you’re unfamiliar with The Family, you can see Bill Maher‘s interview with Jeff Sharlet, the man who authored a book about the secretive Christian organization: (Thanks to Eric for the link!) [Read more...]