The First Time You Wrote About Your Atheism…

I became an atheist when I was 14. I remember writing something on both sides of a piece of notebook paper explaining why I lost faith in a god — the first time I had written those thoughts down anywhere — and then asking a friend to read it while we sat in the Green [Read More…]

A Catholic Hospital Refuses To Give Patients Vital Information

There’s a drug called lenalidomide that’s being used in a trial with cancer patients. The drug may be able to treat the cancer (yay!), but it has a nasty side effect: if you have children while on the drug, they may be born with birth defects like heart and limb deformities. So if you’re giving [Read More…]

Governor Rick Perry Wants Politicians and the Public to Pray

Sorry for the alliteration overload. Texas Governor Rick Perry knows our country has a problem. Right now, America is in crisis: we have been besieged by financial debt, terrorism, and a multitude of natural disasters. But instead of tackling any of those problems, Perry wants to waste time praying… and he wants all of you [Read More…]

If Only Little Stevie Hadn’t Been So Attached to His Mother…

Thanks to former Templeton Prize winner Chuck Colson, we now have a better idea of how homosexuality develops: A little boy I’ll call “Stevie” was a beautiful, healthy child. But by age five, his parents suspected something was wrong. Stevie loved Barbie dolls, the color pink, and dancing around like a ballerina. Oh no! Not [Read More…]

What Do You Think Of This Invocation?

In Austin, Texas, State Rep. Donna Howard was invited to give the invocation address for the first day of the legislature’s special session on Tuesday, and she delivered something that, frankly, I’m surprised to hear coming out of that state. It’s educational. It’s inclusive. It has a moment of silence, but maybe we can let [Read More…]