Why Do So Many People Believe in God?

Once again, I’m going to be interviewing someone soon for a project. The subject I will be discussing is why so many people believe in a god. (Could that many people really be wrong?!) I could use some help in compiling questions to ask. Here are some questions I thought of that are the kind [Read More...]

Doonesbury Takes on The Family at C Street

I expect we’ll all enjoy Doonesbury this week: The bigger question: What symbol will represent Mark Sanford? If you’re unfamiliar with The Family, you can see Bill Maher‘s interview with Jeff Sharlet, the man who authored a book about the secretive Christian organization: (Thanks to Eric for the link!) [Read more...]

Why Bring in an Unnecessary Middleman?

Father Jonathan Morris appeared on FOXNews again… He was there to speak partly about Kara Neumann‘s parents, the people who let her die because they wanted to heal her sickness through prayer instead of modern medicine. His goal was to defend God, while at the same time saying what the parents did was wrong. His [Read More...]

The Actual Cause of Baldness

It’s fun explaining religious-y beliefs to gullible people: (via Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis) [Read more...]

Which College Majors Make You Less Religious?

A new study from the University of Michigan tells us some somewhat surprising news about college majors and their effect on religiosity. Majoring in which subjects would decrease your religiosity? (That is, make you less likely to go to church and less likely to view religion as a good thing) According to the study: the [Read More...]