Secular Student Alliance’s Director on Freethought Radio

My friend and the Executive Director of the Secular Student Alliance, August Brunsman, was a guest on the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Freethought Radio over the weekend. Download the show here (MP3)! (August comes in around the 16:00 mark.) The Secular Student Alliance is an umbrella organization for high school and college atheist groups, providing [Read More...]

One of These Things is Not Like the Others

Usually, conferences have positive, forward-looking themes. Here are some recent and upcoming examples in the atheistic/skeptical world: American Humanist Association, 2008: E Pluribus Unum: Reclaiming Humanist Values Atheist Alliance International, 2007: Crystal Clear Atheism James Randi Educational Foundation, 2008: The Amaz!ng Meeting 6 Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy, 2007: The New Humanism Which is why I’m surprised [Read More...]

I Don’t Like This Juxtaposition…

The Skepdudes 2008 Calendar isn’t even out yet… (via Ashley) [Read more...]


If you’re a God-fearing Christian and a fan of the Insane Clown Posse… this is the site for you. Here’s their Mission Statement (apparently, Heaven = Shangri-La) and a note to parents looking at the site: I am sure you are here on our site to see why your child(ren) come to visit us. I’m [Read More...]

Teens 4 Christ

Something Awful presents commentary and screenshots from Teens 4 Christ. It’s funny because there are some Christians who actually say this stuff (or maybe that’s what makes this scary…) It goes from page 4 through page 8. Question for any Christian readers: When you hear other Christians say things like this (and I assume you [Read More...]