And God Said to Pat Robertson…

Pat Roberston has been talking to his sky-friend, and he learned something interesting. He thinks he knows who the next American president will be. But he’s “not supposed to talk about that,” so the rest of us are none the wiser. But the Lord did have some non-confidential information for Robertson: Your country will be [Read More…]

Terrell Suggs Speaks His Mind About Tim Tebow

Quarterback Tim Tebow gets so much positive press about his faith that it’s a news story when someone finally calls him out on it. But I’ll admit it’s pretty entertaining to hear Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs trash talk Tebow’s displays of faith: Asked by Skip Bayless for his take on Tebow, Suggs said, “He’s all [Read More…]

Buckets & Bigotry, Children & Charity

For many, a new year often brings forth resolutions. Yes, I’ll admit, we did write some down in my family. Mostly because it’s fun to reminisce about the past year and brag be proud of how much we have accomplished… but also because we all have a “bucket list” and a new year seems as [Read More…]

Imagine That

    By now, you are all probably familiar with Cee Lo Green‘s foolhardy attempt to gild the lily by changing the lyrics of “Imagine” during NBC’s New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly. Some of the responses have been just as silly as the altered lyric itself. If Mr. Green deserves this much scrutiny for [Read More…]

National Atheist Party Gets Press

I’m having a hard time getting behind the recently formed National Atheist Party. 1) The acronym isn’t all that exciting… 2) Atheists don’t believe in god. End of story. The National Atheist Party has a platform on issues that have nothing to do with that (at least on the surface): The party’s platform was decided [Read More…]