Erasing ‘Blue Laws’ to Help Economy

Hello everyone. Trina here. I just ran across an article that I wanted to share with you. It grabbed my attention because it is about “Blue Laws.” I can remember when I first moved to Texas several years ago (I don’t live there now) that I was floored to learn that I couldn’t go shopping on Sundays. [Read More...]

Can You Avoid Religious Psychologists?

It’s always scary when you find out someone in whom you place your trust (a doctor, a lawyer, etc.) turns out to put his/her trust in superstition. A reader send me this email. I’ll let him speak for himself: Something just happened that I’d like advice on (from you or your readers). My son has [Read More...]

Octuplets Are No Gift from God (And Neither Are Septuplets)

Hi, Ron Gold checking in. The debate surrounding fertility drugs was rekindled when Nadya Suleman, better known as the crazy octuplet lady, gave birth to her litter in late January.  We now know that she is single, unemployed, already has six children, and is rumored to have unhealthy psychological urges to have many children.  The thought of her having one [Read More...]

There was a Ring of my Bell…

Hi. Good Saturday morning to you all. Trina here, bringing you a little Saturday morning silliness. Just two weeks ago, I told you all that there was a knock at my door. Well, this fine, brisk Saturday morning, my doorbell rang. I handled the people on my stoop in much the same way I handled the [Read More...]

Help the Atheist Bus Campaign Happen in Ottawa, Canada

The campaign to get atheist buses in Ottawa, Canada came to a standstill when the ads were rejected. Apparently, it’s too offensive to say “There’s probably no god.” Meanwhile, ads featuring Bible verses are perfectly fine in Ottawa. However, reader Marlowe writes me with some positive news: The good news is that City Councillor Alex [Read More...]