Body by Jesus

Your pastor wants you to lose weight. “Jesus Christ was not obese,” [Rev. Steve] Reynolds told the audience, pointing to passages in the Bible that describe Jesus walking 40 miles in one day. “I believe the heart of God is so sad today when it comes to our physical shape.” That must explain why God [Read More...]

I’ll Be on Air America Minnesota Tomorrow

I’ll be appearing on Air America Minnesota’s Atheists Talk program tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. (central time). You can call in during the show or email your questions to the hosts beforehand! All the info to do that is here. Also on that site? The description used for me: INTERVIEW: HEMANT MEHTA FRIENDLY ATHEIST BLOG; [Read More...]

Prisoners and Spritual Guidance

Maureen Horcher of the Bradley University Scout has an opinion piece where she discusses how “the Newton prison in Iowa will no longer provide its Bible-based treatment program, InnerChange Freedom Initiative, come March.” She says that this is a bad thing. Let’s look at her reasoning: Sadly, not many people care about the physical and [Read More...]

Which Will He Choose…?

I think Bahá’í will be the dark horse: Rock-Bottom Loser Entertaining Offers From Several Religions FINDLAY, OH—After declaring his intention to drink himself into oblivion two months ago, Owen Pritchard has nearly every popular religion vying for his devotion. An excerpt: Christianity emerged as an early favorite to land [Owen] Pritchard Tuesday, after confirming that [Read More...]

Atheist Group Makes Campus News

A start-up college atheist group has already gotten the attention of its campus newspaper. At California State University (in Sacramento), says hello to the aptly named Atheist Student Organization: “It is important for atheists to be represented on campus and in the larger society. Often atheists don’t make their feelings known for fear of abuse [Read More...]