In God We Trust

Steve Kreuscher from Zion, IL wants to legally change his name to In God We Trust. First name: In God. Last name: We Trust. Kreuscher, a Christian who gave up on organized religion 20 years ago, said the new name would symbolize the story of his life. “I’ve had to trust God through incredibly hard [Read More...]

Zeus Wins This Round…

(via Too Many Tribbles and The Stubborn Curmudgeon) [tags]atheist, atheism, David Sipress[/tags] [Read more...]

How Would You React?

Neil Mammen, a guest blogger at Christian author Frank Turek‘s blog, throws out a question to the atheists: Atheist readers, what if you were to suddenly find out tomorrow that the God of the Christian Evangelicals was real? I.e. that He HAD created the world, had created you, the Bible was true, Jesus had died [Read More...]

Evangelicals Criticize Themselves

They have finally realized what the rest of us have known for many years: Conservative Christian leaders who believe the word “evangelical” has lost its religious meaning plan to release a starkly self-critical document saying the movement has become too political and has diminished the Gospel through its approach to the culture wars. The statement, [Read More...]

The Last Chapter

Ray Comfort took the time out of his day to tell you this: I hope you atheists and evolutionists realize that we eventually win. Read the last chapter of the Book. That’s it. He doesn’t specifically say which book… So now I’m just confused. Which book is he referring to? And what does it tell [Read More...]