My Book… and Inflation

If you go to the Amazon link to my book and look at the “New and Used” section, there are a bunch of cheap copies available. That’s nothing new. But if you scroll all the way down that list, apparently there is a copy of my book selling for $37.56. Plus $3.49 in shipping. (Click [Read More...]

How Not to Explain Atheism

Amanda at Irreverent Musings tells a story of a day at work and an overheard conversation. “Ira,” an atheist, was telling “Kelly” about how there was no afterlife. He added this: “When you die, your body will rot and be eaten by maggots. Life really has no point.” Thank you, “Ira.” That helps. A lot. [Read More...]

American Humanist Association’s Honorary President

The American Humanist Association’s honorary president for the past several years had been Kurt Vonnegut. That post had previously been held by people such as Isaac Asimov and Corliss Lamont. With Vonnegut’s passing, someone will have to take his place. Any suggestions as to who it should be? The AHA hasn’t decided yet, so they’re [Read More...]

Atheists in Foxholes

Last week, Barry Saunders, a columnist for The News & Observer, wrote an article in the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre. Here’s how he began that article: No atheists in foxholes? Maybe not, but there are probably no atheists anywhere when Americans hear that college students, studying to make the world and themselves better, [Read More...]

The New Humanism Conference Recap, Part 2

Clark Adams wrote a biting critique of The New Humanism conference on the Internet Infidels Discussion Board (IIDB), though he prefaces his remarks with the following: I greatly admire and respect Greg Epstein, Tom Ferrick and others who established and run the Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy. I think all major universities should have one, especially when [Read More...]