Why Is He Pointing a Gun?

You try to guess the underlying message in the following video (brought to you by the same group that began the Creation Museum): (via The Daily Dish) [Read more...]

College Atheist Tries to End Invocation Prayer at Graduation Ceremony

The George Washington University, like many other schools, has an invocation prayer during graduation ceremonies. Of course, there’s no reason for prayers to be said by school officials at a public school ceremony. John Beers, an atheist at the school, tried to put an end to that: Beers spoke up during last week’s SA senate [Read More...]

Military Atheist Passes Away

Major-General Patrick Crawford died a couple months ago. Yesterday, I was sent his obituary from reader Clare. The Times Online (UK) piece documents his heroism and incredible career: Tall, tirelessly energetic and inquiring, Patrick Crawford was just the effective and good-humoured doctor a crisis demands and, for that matter, to address problems from which others [Read More...]

Creationist Science Fair Exhibit

An entry from the 2009 Twin Cities Creation Science Association (TCCSA) science fair: Essentially, this tells us that goldfish should be fed twice a day… because Genesis says we have dominion over them. I think. The notes to presenters tell you everything you need to know about what TCCSA sponsors think a scientist should be [Read More...]

Nate Phelps Talks About his Infamous Family

I wasn’t at the American Atheists’ Convention so I really hope AA releases video of this. Here is an excellent writeup about Nate Phelps‘ talk at the AA Convention. Phelps is the son of Fred “God Hates Fags” Phelps — but Nate managed to escape from the family’s craziness. hambydammit was there: Nate’s speech, which [Read More...]