Are You Getting Out the Secular Vote?

The Secular Coalition for America wants to know what you’re doing to get out the secular vote in America: They are looking for both individual and group activities that are promoting the visibility and issues of our constituency for possible media coverage. The Coalition is most interested in the swing states, which include Ohio, Pennsylvania, [Read More...]

Leadership Change for Atheist Alliance International

Margaret Downey‘s term has ended as President of Atheist Alliance International and the new officers are in place. The new president is Stuart Bechman, president of the group Atheists United in Los Angeles, California. Stuart was active in the initial efforts to form the Coalition for the Community of Reason, which ultimately led to the [Read More...]

Maybe I Shouldn’t Be a Vegetarian Anymore…

Mmm…Lobster. Ok, I understand the costume… but the pot? That’s genius. (Thanks to Airi for the link!) [Read more...]

Republicans Smear Senate Candidate Kay Hagan for Meeting with Atheists

North Carolina Democrat Kay Hagan is running against Republican incumbent Elizabeth Dole for a Senate seat, as I’ve mentioned on here before. Hagan is currently winning. And momentum is on her side. Much like John McCain‘s campaign, when Republicans saw their candidate sliding in the polls, they decided to organize a smear campaign against the [Read More...]

Sarah Palin Loses on The Pyramid

Courtesy of Edward Current, Sarah Palin loses on The $800,000,000 Pyramid: And if you haven’t already read it, here is a incredible take-down of John McCain‘s “maverick” image by Tim Dickinson in Rolling Stone. [Read more...]