Jesus Flyers

In Madison, Wisconsin, a flyer was sent home with nearly 2,000 elementary school students that read: “Plant the Seeds of Faith in Jesus in Your Child at our Sunday school.” The Freedom From Religion Foundation is, as usual, on top of things: In response to Ginsberg’s complaint, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is asking the [Read More...]

21 Unconvincing Arguments for God

A while back, I posted Minnesota Atheist August Berkshire‘s list of the 18 Unconvincing Arguments for God: He has now updated the list with a few new entries, so the updated version of the 21 Unconvincing Arguments for God are below. If you’d like to download a nicer PDF version, you can do that here. [Read More...]

Ask a Fundamentalist Christian (The Responses)

Last week, Maria, a self-described “31 year old, married, Christian, homeschooling mom of a 12 year old and a 2 year old” offered to answer questions about her conservative, the-Bible-is-literally-true beliefs. A lot of questions were submitted and I picked a number of them for Maria to answer. Her responses are below. While everyone is [Read More...]

Fired for Telling the Truth?

Well, I’ll preface this by saying it happened in Iowa… either that, or Kansas is just getting larger. A professor at Southwestern Community College in Iowa — community college, not a Bible college — has been fired because he essentially put Christianity on par with other religions and implied that they should not take the [Read More...]

Richard Dawkins in Chicago

For those of you who didn’t get tickets to next week’s Atheist Alliance International convention, but still want to hear Richard Dawkins speak, just hop on over to Chicago in a couple weeks. Dawkins will be at the University of Chicago’s International House on Thursday night, October 4th to talk about The God Delusion. More [Read More...]