Read Your Horoscope

Normally, we should all just skip over these… but Ain’t Christian’s Fundamentalist Horoscopes are obviously true and just full of damn good advice, so you have to read them. Like this one: Aries (March 21 – April 20) Even though it will turn out she was merely waiting for the bus, you’ll glow with pride [Read More...]

$10 Says He Doesn’t Get Through Chapter One

German journalist (Gernalist?) Günter Wallraff wants to read Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses. Out loud. In a soon-to-be-built mosque. “If I do this then I want to make a difference; it’s not meant to be a provocation,” he said in an interview that appeared in several German media outlets, adding that the book should be [Read More...]

THE George Will?

Lisa Simpson advocates the teaching of Evolution while everyone else seems hell-bent on teaching Creationism. A courtroom scene (a la the Scopes Monkey Trial) ensues. You may have seen a shorter version of this, but here’s a longer excerpt. It’s The Simpsons in top form (at least for the first couple minutes)! Watch it before [Read More...]

Evangelicals Reject Creation Museum, but Still Believe in Creationism

The Campaign to Defend the Constitution along with Lake Research Partners have put out the results of a phone survey completed last month. 800 likely voters were surveyed. The test has a margin of error of +/- 3.5%. As they write in the report (PDF), the results show: Voters, including evangelicals, reject creationism museum. Evangelicals [Read More...]

A Day with a Humanist Lobbyist

Secular Student Alliance intern Brendan Dieffenbach spent a day with New York state lobbyist Jennifer Lange. He writes about it in the latest Humanist Network News. Looks like he had an eventful day: A comment from one Democratic assemblyman that I “look like a humanist” had caused me to wonder to what extent I, with [Read More...]