Star Athletes, Megachurches, and a Whole Lot of Money

What’s the connection between star athletes and mega-churches? Turns out the athletes help bankroll some of the largest churches in the country (as well as their pastors). Evander Holyfield and Kurt Warner are just two glaring examples of athletes who seem to be duped into giving as much as they do. This video is really [Read More...]

Voodoo Fire Ritual Nearly Kills Little Girl

A couple months ago, Marie Lauradin did something horrible to her only child. She took rum, sprayed it in a circle around her naked six-year-old daughter, poured some on the girl’s head, and then lit the rum on fire. As the flames covered her body, she screamed in agony. Her mother and grandmother just ignored [Read More...]

Chemotherapy Helps Daniel Hauser… What Do His Parents Say Now?

Remember Daniel Hauser? He was the boy with Hodgkin’s lymphoma whose mother refused to let him undergo chemotherapy because she wanted him to get better with “natural remedies” (like herbs and vitamins). This would likely have led to his death. Then a judge intervened and said Daniel had to undergo chemo. (Then the mother kidnapped [Read More...]

Does Attending Sunday School Lead to You Leaving the Church?

If you (are forced against your will to) visit the Creation Museum, you will come across this sign: There’s a joke in there somewhere about how 1 in 3 is not actually 30% and how they should really say “Almost 1 in 3…” or “Approximately 1 in 3…” Anyway, museum founder Ken Ham commissioned a [Read More...]

Atheist Bus Campaign in… New York City!

New York City is finally joining the Atheist Bus Campaign! This month, some two dozen buses will roll through Manhattan, debuting our 12-foot long, three foot high message, “You don’t have to believe in god to be a moral or ethical person”. Look for the signs the first day our buses maneuver through the city [Read More...]