The Gay Exorcism Video

By now, you’ve probably seen the “Gay Exorcism” video on YouTube… a pastor at Manifested Glory Ministries (in Bridgeport, CT) tries to de-gayify a teenager. The church had no real response, only saying that it wasn’t an exorcism — rather, it was a “casting out of souls.” I’d love to know what the difference is.. [Read More...]

Jenny McCarthy Gets Her Own Fragrance

First, Richard Dawkins gets his own cologne. Now, Jenny McCarthy?! Well if they can have them, I want my own, too, dammit. It will smell like a mix of Chipotle, spaghetti, and Atomic Fireballs. (via Science, Reason, and Critical Thinking) [Read more...]

Kicked Out of the Boy Scouts for Being an Atheist

My friend Neil Polzin served on the board of directors for the Secular Student Alliance a couple years ago. I got this message from him last night and it needs to be passed along. The short version: He was fired from his job with the Boy Scouts of America… likely because they found out about [Read More...]

Find a Word in the Bible

This is a fun little unintentional game. Type in a word, and the program will tell you how many times it appears in the Bible. (The upper left part of the chart represents Genesis; the lower left is Revelation.) Zeus? He appears twice: Bonus points for anyone who can find dirty words. (via Glocal Christianity) [Read more...]

Atheist Bus Ad Prompts New Policy in Indiana

Transpo is the public bus line in South Bend, Indiana. They were at the center of a public relations fiasco a couple months ago when they rejected (then later accepted) an ad from atheists. The oh-so-controversial ad read: “You Can Be Good Without God.” Yesterday, Transpo decided they didn’t want to deal with this problem [Read More...]