Do Atheists ‘Love the Sinner but Hate the Sin’?

Reader Chris sent me an email that boiled down to this: Atheists like to say: You should respect the person, but you don’t have to respect their beliefs. Is this any different from Christians saying, “Love the sinner but hate the sin”? The gist of my response to Chris went like this: There is one [Read More...]

An Atheist Encounters Death

A couple weeks ago, The Globe and Mail published a heartbreaking piece by Cerise Morris about her friend’s death and how it made her think twice about her atheism: I have lived comfortably with the belief that this life is all there is, but the experience of watching my friend die put this comfort to [Read More...]

An Analogy for Intercessory Prayer

Let’s say you’re someone who wants to help people looking for jobs. You can’t directly give them one, but you think you have some relevant experience and contacts you can share, so you make an open offer: Come visit me, bring your résumé, tell me your work history, and I’ll try to help you out. [Read More...]

Ask Richard: To Prevent Conflict with In-Laws, Know Your Spouse

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Hi Richard, I am a young atheist, age 21. I am also the father of the most beautiful one-year-old girl in the world. I am also just recently married. And I am looking for some advice. My wife’s immediate family is very religious. They are [Read More...]

Why Are There So Few High School Atheist Groups?

This article in the Columbus Dispatch makes me wonder why high school atheist groups aren’t as abundant as they ought to be. Considering how many atheists say they first got rid of their faith at around the age of 14-15, they seem like they would be more prevalent: The students in the group discuss belief [Read More...]