Why Aren’t We a Bigger Political Force?

Adam Lee asks a great question at AlterNet: There Are 10 Times As Many Atheists as Mormons: When Will Non-Believers Become a Political Force? The answer’s pretty simple to me. For most Americans, Mormonism is pretty weird… but it’s their kind of weird. It’s religious weird. It’s someone who looks to a “higher power” for [Read More…]

Litigation Works!

After the Louisiana House voted unanimously to erect a 10 Commandments monument at the State Capitol building, a state Senate committee voted 5-2 to table the bill (effectively defeating it). Yay! And why did they oppose it? Some members of the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee expressed concerns that House Bill 277 would lead to [Read More…]

What’s Happening with the Damon Fowler Money?

A lot of you want to know (and deserve to know) what’s going on with all the money you helped raise for Damon Fowler. If you’re unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, DarkMatter2525 created this helpful summary of Damon’s story: After asking for your support, you all raised over $31,000 for Damon: I want to [Read More…]

No Religious Texts on the 100 Greatest Non-Fiction Books List

The Guardian has put out their list of the “100 greatest non-fiction books” of all-time. Forget the debate about the list for a moment. I just love this explanation of why no religious texts made the cut: … after some debate we decided that religious texts were a little too, well, fictional. Didn’t know a [Read More…]

Let’s Help These Vandalized Churches

In Bend, Oregon, two churches — Westside Church and Christian Life Center — had graffiti painted on them reading “Praise the FSM” (Flying Spaghetti Monster): When Pastor John Bluebaugh of Christian Life Center got the news Monday morning, his first thought was, “Not again.” “Really, what went through my mind was, about six months we [Read More…]