What Do Atheists Believe?: Todd Stiefel’s Speech at the Reason Rally

This (high-quality!) video from the Reason Rally features philanthropist Todd Stiefel‘s speech: My favorite part, talking about what atheists believe (starting at the 5:41 mark): We believe there is no rational basis to discriminate on the basis of race or gender. We believe our sex live are our business, not the government’s. We believe life [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Daughter Conflicting with Religious School Science Teacher

Dear Richard, I am a divorced mother whose religious ex-husband has custody of my daughter. He chose to send her to a religious high school, which she has attended for 3 years. Recently, she started asking a lot of questions about her religion, which has caused people to suspect she doesn’t believe in God. Her [Read More…]

What’s the Most Godless Place on Earth?

It’s not an American college town. Apparently, Eastern Germany wins the prize: The statistics are most striking among those under 28 years old: more than 71% of eastern Germans in this age group say they have never believed in the existence of God. That’s nearly as many as in the 38-47 group, of which 72.6% [Read More…]

Dear Bad Catholic, You Haven’t Knocked Down Our Arguments

Marc Barnes at Bad Catholic thinks atheists need to stop using certain arguments… but he misses the point of each argument entirely: 1) Babies are atheists Barnes says that religion is innate! Babies believe in the supernatural from early on! One study showed it! So there! How dare all the atheists equate religious indoctrination with [Read More…]

The Secular Student Alliance is Hiring an IT Manager

So you’ve wanted to get involved in the movement, but you’re not really sure how, eh? Well, luckily for you, one of the absolute best organizations (not that I’m biased or anything) for atheists and agnostics is hiring RIGHT NOW. That’s right. You could be an atheist and GET PAID FOR IT. Provided you have [Read More…]