Secular Coalition for America’s Capitol Hill Scholars Program

This is a repost from 10/26/09. There is still time to apply but the deadline is approaching and picks will be made soon. If you haven’t applied yet, please consider doing so! … This is a program I’ve been eagerly looking forward to ever since we began discussing it. Last year, the Secular Student Alliance [Read More...]

Addressing Myths About Polyamory

Our Forum admin JulietEcho has a wonderful piece up at Daylight Atheism where she responds to common myths about polyamory. Here’s a brief excerpt: When it comes right down to it, perhaps the biggest unspoken reason people have for objecting to (or being offended by) polyamory is fear. It’s common for monogamous people to fear [Read More...]

Question the Facts

Friend-of-the-blog Jessica Hagy has a wonderful Indexed cartoon in a new, free ebook conceived by Seth Godin: The book is called What Matters Now (PDF) and it’s a quick, wonderful read. I finished it the other day while my students took their final exams. There’s quite a bit of useful information in it. Except for [Read More...]

Alan Moore Talks About Godless Event

This is what I get for not living in Britain. I miss Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People: And that means I miss graphic novelist (and the genius behind Watchmen) Alan Moore: On the up side, New Humanist Magazine is uploading a number of interviews with guests of the show on YouTube. Check them [Read More...]

Arizona is Now Christmas-Safe

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer knows her priorities: In a formal executive order, Brewer said any executive branch agency that reports to her cannot stop employees from “personally celebrating” either holiday [Christmas or Hannukah]. That includes putting items “traditionally associated” with the holidays on their desks. She similarly barred those agencies from stopping state employees from [Read More...]