Valley High School’s Ten Commandments Monument Needs to Be Removed

How would you like to see this when you walk into your public high school every day? That’s the Ten Commandments monument sitting outside Valley High School in New Kensington, Pennsylvania (not far from Pittsburgh). How does that even *happen*?! (Won’t someone think of the lawsuits?!) The Freedom From Religious Foundation is — They sent [Read More…]

The Aftermath of Godless Children’s TV Shows

(In response to this post.) [Read more…]

Think About This When You’re At the Reason Rally

Wise words from Alonzo Fyfe for anyone writing about, speaking at, or attending the Reason Rally: I would suggest that you go the Reason Rally with the intent of saving lives and reducing suffering that spring from actions founded on beliefs that are simply unreasonable. This is for the people who suffer and die because [Read More…]

Reason Rally Bingo

In case you needed something to do during the Reason Rally… You can download a printable version right here (PDF) [Read more…]

A Recipe to Ruin All the Good Children’s TV Shows: Insert God

Phil Vischer, the creator of the Christian-themed VeggieTales, explains the problem with secular children’s TV shows: But for all the educational strides being made and all the pro-social “vitamins” cleverly inserted into our kids’ media diets, there is one ingredient sorely missing. There is no God on Sesame Street. No clue will ever point Blue [Read More…]