Christian Bookstore Puts Warning Labels on Certain Christian Books

To nobody’s surprise, LifeWay Christian Stores sells Christian books among their many products. As any reader of these books knows, however, the authors can range anywhere from super-fundamentalist to relatively-liberal. To help their customers out, LifeWay now puts a label on certain books stating “Read With Discernment“: While we recognize that almost every title requires [Read More...]

Ted Haggard on Oprah

I’ll be working all day, but Ted Haggard is going to be on Oprah on Wednesday. Please provide me with the Cliffsnotes version in the comments if you see it! And in the meantime, check out the breaking story about his other male lover, Grant Haas — a younger guy who was paid off by [Read More...]

Richard Dawkins’ Tour Stops in March, 2009

The author of The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins, will be heading to four colleges in America in early March. He will be discussing “The Purpose of Purpose“: We humans are obsessed with purpose. The question, “What is it for?” comes naturally to a species surrounded by tools, utensils and machines. For such artifacts it is [Read More...]

Atheist Bus (Stop) Campaign

Cute. Very cute… (via A work in progress) [Read more...]

Inauguration Mentions of God Bring Donations to Atheist Lobbying Group

A couple weeks ago, I proposed on the blog that for every mention of the words “Jesus,” “Christ,” “Lord,” and “God” by the main pastors during Barack Obama’s Inauguration ceremony, I would contribute a dollar amount to the Secular Coalition for America. I asked you to join me in doing that and I’m thrilled to [Read More...]