How Do Tragic Events Shape Your Religious Views?

After yesterday’s horrible Virginia Tech Massacre, one issue relevant to this blog is how these types of tragedies impact your religious/non-religious views. Many people gain or lose faith in the wake of disasters (personal or public). Similarly, their outlook on life changes entirely. One example: Sam Harris began writing The End of Faith on September [Read More...]

Framing Science

I’m jumping in on this bandwagon late, but I’ve only now had a chance to read through a few of the articles on the “Science Framing” issue. The background: Chris Mooney (author of The Republican War on Science) and Matthew Nisbet (a professor at American University) wrote an article that was published in the journal [Read More...]

Why Has the USA Today Never Won a Pulitzer?

Because it publishes stuff like this op-ed piece on the recent surge in atheism, by Don Feder. Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., has become the first member of Congress to announce that he doesn’t believe in God. He’s probably just looking for a book deal. Of course he is. And so is Keith Ellison, the first [Read More...]

Atheism in Europe

The Wall Street Journal ran an interesting article on Atheism in Europe last week: Passive indifference to faith has left Europe’s churches mostly empty. But debate over religion is more intense and strident than it has been in many decades. Religion is re-emerging as a big issue in part because of anxiety over Europe’s growing [Read More...]

Atheist Alum

My alma mater, the University of Illinois at Chicago, has an article in the weekly campus newspaper promoting the book and the Barbara’s Bookstore event! Like most articles written about the book and the eBay auction, there are some points I would correct, but overall, it’s nice to feel supported by the school paper. And [Read More...]