University of Georgia Atheists Will Lead Protest Against Pastor Mark Driscoll

On October 8th, Pastor Mark Driscoll (founder of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington) will be speaking at the LoveLife Conference in Athens, Georgia. This is the same Driscoll whose ignorance about feminism and homosexuality is evident with just about everything he says… If you’re not familiar with him, here are just a few choice [Read More…]

Ask Richard: I’ve Learned My Friend is a Creationist

over a year ago i moved into a new department at work and became friends with a cool guy who shared my nerdy interests. he talked about gaming and his wife and kids and i talked about gaming and my cats. he’s smart, funny, and we’ve commiserated over work together. very recently, indirectly, i found [Read More…]

Reasons to Celebrate International Blasphemy Rights Day

Why should you take part in (or at least acknowledge) International Blasphemy Rights Day tomorrow? The members of the University of Northern Iowa Freethinkers and Inquirers (UNIFI) made this awesome video with their answers: As the saying goes, blasphemy is a victimless crime. So take the time to appreciate your free speech rights on Friday. [Read More…]

Christian Business Owner: Recite John 3:16 and I’ll Give You a Discount on an Oil Change

At Kwik Kar Lube & Service in Plano, Texas, owner Charlie Whittington has a deal for you: Recite John 3:16 and he’ll give you a discount on an oil change. Don’t want to recite it? Well, screw you. Resident Marshall Wei, who had been to the Kwik Kar on Custer Road in Plano before, was [Read More…]

After a Complaint, One Christian Pastor’s Illegal Healing Methods Come to Light

When you call yourself a Minister, you can get away with almost anything… unless your victims speak up. That’s what Linda Erickson is doing in Illinois. She is coming forward with news that Philip Livingston, who “broke away from South Barrington-based Willow Creek Community Church to start his own Life of the World Ministries” held [Read More…]