The K Street Atheist Lobbyists

The Secular Coalition for America sent out an amusing fundraising email that’s worth checking out. It relates to their new offices on famed lobbying haven “K Street” and what they could use: A financial contribution of: $2,375 pays for one month of rent in our new space. This new office will allow us to host [Read More...]

The Generous Atheist Was Homeless

Richard Leroy Walters died a couple of years ago, leaving behind $4,000,000. Per his wishes, the money was divided between NPR, a Catholic mission in Phoenix, and several other non-profits. Despite his wealth, Walters didn’t own a car. Or a home. [Friend Rita] Belle knew him as a very well-informed man who could fix her [Read More...]

Woman Murders Baby Because the “Devil” Told Her To

***Update***: I’m getting taken to task for some of the comments below. Some of it is deserved. I don’t know the histories of these murderers, and I don’t know how religious they are and if they go to church on a regular basis. As some commenters below note, people are told by pastors often that [Read More...]

Denny’s Discount for Churchgoers Only

Denny’s is just setting itself up for a lawsuit. JREF Communication Manager Jeff Wagg went to Denny’s recently where he saw the following flyer: This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. I mentioned a similar incident on this site a couple years ago — that one also took place in Euless, Texas [Read More...]

Indiana Atheists Win Lawsuit Over Bus Ads

Some good news from the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign! A couple months ago, atheists paid to have this ad put on buses in Bloomington, Indiana: After paying for it, Transpo Bloomington Transit (the bus company) decided the ad was “too controversial” and never placed the ad on buses. A lawsuit was filed. Today, the atheists [Read More...]