An Atheist’s Obituary

Just days after learning about the death of atheist benefactor Richard Leroy Walters, I came across the obituary of Gerald Gardner, who died last week at the age of 83. He is noted for “[providing] the statistical underpinnings for the landmark Supreme Court case that resulted in the prohibition of sex discrimination in newspaper want [Read More...]

“Brainwashed” by Charlie Check’m

How many atheist rappers are there? If you said “One,” you’re wrong! I was surprised enough to learn about Greydon Square, but he now has competition. This song below is called “Brainwashed” and it’s by Charlie Check’m: Check’m’s new album is Listen Without Fear. I do miss the cheesy nature of his video for “Roll [Read More...]

A Premonition of the Creation Museum Trip

Jen has read the mind of all 250 Creation Museum trip attendees. The other parts can be found here. Too bad museum founder Ken Ham won’t be there on that day… oh well. Anyone else think Jen should draw an atheist graphic novel? I can see it now: The enemies throw consecrated communion wafers at [Read More...]

A Review of The Holy Bible

Robert Brockway at Cracked has an entertaining review of this book he just read. It’s called The Holy Bible: As readers we’re enthralled by the mystic action; wondering exactly what kind of creature this God is, why he has these powers and what on earth he’s going to do with them, and then all of [Read More...]

An Argument Against Camp Quest: It Makes Kids Religious

By Ellie Levenson‘s logic, many atheists spring from fundamentalist religious families. Therefore, if you’re taught fundamentalist atheism (i.e. at Camp Quest UK), you will become religious! So Richard Dawkins’ five-day atheist summer camp in Somerset this week, in which all the children will be taught about rational scepticism, moral philosophy and evolutionary biology, is bound [Read More...]