It’s Official: Men Win!

A new image based on the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey shows us the following: What can we learn from this…? (Thanks to Mike for the link!) [Read more...]

What Happens When Atheism is the Norm Instead of the Exception?

It’s like you’re in an alternate universe in which Al Gore was president and Sanjaya won American Idol. Peter Steinfels writes all about it in The New York Times. Phil Zuckerman spent 14 months in Scandinavia, talking to hundreds of Danes and Swedes about religion. It wasn’t easy. Anyone who has paid attention knows that [Read More...]

High School Student Faces Challenges in Starting an Atheist Group

This hits kinda close to home. A student at Johnsburg High School in northwestern McHenry County, IL wants to start an atheist group at her school, but she’s facing a few challenges. Here’s what reporter Diana Sroka writes: Savannah Lanz doesn’t believe in God, follow religion, or look to any higher powers, and she’s hoping [Read More...]

Oh Dear God, They Found a Real Crocoduck

Ray Comfort doesn’t need to ask for a debate with Richard Dawkins anymore. The debate is already over. Comfort and banana-pal Kirk Cameron have lost. The Creationism proponents used to say that if evolution were true, we should expect to see a crocoduck (a crocodile/duck transitional form) in the fossil records: They said we haven’t [Read More...]

James Dobson Has Retired: The Best Lines?

James Dobson has stepped down from his role as Chairman of Focus on Your Family. Yippee…? I wish I could celebrate, but nothing’s really going to change. Dobson was FotF’s biggest asset but he was also their biggest liability. With him out of the picture, someone else will step up and spearhead the bigotry. So [Read More...]