University of Nebraska – Omaha Student Challenges ‘Atheist Chicks Are Easy’ Remark

Remember how conservative radio host Scott Voorhees recently said “atheists chicks are easy“? Here’s the context from an interview he did last week with former president of the University of Nebraska – Omaha Secular Student Alliance Luke Hoffman: Hoffman: … That was why we were such a big deal on campus, because we hosted this [Read More…]

Should Atheists Censor Books Like This One…?

Sometimes an ethical question can strike you when you least expect it. A few days ago I found myself wandering idly through the book section of a charity shop, lazily looking for something requested by a friend for her three-year-old son. I picked out a thin book at random, and stopped dead when I realized [Read More…]

Is the Catholic Church Really a ‘Lighthouse’?

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Church Leader Calls Me ‘Anti-Catholic’ Because I Told the Truth About His Faith

It’s not everyday the Archdiocese of Washington responds to something I wrote… but Monsignor Charles Pope isn’t happy with a post I made about how the Catholic Church is Now Pissing Off the People Who Actually Like Them. Here’s the gist of my very brief piece: A Catholic Diocese mandated that Sunday School teachers sign [Read More…]

Well, If You’re Going to Whip It…

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