Christ’s Sake

For some reason, this cracks me up: Jesus just looks so damn happy… (Thanks to Max for the link!) [Read more...]

Atheist Bus Campaign in… Sweden!

Even though fewer than 20% of Swedes are religious, the Swedish Humanist Association has placed the following ad in subway stations and beyond: “Gud finns nog inte” means “God probably doesn’t exist.” “It’s not that we want to stop the religious community, but we want to level the playing field,” said [Humanist Association chair Christer] [Read More...]

Party in St. Louis!

Looks like we might have a nice group of heathens gathering in St. Louis! If you’re free Saturday, it’d be great to have you join us. Here’s the information: Who: Lots of Godless Atheists. Where: Mangia Italiano, 3145 S Grand Blvd. Saint Louis, MO 63116 When: Saturday, June 13th, 2:00 p.m. Cost: Free! (Just pay [Read More...]

Carrie Prejean Fired as Miss California

The anti-gay-marriage Miss California Carrie Prejean had her title revoked today. Looks like she couldn’t honor a commitment. … K2 Productions, the independent producers of the Miss California USA pageant, under license from Miss Universe, cited continued breach of contract issues as the reason for Prejean’s firing. “This was a decision based solely on contract [Read More...]

Prop C: The Freckled Can’t Get Married

ZOMGitsCriss is back to explain the brand new Proposition C and the people who want to stop freckled people from getting married: (Thanks to Jeff for the link!) [Read more...]