Books About Gay People?! Burn Them.

Baby Be-Bop by Francesca Lia Block is a book about a young boy who is gay. It was written 15 years ago, but it’s back in the news. Why? Because conservative Christians want to move it, censor it, and burn it. A group called West Bend Citizens for Safe Libraries was offended that the local [Read More...]

PBS Just Became a Little More Watchable…

For nearly 25 years, PBS has had a rule that all stations must provide “non-commercial, non-partisan and non-sectarian content.” The rule was rarely enforced and it was never hard to find religious programming on the air. You know which programs I’m talking about because when they were on, you automatically changed the channel. Now, PBS [Read More...]

Travel Grants Now Available for Secular Student Alliance Conference

The Secular Student Alliance is hosting our annual conference on August 7th — 9th (Friday to Sunday) in Columbus, Ohio. Not only is registration open for the conference, we are now offering travel grants for those who need it (in $100 and $200 amounts). There are $4,000 in travel grants ready to be given away. [Read More...]

This Picture Needs a Caption

While in St. Louis over the weekend, I met several wonderful atheists at a Meetup. I thought we were going out to lunch. It turns out I was lunch. Christopher, Christina, and Dustin decided to keep some of me in the city… This picture needs a caption. Feel free to offer suggestions. (Apparently, I taste [Read More...]

Want to Sit Alone on the Bus? Wear This.

Strangely enough, wearing an atheist shirt tends to accomplish the same thing… (Thanks to Donna for the link!) [Read more...]