I’d See This Movie

It looks awesome: (via Comic Blasphemy) [Read more...]

Don’t Be Alone with the Opposite Sex After Sundown

In anticipation of the 7th season premiere of the always-hilarious Curb Your Enthusiasm tonight, check out this religion-related clip from season 5. The setup: Larry David is pretending to be an Orthodox Jew. He gets stuck on a ski lift with an Orthodox Jewish woman. According to Jewish law, a single woman is not allowed [Read More...]

Mother Complains After Boy Scouts Recruit During School Hours

When President Barack Obama wanted to speak to schoolchildren about the importance of staying in school, working hard, and washing your hands, the school sent out four separate notices to parents. When the Boy Scouts of America — with their history of discrimination against atheists and members of the GLBT community — want to use [Read More...]

A Response to the Creationist Version of On the Origin of Species

Remember the Kirk Cameron/Ray Comfort video promoting their new “revised” version of On the Origin of Species (with a 50-page introduction written by Comfort that he thinks “debunks” evolution)? Comfort and Cameron are planning to give away free copies of the book at colleges across the country on November 19th in an effort, I presume, [Read More...]

Christian Couple Faces Criminal Charges for Criticizing Islam

Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang run the Bounty House Hotel in Liverpool. They’re Christian. Back in late March, a Muslim woman was staying at their hotel. I’m not sure what prompted it, but a discussion about religion ensued between the guest and the owners. The conversation is said to have begun after the couple was challenged [Read More...]