Al Lewis Digging Himself a Deeper Hole

A couple days ago, Al Lewis of The Denver Post wrote an article on the St. Joseph statues “helping you” sell your home. I didn’t like it. It seems the print version (not the one I read) ran the headline “There aren’t any atheists in a Front Range real estate foxhole.” That’s not Lewis’ fault. [Read More...]

I Love This Group’s Name

It’s just so perfect. Occam’s Razors (formerly known as the Razorback Freethought Alliance) at the University of Arkansas – Fayetteville was featured in a nice article in the current issue of their college paper. They managed to get some great statements in the piece: “I was raised in a very strict, fundamentalist tradition of Christianity,” [Read More...]

What a Pastor’s Wife Needs

If you’re a pastor (and you know you are), make sure you’re doing everything you can to help out your wife: She needs a clearly defined and guarded role. She needs some help with the kids and house. She needs some help getting to and from church on Sundays. She needs a designated parking place. [Read More...]

Chicago Atheists and Their Doppelgangers

A couple months ago, another person named Hemant Mehta was in the news because he was suing Snapple. Apparently, I’m not the only atheist from Chicago with a clone. Rob Sherman (the atheist) is in the news because Rob Sherman (not the atheist) published a fake interview with Barack Obama in a French magazine. The [Read More...]

Former Mormon’s Serial Novel

Former Mormon C. L. Hanson will start serializing Part 3 of her novel, Exmormon, next week! If you missed the first two parts, here’s your chance to catch up: Part 1: Young Women’s Part 2: Youth Conference It’s not just for ex-Mormons either. The novel is a series of stories which detail what life is [Read More...]