Arkansas Water Park Makes Atheists Pay More Than Christians

That’s not how the people at Willow Springs Water Park were spinning it, though. They said church groups could get a $5 discount per child on Mondays — a discount no other group received: Leifel Jackson, executive director of the charitable Reaching Our Children and Neighborhoods (ROCAN), asked the water park if the discount would [Read More…]

Why Richard Dawkins Doesn’t Do Debates

The other day, I mentioned a planned boycott at an event where Richard Dawkins was going to speak. Now, groups are calling on Dawkins to take part in a debate on God’s existence and Dawkins isn’t taking the (de)bait. He explains why: … in their shoes, perhaps I would be clamouring for debates as well. [Read More…]

Creationist Ken Ham: Noah’s Ark Toys Are ‘Too Unrealistic’… but the Real Ark Was Just Fine

This is a toy model of Noah’s Ark: And the Creation Museum’s Ken Ham can’t stand it because it’s not real enough: … when we allow children to think Noah’s Ark looked like one of these “bathtub Arks,” we are reinforcing the false idea that the account of the Ark was just a fairy tale. [Read More…]

I’m Sure It’s a Secular Sermon

(In response to this post) [Read more…]

A Spotlight on Freethought

According to the note at the beginning of the video, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has aired the following video on public television stations nationwide. In fact, it’s about to air “500 times in the next three months and reach three million people.” While I really like the commentary, the whole clip looks like one [Read More…]