This is a Joke, Right?

Richard Dawkins is on Time magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. Not surprising given what he’s done for atheism in the past year with his book The God Delusion. Which esteemed scientist wrote his profile? Michael Behe. The intelligent design advocate who wrote Darwin’s Black Box, Next on the list, [Read More...]

Honor Killing Video

Honor killings occur in some extreme religious sects when a woman has brought dishonor onto her family. Her own family members brutally murder her. It’s usually premeditated. The courts don’t get involved most of the time. Read these details of a recent case: … up to 1000 men from the Yezidi Kurdish community of Mosul [Read More...]

Changed Life Paths

There are a few stories today about a special someone who is promoting public prayer on the steps of the Supreme Court: William “Bill” Murray, whose mother Madelyn Murray O’Hare [sic] used her son to legally end voluntary prayer in public schools in 1963, was to return to the US Supreme Court Thursday, May 3, [Read More...]

National Day of Reason

Today‘s the day to take action instead of idly praying. Worthy actions include: Giving blood, signing up to be an organ donor, helping a stranger, or donating money to your favorite secular non-profit so they can continue the good work that they do! (Please take action in that order, though.) Maybe you were even more [Read More...]

Listen to Salman Rushdie’s Speech

One of the most fascinating aspects of the New Humanism conference was getting the chance to listen to Salman Rushdie speak. Most of the students packed the balcony of the church at Harvard where the lecture was taking place. On the ledge of the balcony were numerous digital cameras and tape recorders trying to get [Read More...]