Interfaith Understanding

A quotation from Jesus and Mo, discussing the Tony Blair Faith Foundation: Promoting peace by increasing inter-faith understanding makes about as much sense as promoting sobriety by increasing alcohol consumption. Discuss. [Read more...]

Atheist Billboard to Go Up in South Florida

The first atheist billboard in South Florida is about to go up thanks to an anonymous donor! It’s straight-forward in its message and makes excellent use of color: The billboard will go up on June 22nd and will remain there for a month. If you’d like to help keep it up for one additional month, [Read More...]

Ahmadinejad Wins: Was It “Divine Assessment” Or Fraud?

Hello, this is Ron Gold reporting. Damn. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been reelected as President of Iran by the suspiciously high margin of 62.6% to 33.7%. He defeated reformist candidate Mir Hussein Moussavi in a highly disputed election, which has been filled with accusations of corruption. So not only will the world still have to deal [Read More...]

The Transition from Religion to Non-Religion

I could use your help to generate a long list of questions (in preparation for an interview). The topic: You used to be religious, but you no longer believe that a god exists. What questions would you have as a brand new atheist? Here’s the type of stuff I’m looking for: What caused that transition? [Read More...]

Recovering Religionists: For Those Who Have Left the Church

I love when local atheist groups make the news. Especially in Kansas. Helen T. Gray of The Kansas City Star writes about a group called Recovering Religionists (RR) and what some of the members are dealing with: Julie Price has left the Catholic Church, Christianity and God. She has entered a new life without angels, [Read More...]