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The Funniest Speech About Atheism You’ll Ever Read

Editor-in-Chief of The Onion Scott Dikkers spoke at last year’s Freedom From Religion Foundation conference. While he gave this talk back in October, it wasn’t online until now. It’s one of the funniest speeches about the public image of atheists you’ll ever read. Here’s one excerpt: So, I saw this U. of Minn. survey that [Read More...]

I Like You, Darwin

Tell me this birthday wish to Charles Darwin isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your whole life: I’m going to adopt Alex now. (Can you tell he has already picked up the New England accent?) You can see other messages and several pictures from Darwin’s 200th Birthday Bash at Charlie’s Playhouse on Flickr. [Read more...]

Anti-Atheism Examiner?

Friendly Atheist contributor Trina Hoaks is the Atheism Examiner at the Examiner website. Looks like she now has some sibling rivalry. Ray Comfort has signed on as the Anti-Atheism Examiner. [UPDATE: His title has changed. He is now the Creationism Examiner.] He’s no longer writing on his old website. Same old tripe. New location. He [Read More...]

You Can Join the Inauguration Lawsuit

The last time you heard about atheist Michael Newdow‘s Inauguration lawsuit was when it was rejected by a judge days before Barack Obama took the oath of office. That, however, was simply a preliminary injunction. A small setback. Not a big deal, really. The Inauguration issue hasn’t gone away. It is likely this case could [Read More...]