Triangle Freethought Society to Hold Fall Fundraising Event

The Triangle Freethought Society in North Carolina is holding a Fall Fundraiser in Raleigh this October. Considering the group has put up billboards in the area, stopped infiltrations of church into state, and held a National Day of Reason event at the State Capitol building, the money is definitely being used for positive activism. If [Read More…]

God, the Superhero

Jeffrey Weston at Ape, Not Monkey explores how it would play out if god were a superhero: You can read the rest of the strip here I wonder what his Kryptonite would be… People who think critically? [Read more…]

Positive Press for @ZOMGitsCriss

The Melbourne Leader newspaper in Australia has a brief-but-favorable article about Cristina Rad — better known to YouTube viewers at ZOMGitsCriss — in anticipation of her upcoming visit to the country: “I have no friends who share my world views … as soon as something serious comes up in conversation I just cringe at the [Read More…]

Atheists Attending Brigham Young University Are Meeting in Secret

According to an article in The Daily Utah Chronicle, some students at Brigham Young University are meeting in secret to talk about their lack of faith: Andrew Johnson, a junior in biotechnology at Utah Valley University, founded The Group in October 2010 as a safe place for secular humanists, agnostics and freethinkers in Utah County. [Read More…]

Southern Illinois University Rejects Atheist Student Group… Then Quickly Backtracks

The Secular Student Alliance at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is now an official student organization… but that almost didn’t happen. The Undergraduate Student Government voted against their existence earlier this week: At the USG meeting Tuesday, five senators voted no to the approval, three voted yes and two abstained from taking a stance. Spencer Tribble, [Read More…]