A Christian Rock Band Fired Him for Being an Atheist; Now, He Tells His Story

Back in 2008, the popular Christian rock band Haste the Day kicked out one of its guitarists, Jason Barnes, because he was an atheist. When I posted about it then, I had no idea what prompted his deconversion. Roy Culver recently caught up with Barnes and asked him about what made him walk away from [Read More…]

There’s a Way To Help Nonbelieving Clergy Members

Ex-Pastors Teresa MacBain and Jerry DeWitt appeared on NPR’s Talk of the Nation on Monday to discuss how and why they left their faiths. The audio and transcript are now available. Here’s one of the happier moments: [Host] Neil Conan: Was there a moment when you decided you had to come clean about your beliefs? [Read More…]

A Farewell to Beloved Children’s Author (and Atheist) Maurice Sendak

The great Maurice Sendak, author of Where the Wild Things Are, died yesterday at the age of 83. The Illini Secular Student Alliance reminds us of this excerpt from an interview he did with NPR’s Fresh Air in 2003: “I am not a religious person, nor do I have any regrets. The war took care [Read More…]

Security Expert Bruce Schneier Responds to Sam Harris

Security expert Bruce Schneier has taken Sam Harris to task on his proposal to profile Muslims at the airport. I don’t have time to analyze the back and forth right now (it’s late; I’m tired) but I still think it sets a good example when Harris offer up his own site for a guest post [Read More…]

Winning Entries in the Design-Your-Own-Atheist-Billboard Contest Now Up in Ohio

After an online contest held in January to design their next billboard, the Mid Ohio Atheists selected two designs (both created by Elliot Fuller) and they went up yesterday in Mansfield! In addition, they put up the following billboard as a response to a sign a local church put up last summer (which strangely used [Read More…]