The I Exist Support Group

I hadn’t seen this Diet Dr. Pepper commercial before, but I’ll bet you can guess what I was thinking the entire time… (Thanks to Stacy for the link!) [Read more...]

Is Atheism a Choice?

by Jesse Galef Is atheism a choice?  I ask because the issue kept coming up not only in an earlier post’s comment thread, but also independently on my facebook wall. It’s clearly a question that provokes some thought. I’ve been wrestling with the idea of choice for a long time.  The word is used in [Read More...]

Secular Student Alliance Leadership Summit at Stanford

This February, the Secular Student Alliance will be hosting a Regional Leadership Summit at Stanford University in Northern California. This weekend session is a great opportunity for student leaders to fine-tune their group-running skills, meet other leaders from the area, network with local off-campus organizations, and have a great time! We have some fantastic events [Read More...]

Pastor Rick Warren: Neutral on Gay Executions

I was watching Meet the Press over the weekend (because I’m a party animal like that) and heard Pastor Rick Warren says things that would make anyone’s head spin. Take this exchange: MR. GREGORY: Just sticking with that topic for just a moment. If the issue of legalizing gay marriage comes up again… MR. WARREN: [Read More...]

Social Networking Housekeeping

This will make some of you happy. To others, it will just sound like gibberish. Jesse Galef was nice enough to create a FriendlyAtheist Facebook Fan Page, which is now public! My usual Twitter feed, @hemantmehta, is now devoid of all updates from this site. Those were getting in the way of all the tweets [Read More...]