Physicist Erased from Textbooks because He’s Not The Right Kind of Muslim

Science is a tremendous human universal. The discovery of the Higgs boson(-like particle) was a win for scientists everywhere and will lead to the continuation of awesome physics in the future. Physicists in Canada aren’t rejecting the discovery just because it happened in Switzerland or was theorized in America, because that would be ridiculous. But [Read More…]

Ask An Atheist Video Blogathon for Marriage Equality!

Those crazy awesome folks at Ask An Atheist are devoting themselves to a 24-hour video blogathon starting today at 12:00p (PST) and running into Saturday. All proceeds will go to Washington United for Marriage, the organization working to fight for marriage equality in Washington State. And that battle is going to be an expensive one! [Read More…]

Where is the Cranston High School West Prayer Banner?

The is the banner at the center of the whole Jessica Ahlquist saga: This is the space where the banner used to be (taken in March): So we have to ask: Where is the banner now? It’s gone the way of the Coca-Cola formula. Only a few people actually know… It’s not just the banner’s [Read More…]

Well, I Won’t Be Getting My TV Fixed There…

From The Onion: (Thanks to Tetaw for the link!) [Read more…]

Two Priests Want Edward Tarte to Repent

[Read more…]