Billboards Fight Against The Separation of Church & State “Lie”

Hello, Ron Gold here: The Community Issues Council, a Christian group opposed to the separation of Church and State, has gotten into the billboard business. They’ll soon have 10 up across Florida, including this one below: There are a couple of problems with these billboards. Not only will it be tough to comprehend a long, complicated sentence when [Read More...]

How Have Science Communicators Helped You?

Despite what some *cough* recent books *cough* may say, science communication is just as good today as it always was. It’s only getting better. Chris Hallquist feels that some people have been saying otherwise: … I get the impression [Unscientific America] revives the current-science-communication-is-worthless line that Mooney, Nisbet, and their ilk have been using for [Read More...]

Now, Your Homosexuality is Cured

Jesusophile explains how to cure The Gay. I think it may have backfired… Hilarious. [Read more...]

The Power of De-Baptisms

Yesterday, I mentioned an article about atheist communities that appeared in the Christian Science Monitor. The reporter, G. Jeffrey MacDonald, has also written a side piece about atheist “de-baptism ceremonies.” (I’m mentioned in it.) A lot is made of the notion that the atheist de-baptisms “mock” Christians — that’s not really what they’re about. For [Read More...]

Chuck Norris Takes on FFRF

The House approved engraving “In God We Trust” in the Capitol Visitors Center. The bill has not yet been voted on in the Senate. The bill passed in the Senate with “Unanimous Consent.” The House voted 410-8 in favor of it. (12 people abstained and 2 voted “present.”) Who was brave enough to vote against [Read More...]