What Are Those Candles For…?

Adding to the list of things Catholics don’t know about their own religion… (via The Onion) [Read more…]

Once You Walk Out for Good, It Feels Great

David Hayward drew this while thinking about the time he walked away from the church he called home — though he still remains a Christian to this day: Like so many of his cartoons, his feelings are shared by a lot of atheists who left a church, too. (via nakedpastor) [Read more…]

Pennsylvania State Senator Tells Atheists to Send Their Kids to ‘An Atheist School’ with School Vouchers

***Update***: There’s better video and more excerpts at Justin’s blog. … There’s one main reason church/state separation advocates don’t support school vouchers: It would allow parents to send their kids to religious schools on the taxpayer dime. (Want a second reason? The private schools also wouldn’t be held to the same accountability standards as the [Read More…]

Public Elementary School Children in Wichita Will Spend Thanksgiving Week at a Church

You remember reader Jessica. Her daughter’s Wichita, Kansas elementary school was host to the book fair featuring pro-Christianity books… The FFRF sent a letter to the school letting them know they were not legally allowed to push one particular religion onto children that way. It doesn’t look like the school learned its lesson. They have [Read More…]

Skepticon IV Approaches and a Billboard Goes Up

In anticipation of this weekend’s Skepticon IV in Springfield, Missouri, the Ozarks Area Coalition of Reason have put up a billboard for the closeted atheists out there — thanks to $5,000 in funding from the United Coalition of Reason: “We hope that folks will realize we are a regular part of the community,” said Steven [Read More…]