Catholics for Copernicus

It’s a spoof. But dammit, I laughed. The premise: The New Atheists are so aggressive, that the different religions are working together in opposition. “It really started with Jews for Jesus,” says Father Paul Pelletier of St. Columbkill’s parish in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston, referring to the evangelical organization that seeks to convert Jews [Read More...]

Savor It. It Doesn’t Happen Often.

Roberta Stewart, a Wiccan war widow, was not invited to a meeting with President Bush earlier in the week, even though he met with other families who have lost loved ones in Iraq. Stewart told local media that she was concerned that her exclusion was an intentional snub for her leadership in an Americans United-sponsored [Read More...]

Creative Writing and Atheism

Quick: Name a religious piece of art! . . . Good. Now: What’s your favorite poem about atheism? Painting…? Creative non-fiction piece…? . . . Hard, isn’t it? Now, there is an attempt to remedy the lack of literary/artsy works in the atheist world: The Eloquent Atheist. It’s an e-zine that: …hopes to provide an [Read More...]

Don’t Blame Me (Part 2)

Last week, someone wrote this letter to a newspaper: Dear editor, A few days ago I found a kitten on the sidewalk at the end of Cotton Street. It was dehydrated and very weak. It had laid down on the sidewalk to die. It has a 50 percent chance of survival. I am doing everything [Read More...]

“Under God” Under Siege Again

Earlier in the month, Texas inserted the words “Under God” in the state’s Pledge of Allegiance. The Pledge is mandatory for schoolchildren to say, and if they want to get out of it, they need a note from home. This was around the same time that Texas was forcing children to have a moment of [Read More...]