American Humanist Association, Green Day, and Lance Bass Help Throw Second Chance Prom for Constance McMillen

The last time Constance McMillen attended an alternative prom, it turned out to be a big joke on her since just about everyone else besides her was at the *real* alternative prom. Why the deception? Originally, Constance wanted to bring her lesbian girlfriend to Prom and the school refused to let her come. When an [Read More...]

Explaining Religion to a 5-Year-Old

Courtesy of FMyLife: Today, after church, my 5-year-old son asked me about God, so I answered his questions in full. We talked about God for over 2 hours. At the end of it all, he pondered for a moment, before saying to me “That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard. You’re dumb.” FML Heh. Though, [Read More...]

Does Christianity Make You Racist?

Others can take aim at the methodology and conclusions, but a study published by Baylor University researchers finds that “Priming Christian Religious Concepts Increases Racial Prejudice” (PDF). The gist of the experiment: They subliminally primed one group of students with neutral words like “butter” and “hammer” and another group of students with Christian words like [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Atheist Gets Entangled in a Church

Note: When letter writers sign with their first names instead of a pseudonym or nickname, I randomly change their name for added anonymity. Is it dangerous to join a church out of pure social interest? This weekend, I attended a very small conservative church with a friend of mine. The women wear scarves over their [Read More...]

If Only There Were Atheist Barbies…

Apparently, there now exists an Episcopal Priest Barbie (High Church Edition). (Which is really the gift all little kids want this year.) But Jen has gone one step further and created a toy that children of non-religious parents can love just as much: Atheist Barbie: Mmm… lunch. Gotta say, if someone made that, I would [Read More...]