Kriti Festival

If anyone is in Chicago tomorrow and would like to hear Indian people talk about writing, stop by the Kriti Festival tomorrow morning at the University of Illinois at Chicago! Tickets for the entire day are $20 for adults and $10 for students. The Kriti Festival is sponsored by DesiLit, which “works to build support [Read More...]

Shelley the Republican Discovered My Secret

They know I’m part of the “evil atheist conspiracy.” And I was so trying to keep my atheist agenda hidden. Alas. I guess I must tell the truth now… Everyone, I’m an atheist. And I would like others to understand what that entails. *phew* I actually feel much better now. Here’s what Tristan writes: PERSECUTOR [Read More...]

High School Science Humor

Ms. SuperScience at Beautiful Biology shares some great lines (including one of her own) from her Biology classroom during presentations the students gave on human anatomy. A couple examples: “When the kidney produces urine, the urine then exits the body through the uterus.” and “These are the Fallopian tubes in the picture – see? Here? [Read More...]

I Sold My Soul on eBay on eBay

It was bound to happen eventually. Someone is selling I Sold My Soul on eBay on eBay. And with that, my life has come full circle. One full, wacky, twisted circle. Though for $6 shipping, you’re much better off getting the book on Amazon… Should I be offended that the book is being sold in [Read More...]

Coming Out of the Atheist Closet

Jimmy Li in the Harvard Crimson newspaper has an article in today’s paper about coming out as atheists. He uses the “Pissed Catholic Mother” video as a starting point: “Pissed Catholic Mother” is shocking and disturbing to say the least, and it’s probably safe to assume that most parents would not respond with such hurtful [Read More...]