BlagHag Makes the Local News!

It’s like the old saying goes: To get on the news, you must dress up as a Pastafarian and preach on campus. Something like that. I guess it makes news in Indiana A very nice, brief piece. But wonderful publicity for Blag Hag Jennifer and the Society of Non-Thesis at Purdue University! (Yep. Thesis. That’s [Read More...]

An Excerpt from The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb

The more I see images from the book, the more I can’t wait to read The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb. Check out this bit from Chapter 19 about when Lot suggests to men from Sodom that they can rape his virgin daughters: The full book is scheduled to be published in mid-October, [Read More...]

Baby Halloween Costumes

I’m totally getting these Halloween costumes this year. I’m also going to need a baby. All in due time. And there are plenty more pictures in the collection. There are also babies in lobster and turkey costumes. I may have to give up the vegetarianism for this. Don’t try to correct my flawless logic in [Read More...]

Ray Comfort Tries to Sneak Creationism into On the Origin of Species

I really don’t understand how Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron can claim to be Christians — can we assume they follow the Ten Commandments? — and then proceed to lie with every breath. It’s not just their ignorance about evolution. I think they actually have deluded themselves into think it’s some evil conspiracy. I’m talking [Read More...]

Nontheistic Groups Join Coalition Urging Obama to Disavow Religious Discrimination

A group of organizations that support religious liberty sent a letter (PDF) to Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday. The coalition includes the American Humanist Association, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, American Civil Liberties Union, Interfaith Alliance, Center for Inquiry, and the Secular Coalition for America. The issue at hand is an Office [Read More...]