What’s the Difference Between Harry Potter Fans and Satanists?

The Tutor went to a midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 to find out if moviegoers were well-versed in the Bible. Turns out JK Rowling ranks a little higher on their priority list… (via HighpantsResistance) [Read more…]

Oklahoma Governor Wants Citizens to Do a Raindance

Ok, my headline isn’t accurate, but the reality of the situation is equally ridiculous. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin asked citizens to pray for rain yesterday — because, as the science books teach us, rain only falls if you ask God nicely. “I encourage Oklahomans of all faiths to join me this Sunday in offering their [Read More…]

Georgia Begins License Plate Design Revote

After Georgia state administrators screwed up the online voting for a new license plate by “tagging” a few of them with the phrase “In God We Trust,” they’ve released details about a revote (PDF): The Department of Revenue announced today it will reopen its online 2011 Georgia License Plate Design Contest for a revote by [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Single Mother’s Parents are Proselytizing Her Kid

Note: This letter is similar to one I published in December of 2010. Both letter writers have some financial challenges, but the first writer was intimidated by bullying parents, while today’s writer has parents who are supportive in important ways, but they are being deceitful. Many atheist parents are faced with the thorny problem of [Read More…]

Liveblogging The Amazing Meeting 9: Sunday Afternoon Sessions

***If you want instant updates, I suggest reading the #TAM9 Twitter feed*** Thanks to @UAJamie for the great pictures! We’ll be providing updates on the conference all day while getting interviews with many of the speakers. Stick around and refresh the page for more info! You can read about the Friday Morning Session here, the [Read More…]