Am I the Only One Who Does This?

I obviously don’t take horoscopes seriously. But if I ever read The Onion‘s version of them, I instinctively read my own Pisces’ blurb first. Am I the only person who does this? [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

No Porn for You

The Christian Right knows what’s best for you. Which is why when you check into a Marriott hotel, they don’t even want to give you the option of watching porn. Several conservative groups, including the American Family Association, are asking Marriott International Inc. to stop giving hotel guests the option of ordering pay-per-view movies with [Read More...]

No Intelligance Allowed

One of the largest Facebook groups supporting Ben Stein‘s movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is (seriously) named this: Suporters of Ben Steins Movie – Expelled “No Intelligance Allowed” I. Love. Irony. The creator of the group had to put this (possibly more amusing) message up: I have tried and tried and THERE IS NO WAY [Read More...]

A Few Reviews of My Book

Every now and then, I come across reviews of my book. They’re usually fairly positive (even from Christians) with constructive criticism mixed in, some of which makes me want to scream (see below). I just wanted to highlight a few blogs/people who took time to write about the book in the past couple months. Heather [Read More...]

I Thought I Saw an Atheist…

The Digital Cuttlefish wrote a lovely poem last month; here’s the first stanza: I thought I saw an atheist, once, walking down the street. I checked for horns, I checked for tail, I checked for cloven feet; Began to tremble frightfully—my heart was in my throat— Then sighed in happy recognition, for ‘twas but a [Read More...]