Why Atheists Handle Mental Health Issues Better Than the Religious

At the Secular Student Alliance 2012 Conference, Brendan Murphy gave a talk on “why atheism can handle mental health issues better and how the movement can improve to handle such situations.” This is a tough issue to talk about, but Brendan does a wonderful job of it. (And he put his slides online (PDF) so [Read More…]

Does Reddit Hurt Atheism?

Derek Miller, the incoming president of the Illini Secular Student Alliance, gave a fascinating presentation at the 2012 Secular Student Alliance conference on perceptions of atheists in society and how to change them. In short, we know atheists have a bad reputation and we know the Internet has been a blessing (you know what I [Read More…]

Pat Robertson: When Gay People Bring Forth Babies from Their Butts, I’ll Rethink My Views on Homosexuality

The wisdom of Pat Robertson: You *know* The Daily Show will find a way to use the first few seconds of that video somewhere… (via Christian Nightmares) [Read more…]

Paul Ryan Earned an F on the Secular Coalition for America’s Congressional Scorecard

When the Secular Coalition for America released its 2011 Congressional Scorecard (PDF), Mitt Romney‘s just-announced running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan, received a solid F: That made him one of 230 Republicans to receive a failing grade (5 earned Ds, 6 earned Cs, and none received anything higher). The one bright spot for Ryan was RC [Read More…]

Seen in St. Paul Tonight

The game featuring the Mr. Paul Aints minor league baseball team took place tonight. At the moment, they’re losing 2-0… so, um, say your prayers! American Atheists’ Dave Silverman threw out the first pitch. From what I hear, the ball *almost* made it to the plate. Guess he should stick to his day job [Read more…]