Registration Open for the Secular Student Alliance Conference

If you haven’t attended before, the Secular Student Alliance conference is fantastic for current high school and college students — as well as anyone else who wants to learn more about what atheist students are doing across the country. This year, it’s taking place July 29th – 31st at The Ohio State University in Columbus. [Read More…]

Seth MacFarlane Event… Rescheduled Again!

It was barely a week ago when the Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy announced they had given their Humanist of the Year award to Family Guy and American Dad! creator Seth MacFarlane. They scheduled his acceptance speech for the night of June 14th. Then, citing a scheduling conflict, the date was changed to June 4th and tickets [Read More…]

Are There Resources for Atheist Widows?

I received an email from a recent widow — my heart goes out to her — and I’m hoping some of you might have a better response than anything I could come up with: I’m 44 years old and was widowed this month. My husband of two and a half years died of an infection. [Read More…]

A Better Pledge of Allegiance

I think I’d be fine leading my classes in this version of the Pledge of Allegiance (courtesy of The Whitest Kids U’ Know): I pledge allegiance To the flag Of the United States of America Thank you very, very much for letting us little kids live here. It really, really was nice of you. You [Read More…]

Don’t Believe the Stories

This is why pastors keep telling their congregations stories about Biblical characters… It works, too. Ken Ham, the man behind the Creation Museum, really believes that a literal “Adam” and “Eve” existed. (If you go to his museum, you can see their statues… near the dinosaurs…) In fact, he’s pissed off that some Christian academics [Read More…]