Of course you already know Bill Maher‘s new movie Religulous is coming out later this year. Check out the studio-created website for the film. It’s surprisingly well done! It’s called Disbeliefnet.com (a parody of Beliefnet.com). It has all sorts of goodies. They talk about the big important religions: The advertisements all look fake — but [Read More...]

Your Most Memorable Night

Nothing in particular brings this thought to my mind. I just think it’s an interesting question: What was the most memorable night of your life? Mine was March 23rd, 2001 — my senior year of high school. You get no further details on that. (Which clearly defeats the purpose of asking this question in the [Read More...]

If You Haven’t Come Out Yet…

***Update***: This thread is closed. Thanks for all of you who sent me emails! … I received a request from a reporter doing a piece on the rise of nontheists. The reporter wishes to speak to someone who is an atheist — but has not yet “come out” to family or co-workers. The reporter does [Read More...]

Friendly Atheist Contest #29: The (Revised) Atheist’s Worst Nightmare

Last week, I ran this contest: Ray Comfort says he has retired the Banana Argument. If that’s the case, what will be the atheists’ new worst nightmare? Here are the Top 3 responses (with submitters)! 3| Sugar Canes. Think about it. These plants are, like atheists say, products of evolution. But they are so delicious. [Read More...]

Toilet Humor?

Well, this isn’t very nice… Clearly, it’s blasphemy: Must’ve been an evil atheist urinal maker. (And who takes a camera to the bathroom…?) (via My Confined Space) [tags]atheist, atheism, Christian, toilet[/tags] [Read more...]