Ask Richard: Being an “Out” Atheist Without Being a Jerk

Dear Richard I am a member of many online forums and LiveJournal communities. Whenever the subject of things such as ghosts, religion, astrology, homeopathy and other bizarre things come up, I often feel the need to make the lone dissenting comment. For example, occasionally the question of “Do you believe in Ghosts?!” comes up, and [Read More...]

The Honest-to-God True Story of the Atheist

If you’re in Washington, D.C. over the next couple weeks, you may want to check out this show at the Capital Fringe Festival: The Honest-to-God True Story of the Atheist. The show, written by Dan Trujillo and directed by Isaac Butler, has this description: When The Atheist steals a plastic Jesus to prove God doesn’t [Read More...]

The Empty Red Envelope Conspiracy Theory

Earlier this year, several pro-life individuals participated in a project called the Red Envelope Campaign in which they sent an empty, red envelope to President Obama at the White House. There was a message on the back saying that the envelope represented an aborted baby. This was supposed to get Obama to change his policies. [Read More...]

The Faith of Albert Pujols

When you’re watching the baseball All-Star Game tonight, you’re bound to see Albert Pujols get a great reception from the hometown St. Louis crowd. When that happens, think about this article about him by Jeff Passan that discusses Pujols’ Christian faith. First, some background if you’re not familiar with the player: His [Pujols'] transcendence is [Read More...]

FFRF Sues Over “In God We Trust” at Capitol Visitor Center

We already know the top two atheists are suing over the fiasco at the Capitol Visitor Center. Here’s the case in a nutshell: Last week, the House and the Senate passed resolutions directing the Architect of the Capitol to engrave “In God We Trust” and the Pledge of Allegiance in prominent places in the Capitol [Read More...]