The Sunday Morning Challenge

Rolf at Jamonation has a challenge for everyone: … watch one hour of Sunday morning Evangelical Christian religious television programing and post a comment regarding [your] resultant thoughts and reaction. There’s a lesser second challenge of watching Christian television for an hour, period. The folks at Jamonation add this disclaimer: We at Jamonation accept no [Read More...]

I Get a D- in Goodness

The Gematriculator gave me these results: What is The Gematriculator? The Gematriculator is a service that uses the infallible methods of Gematria developed by Mr. Ivan Panin to determine how good or evil a web site or a text passage is. Basically, Gematria is searching for different patterns through the text, such as the amount [Read More...]

What Do the KKK and FFRF Have in Common?

The Galesville Republican, a weekly newspaper in Wisconsin, won’t accept ads from either. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is lumped into the same league as the Ku Klux Klan, the Nazi Party, and Al-Qaeda. (And apparently, they all want ads in the Galesville Republican.) FFRF said this about the piece: Ms. Eddy apparently does not [Read More...]

World Series of Poker Winner

***SPOILER ALERT. The name of the tournament winner appears below.*** After 6,358 players began the World Series of Poker on July 6, a winner has emerged. Jerry Yang took home a cool $8,250,000. You feel good for the guy, especially when you hear his story. When he was 13, his Hmong family fled war-torn Laos [Read More...]

Should Religion Be Used to Deny Gay Marriage?

Rev. Reggie Longcrier poses this question to John Edwards for CNN’s YouTube Presidential debate: Sen. Edwards said his opposition to gay marriage has [been] influenced by his Southern Baptist background. Most Americans agree it was wrong and unconstitutional to use religion to justify slavery, segregation and denying women the right to vote. So why is [Read More...]