Indiana Education Official Backs Out of Creationism Conference

Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett recently met with Rev. Fredrick Boyd about a mentoring program in the schools. I’m going to assume for a moment that program would’ve been legal/kosher. Boyd asked Bennett if he would speak at his conference. Bennett said yes, thinking he’d be talking about education in his state. Yesterday [Read More...]

Guess What Today Is…?

It’s July 1st. Guess what that means…? If you open up your 2009 Skepdude calendar, you should be landing on a studly picture of me. Mr. July, 2009. Go ogle it. Enjoy. To the rest of you who didn’t order it: You should be ashamed of yourselves. Look what you’re missing out on… [Read more...]

Family Guy: Jesus Comes to Dinner

If Jesus came out to dinner with me, I would *totally* be a believer. But then he’d probaby eat meat and I would think nasty things about him. (via Atheist Media Blog) [Read more...]

And This Is Why Newspapers Are Going Out of Business…

Thank you, Hawaii Tribune-Herald, for publishing this well thought-out letter-to-the-editor: On the eve of King Kamehameha Day, I had a vision of the king. He told me to warn everyone about the coming mandatory vaccination programs. The swine flu and other inoculations are toxic. We have been warned. Francis Pacheco Hilo Francis is quickly approaching [Read More...]

Billy Graham on the Rise of Atheism; He Gets It Wrong

I don’t know who writes to Billy Graham seeking advice, or why they take him seriously, or what newspapers would run his responses… but his latest column doesn’t make a strong case for reading him. The letter writer asks why atheism appears to be on the rise and why it’s getting more attention these days. [Read More...]