Foundation Beyond Belief Announces Q3 2012 Slate of Charities

The Foundation Beyond Belief has just announced its five beneficiaries for the new quarter — each charity will likely receive several thousands of dollars, courtesy of atheist donors: POVERTY: Nourishing USA HUMAN RIGHTS: Equal Justice Initiative CHALLENGE THE GAP: Hindu American Seva Charities EDUCATION: Kasese Humanist Primary School THE NATURAL WORLD: Animal Legal Defense Fund [Read More…]

Pat Robertson Tells Woman She Should Preach to Gay Men… As Long As She Stays Away from Gay Bars

On The 700 Club, Pat Robertson, who’s still around for some reason, was asked by a young woman about wanting to remain friends with a guy who is gay — because she really wants to bring him to Christ (i.e. turn him straight) — but she’s worried about hanging around “sexually immoral people.” What should [Read More…]

Richard Dawkins Interviewed by Al Jazeera

Richard Dawkins did an interview on Al Jazeera (English) yesterday night: He does a really nice job of coolly handling a lot of basic, biased questions. If any parts stand out to you, please leave the timestamp/summary in the comments! ***Edit***: Here’s a discussion question for you: At the beginning of the interview, Dawkins calls [Read More…]

Forget Prayer; This Is How You Can Do Something Useful Regarding the Wildfire Crisis in Colorado

One of the benefits of Foundation Beyond Belief is that we can coordinate a response in the case of a crisis. The Colorado wildfires are no exception. While some people are just talking about sending their prayers, we atheists know that prayers won’t help anybody. But there is a way to actually help. Here’s what [Read More…]

Catholic Blogger’s Dangerous New Project Warns People to Stop Using Contraception

Fellow Patheos blogger Marc Barnes over at Bad Catholic has realized why the Catholic mandate against contraception enjoys such pitiful support amongst American women. It’s not because it’s an archaic, unrealistic standard that turns couples — and particularly women — into slaves of their own biology despite the existence of readily available alternatives. The actual [Read More…]