The Atheist’s Business Card

Have you ever wanted to be a card-carrying member of the atheist party? Here’s your chance: I like it. I think it’d be even cooler if the entire card was just the Scarlet A. How bad-ass would you feel giving that to someone?! (via Godless Girl) [Read more...]

Quebec Teaches World Religions in Schools; Christians File Lawsuit and Lose

We already know the Religious Right gets mad that religion has been taken out of public schools (even though they’re wrong about that). So you might think if schools taught about many religions, those religious types would be ok with it. Of course that’s not the case. In Quebec, Christian parents sued because of a [Read More...]

Made By Mammals (The Coolest Image You’ll See All Day)

As stated at The Reason Project: “Made by Mammals” is an unyet published editorial project by Andy Marlow, an English graphic designer based in Madrid. Images were created to accompany and emphasize quotes taken mainly from leading intellectuals such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens and Daniel Dennett who criticize religion and its role [Read More...]

Bobby Jindal Uses State Funds to Travel to and Speak at Churches

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has been visiting churches across the state on the taxpayers’ dime. Actually, it’s worse than a dime. His trips have cost around $45,000: Between March 2 and July 20, Jindal traveled to churches, mostly in north Louisiana, on a state helicopter at a cost to the taxpayers of about $45,000, according [Read More...]

A Compilation of The Daily Show’s Atheism Clips

Here’s a nice collection of “Godless Atheist” moments from The Daily Show. There are a few in here I’ve never seen before. In fact, in the clip below, I’m surprised to hear Jon Stewart take the stance that he does since he’s been much more vocal about church/state separation issues in recent years: The Daily [Read More...]