The Recession Brings Them Closer to God

Obviously, a god had nothing to do with this recession. But if you wanted to point a finger at someone, a god seems like an easy target. Maybe a god caused the recession… or a god wanted you to lose your job… or a god is preventing you from getting any new job interviews. But [Read More...]

Sex with Ducks

Pat Robertson said on The 700 Club that if hate crimes legislation was passed, then weird people who like to have sex with ducks (or little boys) could be protected under that law. A couple women took that to heart and created this wonderful video: You know, if this happened every time the Religious Right [Read More...]

Home Bible Study in San Diego Shut Down… Then Resurrected

The headlines I read a couple days ago said that county officials in San Diego were trying to prevent Pastor David Jones and his wife Mary from holding a Bible study in their home. But that couldn’t be right. That sounds like the Christian Right’s distorted “I’m the victim! I’m the victim!” version of what [Read More...]

International Humanist Group Receives Major Gift

Most people plan in advance what will happen to their life-savings after they die — pass it on to the family, spend it before they die, donate it, etc. If they take the latter option, the group receiving is is usually the deceased’s favorite charity or a church. You rarely read about anyone giving all [Read More...]

Advice for a Teenage Atheist Still in the Closet

“Advice experts” rarely say positive things about atheists. Pat Robertson is no exception. But I was pleasantly surprised to see Amy Dickinson writing exactly the right thing for a teenage atheist who wants to come out to her friends: Dear Amy: I am 16 and an atheist. I’m sure of it. All of my friends [Read More...]