The Only Point to the ‘Atheist Temple’…

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Disturbing and Interesting New Documentary Highlights Predominantly-Christian Community

Scott Burdick has published In God We Trust, free on YouTube, a fascinating two-hour documentary on the town of King, North Carolina, its secular minority, its Christian majority, its religious diversity, a war memorial with one too many flags. Throughout the documentary are in-depth interviews with non-Christians in the area, including Hare Krishnas, Muslims, and [Read More…]

Darwin Day 2012 Celebrations

A lot of atheist groups around the country are planning Darwin Day activities, and the lineup for the University of Northern Iowa Freethinkers and Inquirers‘ celebration looks terrific: They have Joe Nickell (skeptical investigator of the paranormal), Jamila Bey (secular activist), Clint Kelly (biology professor) and Lawrence Krauss (theoretical physicist) speaking at their school, and [Read More…]

But Physics Is Toooo Haaaard…

This is only the first of three panels but the last one is more of a sad reality than a hilarious punchline: (via Calamities of Nature) [Read more…]

Mars Hill Is Not Cool With Sexual ‘Sin’

There’s hardly a week that goes by without Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington, saying something offensive and incendiary; whether it’s giving bad marital advice through his latest book, trashing his definition of “effeminate” worship leaders, or demonizing sex and sexuality by associating pornography with Ted Bundy, this guy tops my [Read More…]