Debunking the Hate Crimes Myth

Federal hate crimes laws currently do not protect people who are victims due to their sexual orientation. Conservative Christians keep complaining that if a current bill — the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act — gets passed, they won’t be able to spew their anti-gay rhetoric in church. Which isn’t true [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Being Frank and Honest With My Girlfriend About My Atheism

Dear Richard, I’ve been dating my girlfriend for a year and, even though she is not religious now, she has said she wants to return to the Christian faith she had as a child. Her strong connection to her religious family is a large part of that. Within the last two years, I’ve become a [Read More...]

Baby Spatula

If I had this product, making dinner would be *so* much easier. I suspect it would make playtime much more fun, too! (Thanks to Reid for the link!) [Read more...]

How Useful Is Dialogue with Religious People?

It can be frustrating to talk to religious people, and Z at It’s the Thought That Count isn’t sure how worthwhile dialogue is: If everybody else gets to express their side, I want to express mine. At the same time, the dialogue seems futile. Nobody’s going to change their mind, and it doesn’t even feel [Read More...]

A New Kind of Christian Book Burning

The website for Amazing Grace Baptist Church in North Carolina is down right now… but there’s a reason for that. People are slamming the servers to learn about their upcoming Halloween book burning. Pastor Marc Grizzard and his church’s members will be banning “Satanic” books… Like all non-King-James versions of the Bible (or is it [Read More...]