What Should Atheists Do When the In-Laws Begin to Proselytize?

A reader has a problem with religion in her family and she could use your help. My mother-in-law is starting to indoctrinate my child! I suppose I may have played some role in triggering what seems to be a recent surge in proselytizing. In recent months, for the first time, I have discussed my own [Read More...]

The Trials of Ted Haggard

Alexandra Pelosi, the director of the HBO documentary Friends of God, is going to air her new HBO film at the end of January. This one should be fascinating: Disgraced evangelical leader Ted Haggard has agreed to help promote a new documentary following his life in exile after a 2006 sex scandal — no longer [Read More...]

Treat Atheists Like Trolls, Says Michelle Malkin

Try watching this FOXNews clip without thinking of any snarky comments and comebacks. I dare you. I lose my own bet. There’s too much insanity in just a few minutes… The “Thou Shalt Not Steal” sign is not there for the atheists. It’s to remind Christians what they supposedly believe in. Christianity is not going [Read More...]

Friendly Atheist Contest #37: Praying Outside the Discovery Institute

Last time, I ran this contest: Why are atheists Tiana and Kate praying outside the Discovery Institute? (Pic via Kate_Holden) … Clearly, most of you decided to answer your own reworded questions… which makes deciding the winners difficult. Ah well. Here are the Top 5 explanations… or responses (with submitters): 5| Due to an overabundance [Read More...]

Stranger Writes About the Michigan Atheists Convention

Lawrence Cosentino, a reporter for the Lansing, Michigan alternative newspaper City Pulse, was a guest at the recent Michigan Atheists convention. It’s an interesting read considering he’s clearly never been to one of these gatherings before. What did he learn? We like our bumper stickers: It was tempting to infer divine displeasure from a lot [Read More...]