Smart Kid

Humanist Mama Stephanie’s little boy is my new favorite person. He catches on pretty quickly. And I’m guessing one day, he’ll save his mom from an awkward “birds and the bees” conversation, too. Read about his channel-surfing adventures here. [tags]atheist, atheism, Jesus, Christian[/tags] [Read more...]

Interview with Co-Directors of The Brights’ Net

After the 2002 “Godless Americans March On Washington,” Paul Geisert was upset. … the choice of the name “Godless” for the march [distressed Geisert]… and he [searched] feverishly for an alternative name to use in unifying such a gamut of individuals. Not long after the march, Geisert coined a new term for this group of [Read More...]

African-American Freethinkers

Here’s some black history you never heard about in school. Many of the great African-American leaders of the early 20th century were not religious people! This was surprising to me when I heard it considering the level of religiosity you see in the black community now. Mike Estes, a wonderful speaker, goes into detail about [Read More...]

Darwinian Pick-up Lines

Over at the Skepchick blog, the results of the Darwin-themed pick-up lines contest are in! And they’re hilarious. Some examples: Why don’t you unzip my pants and let me show you the descent of man? Girl, you so fine, you make me want to do a Cambrian explosion between your strata. Without you, my organ [Read More...]

Military Atheists Join Secular Coalition

The Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF) has recently joined the Secular Coalition for America. As the SCA’s press release notes: In addition to community services, MAAF takes action to educate both the military and civilian community about atheism in the armed forces and the issues faced by atheist service members. MAAF identifies, examines, [Read More...]