Friend or Foe 2008

Liberty Counsel, a Christian Right organization, has put out its 6th annual “Naughty and Nice list” (PDF) Any business that uses the word “Christmas” is nice. Any business that uses the word “holiday” is naughty. And evil. And must be defeated. This year, you’re not supposed to shop at CostCo: Web site does not appear [Read More...]

Atheist Bus Campaign in… America!

The Atheist Bus campaign In the UK has raised over £118,718.06 (approximately $182,976.18). Now, the American Humanist Association is going for a bus campaign of their own with this ad: That ad will appear on the sides and insides of over 200 Washington D.C. Metro buses beginning next Tuesday. It was already appearing in yesterday’s [Read More...]

Buying a Sole (or Two)

My friend Anne Jackson is working on a project that could help a lot of people. Essentially, a $5 donation will purchase two pairs of shoes. The shoes will be given to those people who don’t have them and can’t afford them. … over 300 million people around the world don’t have shoes and are [Read More...]

What’s the Craziest Conspiracy Theory You’ve Ever Heard Of?

My friend Ashley interviewed Skeptic magazine publisher Michael Shermer at the recent Atheist Alliance International convention. I especially like the portion below What other ideas (besides religion) leave you wondering how anyone could actually believe it? [Read more...]

Looking for Secular Parenting Blogs?

Dale McGowan has a large (chronological) list of secular parenting blogs. If you’re looking for anecdotes and advice from atheist parents, you’ll find plenty of great sources in the bunch! (via The Meming of Life) [Read more...]