God’s Not Their Copilot Anymore

For 30 years, Alaska Airlines gave passengers a card to read while eating their in-flight meals: (Because, as we all know, Jesus holds the plane in the air…) Even though only first class passengers have received the cards over the past few years, no one will be seeing them much longer. As of February 1st, [Read More…]

In Case You Needed a Reason to go to Denver…

The Freethought Film Festival Foundation is hosting a “Freethought Celebrity Charity Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament & Casino Night” on Wednesday, August 1st with all proceeds going to the Foundation Beyond Belief! There are seats for 135 players. And if anyone wants to buy me a plane ticket to Denver, I will gladly show you [Read More…]

‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Returns to Tennessee

The bill that didn’t have success last year is unfortunately back… It has been called the “Don’t Say Gay” bill because it would ban teachers from discussing homosexuality in public school classes in kindergarten through 8th grade. The House ran out of time last year to consider addressing this bill, but Republican representative Joey Hensley, [Read More…]

Rugby Film Highlights the Erosion of Women’s Rights in Iran

Women in Iran have it rough. This wasn’t always the case – at least, not the way it is today. Before the Islamic Revolution in 1979, most Iranian women didn’t wear veils. They were active in high levels of academia and government, so much so that even the conservative Revolution couldn’t completely erase their involvement. [Read More…]

Shit Skeptics Say

You may think you’re sick and tired of the “Shit___ Say” meme, but John Rael’s “Shit Skeptics Say” is still worth two minutes of your time (NSFW language): There are many good lines, but a few stand out enough to be worth highlighting. Well it was just a theory… like GRAVITY. Aren’t you a little [Read More…]