Atheist Billboard Gets a Response

***Update***: I need to clear up a mistake I unfortunately helped spread. The billboard was moved from its first location to a new one (as contracted). The plans still have it going to a third location. The billboard was not “taken down.” The company simply put up a response in the first location after the [Read More...]

What Are You Doing for Darwin Day?

A lot of you are part of local or college atheist groups. Are you doing anything special for Darwin Day (February 12th)? The University of Washington Secular Student Union has a full slate of activities planned. And a nifty poster, too: A full list of Darwin Day activities around the world can be found here. [Read More...]


Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee often peppers his speeches with religious references — most likely to appeal to his Evangelical Christian base — but there’s a problem with that. Most people don’t understand the references… including many Christians! NPR’s All Things Considered spoke “Huckabese” to people in Washington, D.C. Let’s see if they caught the [Read More...]

Religion in Utah? Never!

I know you had your fingers crossed, but the Utah House of Representatives voted against removing “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance: The House voted 58-5 in favor of a resolution sponsored by Rep. Kerry Gibson, R-Ogden, that reaffirms the state’s commitment to “under God” from those who would want it stripped from the [Read More...]

Is This Enough?

The “100Revs” Statement says this: As ministers of various churches and denominations we recognise that the churches we belong to, and the church in general, have not been places of welcome for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people. Indeed the church has often been profoundly unloving toward the GLBT community. For these things we [Read More...]