Destroying a Creationist Argument with One Word

This video from Eric Hovind (Kent Hovind‘s son) encapsulates every Creationist argument in a nutshell. If you can’t think of the answer, God did it. Their ignorance is proof of God’s work. How to destroy their argument in a word? Wikipedia. You know, if you have a full minute, it might be useful to take [Read More...]

Common Christian Arguments for God and Why Don’t They Don’t Work

Zack Ford wrote up a list of common arguments he hears his Christian friends making in favor of a god and why they don’t work. He’s found that their arguments fall into a handful of categories or memes: “It’s true because I believe it.” — The “Truth” Meme “These are my beliefs, so you need [Read More...]

Hoax Healers and Idiotic Ideology

This post is by Jesse Galef, who works for the American Humanist Association … These stories always make me sad.  Via Daniel Florien at Unreasonable Faith I found an article on fake faith-healer Todd Bentley.  WORLD Magazine (Today’s News | Christian Views) asked him for a list of the people he had healed and – [Read More...]

Do Atheists Enjoy Any Religious Music?

Reader Stephan recently came across an old album of his by Ben Harper called Fight For Your Mind. When looking at the tracks on the CD, he noticed that one of the songs, “Power of the Gospel,” was one he still really liked: I had forgotten how much I enjoyed that song from my old [Read More...]

God Hates the Boston Celtics

The Orlando Magic beat the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. How did this happen? Let’s look at the stats: Orlando Magic Boston Celtics Field Goal Pct. 0.514 0.392 Points from Bench 25 12 3-pt. Field Goal Pct. 0.619 0.250 Blocks 8 3 God Loves them Hates them Ohh… now I [Read More...]