They Can’t Get Married (and They’re Straight!)

Mary Jo Knelly and David Huggins-Daines have their wedding next Saturday, September 29th. They requested a marriage license last month. Specifically, they wanted to be married without an officiant (i.e. a priest). Their request was denied by Timothy W. Finnerty, the Allegheny County (Pennsylvania) Register of Wills Solicitor. … According to Pennsylvania law, Finnerty wrote, [Read More...]

Atheists’ Home Vandalized

Perhaps in response to Rob Sherman‘s atheist activism or his daughter’s recent (successful) campaign to get God Bless America off of the Homecoming Dance song list at her high school, the family evoked a response from the suburban Chicago community. Their home was vandalized Friday night: … with eggs tossed at the house and cars, [Read More...]

Non-Religious Congressman Pete Stark at Harvard

California congressman Pete Stark spoke at Harvard a couple nights ago, his first remarks about his non-belief since the Secular Coalition for America‘s contest. He received the Humanist of the Year award from Harvard’s humanist chaplaincy: In the picture, Stark (right) shakes the hand of SCA’s president, Herb Silverman. The Boston Globe has a summary [Read More...]

Happy New Atheist

Everyone go say hello to Kyle, The Happy New Atheist! I just want to say how grateful am to all of those people in the world who have made this possible for me and the many others who have come to this conclusion about life: that it is miraculous, astonishing, profoundly beautiful, and entirely, wonderfully [Read More...]

Bill Maher’s New Rules Segment

If you missed Real Time with Bill Maher tonight, you must see the video of his New Rules segment. Or download the podcast on Tuesday. It was about atheists. And magical underwear. And Sherri Shepherd. Religion was discussed I’m going to go out on a limb here and say onegoodmove will have it up before [Read More...]