Don’t Give It Away!

This picture made me smile (Click image for larger version) In case you wanted to check it out for yourself. (via MarsToSirius) [tags]Jesus Christ, Christian[/tags] [Read more...]

The Calendar Has Arrived

The good news: I got my free-for-being-a-model Skepdude calendar in the mail today! The bad news: I just got the Skepdude Calendar. Month after month of partially-, semi-, or totally- naked men. And no Skepchicks. Blast! Now, what will I hang on my wall? [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Last Chance to Register for Atheist Days

Time is running out if you want to attend the three-day atheist party taking place at Half Moon Beach in Strasburg, VA (about an hour from Washington, D.C.) in mid-August! It looks like a great opportunity to meet other non-religious people. You can help the Beltway Atheists by signing up sooner rather than later. More [Read More...]

Different Thinking?

I’m just going to pass along this brief anecdote from The Amiable Atheist: In Germany you are required to register in each town you live in. One of the things they ask you is your religion. They asked my boyfriend, and he told them he was atheist. The woman wrote “VD”, and he asked, “What [Read More...]

God Will Save Me

Cectic retells the famous joke: (If you have no idea what the referenced joke is, here you go.) [tags]atheist, atheism, Flying Spaghetti Monster[/tags] [Read more...]