Just Say No to Skeptic Calendars

Over the past several years, various groups have created calendars featuring nude/semi-nude/fully-clothed skeptics to raise funds for their events or donate to charity. For the most part, it’s all in good fun. The models — I’ve been one myself. Not nude. You’re welcome. — volunteer to do it (and it’s exciting!), the organizations make a [Read More…]

If I Had a Dollar for Every Creation Museum Lie…

(In response to this post) [Read more…]

It’s Not Just a Movie! It’s My Religion!

It turns out when you replace the Jesus pitch with everything-Star Wars… it’s pretty much the same thing: (via SkobeTV — Thanks to @TimThinksThings for the link!) [Read more…]

We Deserve to Know More About Mitt Romney’s ‘Prayers’

This is a guest post by Michael Tracey. He is a journalist in Brooklyn, New York. *** Last night the esteemed newsmagazine program 60 Minutes aired dueling interviews with both candidates for the presidency, Barack Hussein Obama and W. Mitt Romney. “What are the essential qualities of a leader?” the correspondents queried. “I wonder what [Read More…]

As if You Needed Another Reason to Celebrate Blasphemy Rights’ Day

After the upheaval in the Muslim world over the (terribly put together) “Innocence of Muslims” video, it looks like there will be a strong push in the United Nations to criminalize blasphemy (in case you didn’t have enough of a reason to celebrate for International Blasphemy Rights’ Day next Sunday).   Protesters have ignored the United States [Read More…]