Questioning God is Apparently Hate Speech

Members of the Colorado Coalition of Reason (COCORE) recently paid to put up 11 atheist billboards, a variant of a common billboard being put up by local groups around the country: Two of those billboards will not be going up, though, because Christians complained to the media company owning the billboard space, Next Media, which [Read More...]

The Atheist/Agnostic War?

The headline on Reddit reads: Hundreds dead after Atheist and Agnostic gangs clash in Nigeria You can see where that story leads… The question: Is that headline making a fair point? Some people will argue that this is not simply a religious conflict; there are plenty of other factors that go into it. But religion [Read More...]

Why is The Astrological Magazine Going Out of Business?

Apparently, The Astrological Magazine ceased production last year. Why? This screenshot may give you some indication: Anyone else see the irony…? (via Hindu Atheist) [Read more...]

Supporting Free Speech, an Afterword

by Richard Wade I am gratified by the thoughtful comments to my post Do You Really Support Freedom of Speech? Some of the comments have been so thoughtful that they have attributed all sorts of extra thoughts and meanings to me that are simply not there, so I’ll attempt to clear up some people’s misconceptions [Read More...]

10 Books About Atheism You’ll Want for Christmas

Yeah, you don’t technically celebrate Christmas, but that won’t stop you from asking for presents or buying something for yourself. Here’s are some of my recommendations for atheist books you’ll want this holiday season. (And by that, I mean I want them this holiday season.) Some of them have been around for a while, some [Read More...]