A Creationist Looks Through a Photo Album

Efrique made me laugh And I wouldn’t be surprised if this actually happened when a Creationist looked through a photo album… Flip. Flip. “Nice baby shot there.” Flip. Flip. “First steps. Kinda cute.” Flip. Flip. “Hey, I had a train cake for my 4th birthday too.” Flip. Flip. Flip-flip-flip. “Ooh, that graduation photo is out [Read More...]

Best Argument for the Historical Jesus *Ever*

I get a lot of email from Christian fundamentalists. They tell me their miracle stories of why god exists, and I try to point out the rational explanations to their miracles, and so forth. It usually doesn’t get anywhere. Sometimes, they have nice things to say about the book, though, and I appreciate that. But [Read More...]

Pray for Me

Nick Beam set up a prayer blog for me! By the end of [I Sold My Soul on eBay], Hemant tells us that the only thing he believes will convert him is a miracle. Well, I believe that the God that I serve is in the business of performing miracles, so I thought I would [Read More...]

Two Roads Diverged…

Billy (A Liberal Disabled Vet), guest posting at Atheist Revolution, tells two stories of girls he has met in his life. Both are disturbing, but one has a slightly happier ending… One is about a girl who had exposure to the outside world; the other is about one who was seemingly sheltered from it: These [Read More...]

The “Free Day Away” Program

Jason Torpy, the president of the Military Association for Atheists and Freethinkers, relates to me this (paraphrased) story of a disturbing military event. Fort Leonard Wood is a major training post in Missouri. It holds a number of different training programs, including Basic Combat Training (BCT). BCT is the first training where service members are [Read More...]