You Knew This Was Coming…

Westboro Baptist Church, home of Fred Phelps, has plans to picket Heath Ledger‘s funeral. Ledger was one of the Oscar-winning stars of the movie Brokeback Mountain. ***Update***: Did anyone else know there was a site called Phags for Phelps, which argues that WBC is good for everyone because it “give homophobes a bad name. Unlike [Read More...]

Friendly Atheist Contest #15: What Would It Take to Change Your Mind?

Last week, I ran this contest: What is this dog thinking? Here are the Top 5 comments (with submitters)! 5| “If I move my rear end two inches to the left, I can drop it right into his slippers.” (GDad) 4| “What’s that you’re saying, God? Timmy’s little brother just fell down into the well? [Read More...]

Star Trek: Planet Atheist

The Star Trek crew explores a new planet, one “devoid of a belief in a creator God!” Oh no! We should be thankful, though. The crew is greeted by our ambassadors, Emperor Carl Sagan and the mentally-challenged Darwin! At least there are “billions and billions” of us. We can apparently procreate like crazy on our [Read More...]

I’m Going Straight to Hell

So are *lots* of other people. Including George Bush and Dick Cheney. And Ann Coulter. And Ryan Seacrest. And Dakota Fanning (?!?) Betty Bowers said so: (via Landover Baptist) … ***Update***: Siamang’s right. This video by The Bastard Fairies is much better: [tags]atheist, atheism, Christian, Jesus[/tags] [Read more...]

IlliNo1s at Organ Donation

Illinois has a “first-person consent” law regarding organ/tissue donation. Here’s what that means: First-person consent makes your decision to be an organ/tissue donor legally binding. Additional witnesses or family consent is no longer required to carry out your wishes in the event of your death. In the event a person has not had the opportunity [Read More...]