Webster Cook Unimpeached!

A couple months ago, University of Central Florida student Webster Cook was impeached from his position as Student Government Association senator for “stealing” a consecrated communion wafer. It was an idiotic decision by the student government since no crime was committed. Not even a symbolic crime. (If “wafer abuse” is cause for this much chaos, [Read More...]

Focus on the Family Explains What Will Happen in an Obama Presidency

James Dobson‘s Focus on the Family has put out a fictional letter written by a Christian from 2012 informing readers of the horrors that may happen if Barack Obama is elected president next week. Here’s a partial list of their worries (PDF): Gay marriage is declared a Constitutional right. The Boy Scouts of America is [Read More...]

Homemade Baby

I had no idea they had to be refrigerated… I’ve been hoarding mine in the closet this whole time. I should’ve known better. (via Fail Blog) [Read more...]

Weekend Vacation

I’ll be MIA for the next couple days while I visit my sister in Arizona. The blog is on autopost. In the meantime, check out the deceptive ways the filmmakers of Expelled are marketing the DVD release of the film (via Bay of Fundie). It’s not like they used any facts in the movie. Why [Read More...]

Are You Saving Yourself for Marriage? Anyone?

The deadline for the “Marriage for a Lifetime” contest is next Friday. Applicant couples must be engaged… and saving themselves for marriage. If they enter, they could win $10,000. And flowers. And wedding invites. And “other bridal goodies.” You might want to consider entering… so far, no one has applied. The organizer, perhaps out of [Read More...]