We’re Not on Opposite Sides of the Spectrum

(via r/atheism) [Read more…]

Choose Paul Ryan (Gosling); Lose Choice

At least something funny has come of this whole “legitimate rape” debacle: The Choose Ryan, Lose Choice Tumblr. [Read more…]

Happy Anti-Trolling Day!

If you’ve been anywhere on blogs today, you may have noticed an increase in nice comments. That’s because today is Anti-Trolling Day, the creation of Mike Mei. According to him, anti-trolling¬†is counter-acting the effects of trolling (or similar behaviors)¬†by commenting or tweeting positive things in response to good work, or to bloggers or activists you [Read More…]

Rick Warren Cancels Obama/Romney Forum Due to Lack of Civility… Hypocrisy Much?

This is Pastor Rick Warren shortly after the Aurora theater shootings: (He claimed there was no connection between the shootings and his tweet… but deleted the tweet, anyway.) This is Pastor Rick Warren saying that acting on one’s homosexuality is a sign of immaturity: This is Pastor Rick Warren incorrectly explaining why you’re an atheist: [Read More…]

Video: Dan Savage Debates Brian Brown

This has been in the works for a while and it has finally been released. Mark Oppenheimer of the New York Times moderated an informal debate between gay rights activist (and all around awesome person) Dan Savage and the National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown: The video is below. It’s about an hour long. I’m [Read More…]