The Atheist Billboard That May Come To Iowa…

American Atheists is having their annual convention in Des Moines, Iowa April 21-24, and they’d like to get a billboard up there in the hopes that it’ll enjoy the same level of publicity of their previous ones. Here’s the mockup of the new one: Much like the others, this one calls out specifically to other [Read More…]

Is Rob Bell a Real Christian?

As popular as Christian pastor/author Rob Bell may be, I was surprised to see him as a trending topic on Twitter yesterday. The reason boils down to the content — or at least speculation of the content — of his new book Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person [Read More…]

A 14-Year-Old Reads the Bible

I was an atheist by the age of 14, but I sure as hell wasn’t this outspoken about it. Here’s what happens when the Bible gets in the hands of an intelligent young woman… *slow clap for saztheatheist* (via Blaghag) [Read more…]

All Four Lake Zurich Unit District 95 School Board Candidates Believe in Creationism

Last week, I mentioned a school district in Illinois where two of the candidates for school board were Creationists. Another district is now trying to prove they’re even crazier. Lake Zurich Unit District 95 (home to Lake Zurich High School), in the far northwest suburbs of Chicago, is having school board elections in April. 4 [Read More…]

He Still Should Have Fought the Female Wrestler

Earlier this week, I mentioned the story of the evangelical Christian wrestler (Joel Northrup) who refused to fight a girl (Cassy Herkelman) in the state tournament, thus forfeiting his own shot at a state title and taking away her chance at showing everybody what she could do against him in a match. Rick Reilly at [Read More…]