Harvard Radio

Harvard University’s radio station did a nice story on the upcoming New Humanism conference. The reporter, Alyce de Carteret, spoke to Greg Epstein, the Harvard Humanist Chaplain; Amanda Shapiro, president of the Harvard Secular Society; and myself. You can download the piece here (MP3). (Guess which one of us did the interview by phone?) [tags]atheist, [Read More...]

Ellery Schempp

While we’re talking about new blogs, here’s one by Professor Stephen D. Solomon of New York University. Solomon went to Georgetown University for law school and has a new book coming out late next month: Ellery’s Protest: How One Young Man Defied Tradition and Sparked the Battle over School Prayer is about Ellery Schempp. If [Read More...]

New Blogger

Everyone say hello to Atheist’s Wager, written by a newbie to the blogosphere! In his first post, we read: I have been an atheist since I was twelve years old. Most of my friends are atheists too, so sometimes I forget that most people have a belief in God. I’m not much for political correctness [Read More...]

Last Call for Minnesotans!

If you live in Minnesota, you have no excuse for missing my lecture tomorrow in Roseville at 1:30 p.m. (CST)! Even the Star Tribune newspaper’s Faith & Values section is promoting the event. Glad that settles it. See you all tomorrow! [tags]atheist, atheism, Minnesota, Star Tribune, Faith & Values, Pamela Miller[/tags] [Read more...]

Getting Sam Harris on Campus

When I was the president of Students WithOut Religious Dogma, the first group for non-religious students at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), we wanted to plan a big event during our second year of existence. The biggest atheist in the news at the time was Michael Newdow, right in the heat of his [Read More...]