Christian Reality Game Shows

Floating Axhead is thinking up a variety of Christian reality game shows: Dancing with the Christian Stars This reality show includes well-known Pastors from every denomination, except the Church of Christ because it includes dancing and musical instruments. … The American Idol Jesus competes against greed, pornography, television, gambling, shopping, eating, work, and other American [Read More...]

A Church Passes Gas

In Carthage, Missouri, a local church did something useful for the community. They helped lower the gas prices to $1.99/gallon. The difference in price was bought by the Forest Park Baptist Church (Carthage Campus) — up to 15 gallons for the first 150 people who came by the Tiger Alley gas station. Even though the [Read More...]

Who Does This Guy Think He Is…?

Recently in his life, Kyle Dodig wasn’t religious. He started to read the Bible and got interested in religion. He wanted to experience church. So he’s visiting a different house of worship every week for a year: “My goal is, ultimately, to find a church where I can go and where I can hear those [Read More...]

Why Do I Love Canadians?

Because they tell it like it is Well, almost. Katie Kish compares me favorably to Sufjan Stevens (yay!) and drugs (umm… yay!?), but she says I probably don’t have a glorious singing voice. Little does she know I was Colonel Pickering in My Fair Lady in high school. Or that I had a one line [Read More...]

(D)evangelical Comedy in NYC This Saturday

Atheism and comedy intersect this weekend at The PIT in New York City. As Richard Dawkins once said, “Faith is the great cop-out.” Five atheist comedians talk about religion and the evangelization of America. Like a Cecil B. DeMille villain, they demand to know where your God is now, although they don’t really expect much [Read More...]