How Does One Get Out of a Religious Wedding?

Via Oz Atheist, a reader poses this question: Hi i found this blog through a google – like you i am not religious but that hasnt stopped a big problem – i am due to be married and both families are pushing for a full trad church wedding (and trad dress etc) and i dont [Read More...]

My Parents Won’t Know How to React

In terms of dating someone, race/culture has never mattered to me as much as the person herself. It’s not like I’m that cultural, anyway. But it’s never been a secret to me that my parents would prefer a brown, at-least-partially-religious bride. After my experience with the Indian matrimonial site, I was convinced that finding [Read More...]

Carnival of the Godless #79

The new Carnival of the Godless is at Aardvarchaeology. Go check it out! The next CotG is at Sexy Secularist in two weeks. Submit your entries here! [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Bye Bye Bibles?

I never know how to react (or whether to react at all) when I see Gideon Bibles in my hotel rooms. That may not be an issue anymore. Hotel room Bibles are on the outs: Unlike traditional hotels, the 10-year-old [Soho Grand Hotel in Manhattan] has never put Bibles in its guest rooms, because “society [Read More...]

Atheist Have a Homoerotic Passion for Paddleboats

That’ll make sense in a few seconds. American Dad (Stan) just found out his friend is an atheist. Here’s his response: (via [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]