In Oklahoma, a School District Is Debating Bible Distribution to Children

If the school district allows these Bibles to be distributed in the schools, I vow to raise money on this site to purchase books about atheism and have them sent to every school in the district. [Read more…]

Sally Quinn Follows Up on Her ‘American Citizenship Requires Belief in God’ Piece

Quinn wrote a confusing article which, if taken at face value, said that atheists had no claim to American citizenship (symbolically, anyway). When we pointed out how wrong that was, Quinn took a few admittedly awful messages from her inbox and heralded them as representative of all of us. [Read more…]

The Religion and Abortion Question in Tonight’s Debate

I thought Joe Biden had a great answer. He has his personal views, influenced by his faith — something that means very little to me — but, importantly, he said he would never impose his views on other people. [Read more…]

Baptist Preacher: ‘Trust Me, One Day Edward Tarte Will Know There is a God’

Edward Tarte tells the story of a Baptist preacher who tells him he’ll eventually believe in God again. [Read more…]

Sometimes, Rough Drafts Can Be a Good Thing

How a political speech changes over time… [Read more…]