Answer Me JesusTM

I have an addition to my birthday wishlist: Here’s all you need to know about this toy. The slogan they’re using to promote it is: Wiser than an ordinary magic 8 ball! And since a magic 8-ball is as wise as… um… crap-on-a-stick, Jesus must be infinitely wiser. You do the math. Wait, it gets [Read More...]

Ted Haggard’s Secret Sex Life

… will be told in detail in Mike Jones’ new book I Had To Say Something: The Art of Ted Haggard’s Fall. (Did anyone else catch the double meaning in the subtitle?) For the past few months (a very quick turnaround time), Jones has been working on this book which includes a section on his [Read More...]

Holy %&$#, There Are Two of Them!

Christopher Hitchens has a brother!? And (wait for it…) they often disagree about things. How they can handle discussing three different opinions (one from Peter and probably two from Christopher), I don’t know. Anyway, Peter Hitchens has an article in today’s Daily Mail (UK) where he talks about his brother’s book God is Not Great. [Read More...]

Nica Lalli in Chicago

The Chicago Sun-Times’ religion writer Cathleen Falsani ran a terrific article on Nica Lalli and her new book Nothing: Something to Believe In. If you haven’t read her book yet, go do it now. It’s awesome. And if you’re in Chicago, Nica will be doing a book reading/signing at the Barnes & Noble at 1441 [Read More...]

Atheist Book on Religious Reading List

Last week, I mentioned that Detroit Free Press religion writer David Crumm made his suggestions for the Top 10 Books for Spiritual Summer Reading. I Sold My Soul on eBay was on that list. Crumm ran a follow-up column today where he talks about some of the reader comments he received about the list. Here’s [Read More...]