Your First Crisis as an Atheist

Mary Bellamy is the Counsel and Director of Special Programs for the Secular Coalition for America. She’s undergoing some surgery today and shared a few of her thoughts with me. With her permission, I’m posting them here in the hopes they might help others going through something similar: As a fairly recently minted humanist, I [Read More...]

What Should This Atheist Couple Do?

We have a relationship that could use some help. It comes from “Bob.” The setup: His girlfriend’s dad is subborn, conservative-but-science-inclined, and a partial geek. He doesn’t believe in the supernatural, but appreciates church for the community it provides and for “maintaining harmony in the household.” His girlfriend’s mom is a very devout Christian — [Read More...]

The Christian Version of Sarah Palin’s Book

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin signed a book deal a while before this weekend’s debacle. No word on the amount she is getting paid for it (rumors place her advance at ~$7,000,000), but what we do know is that there will be two versions — the “regular” version and the “Christian” version: Soon Palin will [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Feeling Awkward When Given Religious Books

Hi, Richard. I have a lot of Christian friends who ask me to read their religious books – some fiction and others (pseudo)scientific or evangelical in nature. I feel very pressured culturally to take these books as it would be quite rude to refuse. The problem arises when it’s time to return the book and [Read More...]

Atheist Billboard in Idaho

This new ad from the American Humanist Association is up in Moscow, Idaho. The statement is “Want a Better World? Prayer not required.” It’s on the intersection of Highway 95 and Sweet Avenue and it’ll be there for another two months. So far, there is no Florida-like protest. Maybe religious residents agree that the billboard [Read More...]