The Atheist Bus Campaign Children’s Book

Crispian Jago has created a wonderful little children’s book version of how the Atheist Bus Campaign began: I think this is my favorite page: (via Science, Reason and Critical Thinking) [Read more...]

Indian Couple Refuses to Give Child a Religious Identity

Aalif Surti and Aditi Shedde are making news because of the birth of their child. The reason? According to Mohammed Wajihuddin of The Times of India, they refuse to list a religious identity for him: It wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision. “A few months into my pregnancy, we had decided that we would not give our [Read More...]

Gallup Poll: Americans Are Becoming Less Religious

People are losing their faith and it’s not just a recent fad. It’s a trend that continues to go in our direction. A new Gallup poll shows a lot of progress on the side of rational thought. Protestants? Declining. Catholics? They had been going up but they’re heading back down. No religion? Steadily increasing. This [Read More...]

Were You Better at Something When You Had Religious Faith?

This was on PostSecret today: It raises this question for me: Is there anything you were better at doing back when you were religious? I guess I could say I was better at calming myself down in stressful situations (because I would pray)… but there is some power in being able to rationally think my [Read More...]

Jesus Junk, Revisited

I didn’t realize how much awful Jesus Junk there actually was! The Redheaded Skeptic has example after example of cheesy Christian clothing: And there’s more where those came from… Scary. [Read more...]