Buying I Sold My Soul on eBay: An FAQ

I Sold My Soul on eBay will be released in bookstores everywhere on Tuesday! (Or so I’m told. If I’m wrong, Barbara’s Bookstore is *so* not going to happy with me.) If your local bookstore isn’t carrying it, I suggest staging a hunger strike until a shipment of books arrives. You have my blessings. Some [Read More...]


Kurt Vonnegut was the Honorary President of the American Humanist Association. As the AHA’s notes in their press release on Vonnegut’s passing: “I am a humanist,” [Vonnegut] wrote in a letter to the organization’s members, “which means, in part, that I have tried to behave decently without expectations of rewards or punishments after I am [Read More...]

Reading/Signing at Barbara’s Bookstore

If you walk on the south side of the University of Illinois at Chicago, near the dorms I lived in one year, you can see Barbara’s Bookstore from a distance. Which is what I did: Then I noticed something in the window… it was at a distance, but I could slightly make out the words: [Read More...]

Secular Student Alliance Seeks Summer Interns

The Secular Student Alliance (SSA) is seeking two to three college interns for the summer of 2007. The interns will work at the Humanist Center in Albany, New York. The positions are ten weeks long (which ten weeks you choose is pretty flexible) and will have a $200/week stipend. More information on these positions after [Read More...]

Chicago Reader Article

Harold Henderson of the Chicago Reader wrote a terrific article about the book in this week’s issue (pick up your copy on newsstands in Chicago today!). Remember how I said in the previous posting that, judging by her picture, Carol could beat me up? I just saw my picture in this article… I rescind my [Read More...]