Ask Richard: Jewish Parents Threaten to Disown Their Son Over His Girlfriend

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. The devil, if you’ll excuse the expression, is in the details. Not long ago, I received this email: Hi I am in a relationship with my boyfriend for two years we are completely in luv with one another he is Jewish his parents are religious [Read More…]

Why Is a Gay-Hating ‘University’ Getting $24,000,000 in Taxpayer Money?

Crandall University in Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada) is a Christian school that used to be called Atlantic Baptist University. As you might expect, they have rules their staff and students must adhere to regarding anything that has to do with sex. In fact, the school’s “Statement of Moral Standards” requires them… … to be sexually [Read More…]

‘God is Working’ on Getting Gays to Heaven

There are a few things that I really get riled up about when it comes to religion.   You know the obvious ones: priests molesting little kids, the Vatican covering it up, honor killings… But, for some reason, the whole “Pray the Gay Away” movement has always struck a real chord with me.  Maybe it’s because I [Read More…]

A Former Atheist-in-the-Pulpit Delivers a Sermon

Catherine Dunphy was trained as a Roman Catholic Chaplain before becoming an atheist, and she is now a graduate and board member of The Clergy Project. On May 6th, she delivered the following sermon about her deconversion at West Hill United Church (a relatively Humanistic church) in Toronto, Ontario. *** I would like to take [Read More…]

Christian Group: If You Don’t Let Us Put Up Religious Monuments on Public Land, You Must Hate the Troops

This is pretty vile. The Liberty Institute (a Christian group) is co-opting Memorial Day in order to convince people that religious emblems (like the Mount Soledad Cross) ought to exist on public land. Specifically, they’re promoting this video called “Don’t Tear Me Down”: The video basically implies if you support church-state separation, you have some [Read More…]