Was Jesus Real? Asks Jesus Project Scholars

(This is a guest post by Trina Hoaks. Trina is the Atheist Examiner at Examiner.com.) … A new project is under way to determine if Jesus actually existed. Aptly enough, it is called the “Jesus Project.” The project, which is an initiative of the Center for Inquiry, is comprised of 20 scholars from different areas [Read More...]

Religion and Politics in 2008

How bad was the intersection of religion and politics in 2008? The Secular Coalition for America put together a video reminding us of how marginalized the atheist viewpoint was this year. They also include advice at the end on how we can (slowly but surely) fix this problem. Check it out: That’s hardly everything. They [Read More...]

Jesus Speaks!

My friend Ashley interviewed Jesus at the Atheist Alliance International convention a few months ago and finally posted the video of it. In particular, I love his responses to what the H. stands for in Jesus H. Christ… and what he thinks about Sarah Palin Comedy Jesus is played by Troy Conrad. (via healthyaddict) [Read more...]

Atheists Sue Over the Inauguration

***Update***: The lawsuit in question has undergone some revisions (including new plaintiffs). A few changes have been made since my original posting. You can read further commentary on this lawsuit at Daily Kos here and here. … Atheist Michael Newdow (of “Under God” fame) and several other atheists are suing government officials over the injection [Read More...]

One Story Through Several Lenses

There’s a story about Humanists seen in several newspapers today — I saw it in the Chicago Tribune — that was first published a week ago. It’s by reporter Robin Shulman and it’s about how more atheist communities are now forming. Reporters usually don’t write their own headlines, though, and this can lead to problems. [Read More...]