Ask Richard: Apostate Couple Called Satanists by Members of Former Church

Note: Letter writer’s names are changed to protect their privacy. Kate wrote a long letter, the first part of which I am summarizing: She was born into a basically non-observant Catholic family. When she began dating her husband-to-be in high school, she was completely uninterested in religion, and he was nominally a Christian. They got [Read More…]

Christian Apologist: Stop Showing Love to Gay People

Let me summarize what you’re about to see Christian apologist Sean McDowell say: Of course we want to show love to our gay friends. But love only goes so far. I knew of a guy who came out as gay. His parents supported his decision. And then he died. Because of homosexual AIDS. Moral of [Read More…]

Please Don’t Reshelve the Bibles

***Update***: Mike Lee, the religiousantagonist, has posted a comment below. He is sincerely apologetic (and I believe him when he says that), but he wants to explain his thought process in making this video. … This video from religiousantagonist encourages atheists to reshelve the Bibles in the public library — because they ought to be [Read More…]

Honoring Christopher Hitchens

Scott VanDenPlas, an atheist from Chicago, recently heard Christopher Hitchens say the following in an interview: “I’ve had an amazing number of letters from people, I still get them. Hand written ones to my house, as well as emails to my office in New York. Saying really, the nicest things, most of them… not all. [Read More…]

Is It OK for Christians to Censor the Bible?

When Christian author Rachel Held Evans heard about the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn controversy, she was upset because she loves the book so much. How dare people change the book by revising parts they don’t like?! And what about the House Republicans’ desire to read the Constitution aloud… but only after omitting that whole Three-Fifths [Read More…]