Come See Me at Harding University Tonight!

I’ll be speaking about the book at Harding University (a Christian college) in Searcy, Arkansas (about 50 miles north-east of Little Rock) tonight in the Heritage Building’s Cone Chapel at 7:00 p.m. (local time). The event is free to the public! More information can be found on Facebook. Of course, all the fun stories will [Read More...]

Donate to Secular California Wildfire Relief Efforts

For anyone who thinks there are no atheist charities… From Jim Underdown, Executive Director of the Center for Inquiry — Los Angeles: We are deeply concerned about the hardship and suffering caused by the wildfires here in Southern California. We want to help, so the Center for Inquiry—Los Angeles is launching an effort through SHARE [Read More...]

The Bless Back Project

Last week, Elevation Church in North Carolina did something quite commendable. They take in an average of $40,000 weekly even though they don’t have a building of their own. They’re trying to raise capital to get one. What are they doing for their capital campaign? Giving away money. Taking a page out of Oprah’s playbook [Read More...]

Which is More Likely?

Being dealt the first hand of 13 cards or the second? As onegoodmove writes: There are 635,013,559,600 possible hands and the chances of being dealt the first hand is just as likely as the second though a common intuition is that the second is far more likely. This I believe is because the second has [Read More...]

Interest in Being a Philosophy Grad Student?

Me neither. But if you are, Professor Eric Schwitzgebel at the University of California at Riverside has compiled his seven postings on applying to Ph. D. programs in philosophy. The seven parts: Part I: Should You Apply, and Where? Part II: Grades and Classes Part III: Letters of Recommendation Part IV: Writing Samples Part V: [Read More...]