Even in Death, George Carlin is Battling the Catholic Church

George Carlin never let up on the Catholic Church — or religion in general — in his stand-up, and it looks like the two sides are still doing battle: Although Carlin is gone, comedian Kevin Bartini wants to ensure that he lives on — by naming Carlin’s childhood block in his honor. Here’s the petition [Read More…]

Secular Students Sell Their Souls and Offer to Go to Houses of Worship

The students at Wayne State University’s Secular Student Alliance in Michigan auctioned off their souls a couple weeks ago and it was worthy of news coverage. (News coverage for “selling your soul”?! That’s just ridiculous…) More specifically, the students said they’d go to a house of worship for anyone who purchased a soul. During the [Read More…]

God and the Technicolor Robe

As much as I’d love to believe people like the Westboro Baptist folks will get their comeuppance in the afterlife, we all know that’s not gonna happen. But, c’mon, how awesome would it be to see this? (via nakedpastor) [Read more…]

The Craziest Problem I’ve Had My Students Solve This Year…

***Update***: The solution is posted here. … I don’t post nearly enough about teaching high school math (my day job) on this page. And since I’m giving more public talks about education these days, might as well write about it here, too Last month, after some of my honors’ students learned about composite functions, I [Read More…]

I Never Want to Go to the Prayerzone

I don’t get this video. I don’t want to get this video. I just want you all to note what God is reading. I don’t even want an explanation. The picture tells me everything I need to know. (via Blackmagic Rollercoaster — Thanks to Sam for the link!) [Read more…]