Yes, There Are Atheist Nurses

This article by Christina Feist-Heilmeier was brought to my attention over the weekend, though I’m not sure how old it is. How many lies can you spot? Of all the hundreds of nurses I have known, I have never known one who is an atheist. Just as there are no atheists in fox holes, there [Read More…]

Don’t Let Faith Stop You from Donating Your Organs

Recently, Israel did something smart regarding organ donation: Until now, Israel ranked at the bottom of Western countries on organ donation. Jewish law proscribes desecration of the dead, which has been interpreted by many to mean that Judaism prohibits organ donation. Additionally, there were rabbinic issues surrounding the concept of brain death, the state in [Read More…]

Why Is Atheist Content Being Flagged As Inappropriate on YouTube?

Thunderf00t points out that YouTube appears to be banning videos that are “religiously offensive”… which means atheist videos (his included) are being taken down in spades. … I got four videos taken down in half an hour, and a ‘privacy notifications’ against a further two… … The following videos were taken down, according to YT [Read More…]

Coming Out As An Atheist Isn’t Easy

From PostSecret: It’s easier said than done — and I know I say this as someone who still has a relationship with his parents despite disappointing them with my atheism — but if your family can’t handle your newfound logical beliefs, you may be better off without them. You would hope, in time, they could [Read More…]

Student Whose Article About Atheist Discrimination was Banned from School Newspaper Gets $1,000 Award from FFRF

On Thursday, news broke that Krystal Myers, a high school student from Tennessee, had her opinion piece about discrimination against atheists banned from her school’s newspaper. Two updates: Today, the Knoxville News Sentinel (the paper that broke the story in the first place) published the article that the school banned. The editors are thereby giving [Read More…]