An Atheist License Plate Story with a Happy Ending

After reading Jason‘s story, this one makes me feel a little more optimistic. Doug moved to Louisiana earlier this year and registered his car in his new home state. The Department of Motor Vehicles website explains how anyone can get a personalized license plate — you can even type in what you want and they’ll [Read More...]

The Book Proposal

For a few weeks now, I’ve been working fairly intensely on a book idea. I haven’t talked about it on this site yet, but if it works out, you’ll hear more soon enough. The other day, I finally sent it off to an editor interested in looking at it. It’ll take some time before I [Read More...]

A Potential Candidate for South Carolina Governor Takes On Mark Sanford

Herb Silverman, the founder/president of the Secular Coalition for America, has a unique take on the Mark Sanford situation since he himself ran for governor of the state about 20 years ago. Specifically, Herb takes on the infamous apology to everyone: One of Governor Sanford’s press conference apologies was “to people of faith across South [Read More...]

Indiana Education Official Backs Out of Creationism Conference

Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett recently met with Rev. Fredrick Boyd about a mentoring program in the schools. I’m going to assume for a moment that program would’ve been legal/kosher. Boyd asked Bennett if he would speak at his conference. Bennett said yes, thinking he’d be talking about education in his state. Yesterday [Read More...]

Guess What Today Is…?

It’s July 1st. Guess what that means…? If you open up your 2009 Skepdude calendar, you should be landing on a studly picture of me. Mr. July, 2009. Go ogle it. Enjoy. To the rest of you who didn’t order it: You should be ashamed of yourselves. Look what you’re missing out on… [Read more...]