Pennsylvania Atheist Group’s Slavery Billboard Is Now Up

Guess what just went up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania today? More background on that billboard here. The PA Nonbelievers have responses on their website to many of the questions they’ve been receiving in response to the billboard. [Read more…]

FFRF Raises Enough Money to Run Full-Page New York Times Ad

Guessed who just raised $52,000 in just under a week? Looks like a lot of people supported the “It’s Time to Quit the Catholic Church” ad from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Give it a few weeks and you’ll be seeing the following full-page ad appear in the New York Times. (Click to enlarge.) Also, [Read More…]

Cranston High School West Prayer Banner Taken Down

Remember this? It has finally been taken down. The Rhode Island chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union says the prayer banner at Cranston West High School has finally been taken down. The action comes seven weeks after a federal judge ruled the banner unconstitutional and ordered its immediate removal. The Cranston School Committee voted [Read More…]

How One Dog Found God

This story is really beautiful. Or sad. Or funny. Depends how you look at it. It starts with Jeff throwing a few morsels of dog food, through the space underneath his laundry room, to the dog (Zig) on the other side… This was the greatest thing ever in the history of things to happen to [Read More…]

Nathalie Rothschild Is Wrong; The Reason Rally *Is* Worth Attending

Nathalie Rothschild doesn’t get what the Reason Rally is all about. And because she doesn’t get it, she wrongly assumes the rally isn’t worth attending. According to its website, the goal of this gathering is “to encourage attendees … to come out of the closet as secular Americans, or supporters of secular equality”. … … [Read More…]