If a 15-Year-Old Posts a Picture of Her Christmas Present on Reddit…

… can people avoid making sexual remarks about her? [Read more…]

Another Bold High Schooler Speaks Her Mind About Religion and Politics

High-schooler Elise Brown recently wrote this fantastic opinion piece for her community’s local paper regarding celebrating Christmas as an atheist and the importance of religious pluralism in our country. While it’s not online at the paper’s site, she reposted it here. I love this excerpt, a response to Rick Perry‘s “Stronger” ad: A statesman who [Read More…]

God Hates (Penalty) F(l)ags

Robert Wilonsky, blogger for the Dallas Observer, reports that Westboro Baptist Church will protest the TicketCity Bowl in Dallas on January 2nd. Why that game in particular? Well, the participants are Penn State and the University of Houston: You can probably figure out why¬†The Most Hated Family in America is out to get the Lions: [Read More…]

Catholic Adoption Agencies Whine Because Illinois Isn’t Giving Them Tax Money to Discriminate

When it comes to church/state separation, the #1 rule is (usually) pretty simple: If you’re getting taxpayer money, you can’t discriminate against a group for their race/gender/orientation/etc. for any reason. If you’re paying for everything on your own, go do what you want. That’s overly simplified, I know, but it’s the gist of the law. [Read More…]

A New Year’s Resolution That Will Benefit Others

My friend Danielle and a couple of her colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania are working on a neat project called Resolution12. The idea is simple: Instead (or in addition to) making a resolution for yourself — lose weight, get healthier, etc. — make a resolution that’s more outwardly focused and that’s going to help [Read More…]