Weekend Vacation

I’ll be MIA for the next couple days while I visit my sister in Arizona. The blog is on autopost. In the meantime, check out the deceptive ways the filmmakers of Expelled are marketing the DVD release of the film (via Bay of Fundie). It’s not like they used any facts in the movie. Why [Read More...]

Are You Saving Yourself for Marriage? Anyone?

The deadline for the “Marriage for a Lifetime” contest is next Friday. Applicant couples must be engaged… and saving themselves for marriage. If they enter, they could win $10,000. And flowers. And wedding invites. And “other bridal goodies.” You might want to consider entering… so far, no one has applied. The organizer, perhaps out of [Read More...]

Man Sees Hindu Lord Ganesh in Flower

It’s a true story, and because of that, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Sam Lal, a Hindu man living in Queens, says that he found an incarnation of the Lord Ganesh in an amaranth plant. That’s not all: Lal said that the ailments that had plagued him for months disappeared. “This formation [Read More...]

North Carolina Republicans Think Atheists Have a Homosexual Agenda

When the North Carolina Republican State Executive Committee (and the Elizabeth Dole campaign) sent out a mailing attacking Dole’s Senate-seat opponent, Kay Hagan, for associating with atheists, they thought they would smear her character. They thought the same thing when they issued a press release criticizing Hagan for attending a fundraiser hosted by atheists. Everything [Read More...]

Quotes of the Day: Bill Donohue Responds to Family Guy

The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue responds to a Family Guy joke about priests who molest little boys by saying this: … While it is true that most of the molesters in the Catholic clergy have been gay, most gay priests are not molesters. Umm… someone please explain that statement to me. My head hurts. Donohue’s [Read More...]