An Atheist Gets Outed

Look at all the things this atheist had to do to hide her atheism from her family: I was very careful to cover my tracks, and I hated living the lie. I sanitized my online profiles, I hid my browsing history, hid my writings, I bowed my head during family prayers, and it killed me [Read More...]

Michele Bachmann Lies About a Founding Father, Obama, etc.

Trying to catch Michele Bachmann (R-MN) in a lie is about as hard as finding candy in a candy store. Check out what she said in Congress the other day (courtesy of Chris Rodda): … George Washington, our first President, demonstrated that he was not offended by the image of the risen Christ. In fact, [Read More...]

Alberta Schools to Make Knowledge Optional

I thought Canadians were supposed to be better than we Americans when it came to education issues… we’re the country that can “boast” of the Creation Museum, forbids gay marriage in all but four states, and kept George W. Bush in office for eight years. Maybe Canada’s trying to catch up to our stupidity. At [Read More...]

Jerry Falwell Would Not Approve of This

Not to rationalize a criminal act, but I wonder if the sexually repressed climate at Liberty University played any role in this. When masturbation is seen as a sin, you’re only allowed to hug another person for three seconds, and you’re not allowed any more PDA than holding hands in public, this is one hell [Read More...]

Evolution and Swine Flu

On Friday’s episode of Real Time, Bill Maher had a response to Creationists who may be going to see a doctor about the swine flu: I love the line at the end [Read more...]