Another Death By Jehovah

15-year old Joshua McAuley was crushed by a car and taken to a hospital. Unfortunately, because he was a Jehovah’s Witness, he refused to receive a blood transfusion. And then he died. I don’t know what his condition would have been like even if he had accepted the blood, but no doubt there are many [Read More...]

What is a Fatwa?

Years ago, Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam (the man who ironically sang “Peace Train”) wanted Salman Rushdie to die because of his book The Satanic Verses and the fatwa issued on his life. Because of that, a member of the Australian Parliament, Peter Kavanagh, wants him banned from performing a concert in the country. “Yusuf has evaded [Read More...]

Moment of Silence Not Good Enough for Exeter Union High School Christians

***Update***: There’s video of valedictorian Rebeccah TerHune giving her speech. At the 0:16 mark, you can hear a man scream out, “Rebeccah, Jesus loves you!” … When it comes to Prayer versus Moments of Silence in public schools, most Christians are smart enough not to endorse prayer. Not every student is Christian and you’re just [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Teen Atheist Daughter of Muslim Parents

Dear Richard, Both of my parents are Muslim. They were born and raised Muslim, and they have decided to continue this tradition with their children. The problem is, though, that I am an atheist. Even better, I’m a 17-year old girl. I live in the U.S. It took me a long time to even admit [Read More...]

It’s Bill Nye the Science Guy!

I spent the weekend at the American Humanist Society conference in San Jose, CA (woo!) The big annual award the AHA gives out is the Humanist of the Year — this year, the honoree was Bill Nye, the Science Guy. Here’s my unofficial video of his talk (in three parts)! (If the AHA puts out [Read More...]