Jesus Shouldn’t Take a Dive

You see the joke coming from a mile away… but it still made me laugh (via @metheliving) [Read more...]

The Master Plan Movie Now Available for Download

Aron Campisano is the director of a film called The Master Plan, “about Christian youth culture in suburban America, and a teen girl’s struggle with evangelical Christianity.” If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, you can now see the entire film here: Or, better yet, you can download it to watch on [Read More...]

Cecil Bothwell to Get Award from American Atheists

Cecil Bothwell is the atheist who recently won an election to become a city councilperson in Asheville, North Carolina. His story has been covered on FOX News and The Rachel Maddow Show. American Atheists has decided to honor him as a result of his handling of the situation: American Atheists Inc., a national nonprofit educational [Read More...]

Secular Coalition for America’s Capitol Hill Scholars Program

This is a repost from 10/26/09. There is still time to apply but the deadline is approaching and picks will be made soon. If you haven’t applied yet, please consider doing so! … This is a program I’ve been eagerly looking forward to ever since we began discussing it. Last year, the Secular Student Alliance [Read More...]

Addressing Myths About Polyamory

Our Forum admin JulietEcho has a wonderful piece up at Daylight Atheism where she responds to common myths about polyamory. Here’s a brief excerpt: When it comes right down to it, perhaps the biggest unspoken reason people have for objecting to (or being offended by) polyamory is fear. It’s common for monogamous people to fear [Read More...]