Sam Harris vs. Rick Warren

Several months ago, Time featured a debate between Richard Dawkins and Francis Collins on the subject of God. This week, Newsweek does something similar. Sam Harris visited the offices of Pastor Rick Warren and moderator Jon Meacham was there to watch it unfold. I was going to list some excerpts, but really, the whole thing [Read More...]

God’s Not Going To Lose Your Weight For You

Pastor Robby Dawkins (no relation to Richard, I assume) used to weigh 425 lbs. back in 2003. And though he claims to have seen a lot of miracles, praying to God just wasn’t helping him lose weight. He did have Graves disease, a thyroid disorder that may have been a reason for the excess weight, [Read More...]

Atheist Beaten Up on Campus

Justin Trottier, the president of the Freethought Association of Canada, and his friend Peter Aruja were hanging posters on the night of March 27 promoting an upcoming lecture featuring Victor Stenger, author of God: The Failed Hypothesis at Ryerson University. Flyering buildings is a typical way that campus groups get word out about their events. [Read More...]

That Choir is the Bomb!

The Victoria Philharmonic Choir in Canada is adding a twist to its version of Handel’s Samson. The choir’s version of the classic story turns the Biblical tale on its head by portraying Samson as a suicide bomber in 1946 Jerusalem. Simon Capet, the artistic director, says his goal is to “get people talking about music.” [Read More...]

Maybe We Shouldn’t Change our Book Covers

Saint Gasoline does a nice, quick job of arguing why atheist books should stay away from imitating the popular Christian I-always-smile-now-take-a-picture book covers: I suppose that wouldn’t sell so many copies. But it’s still more appealing than Christopher Hitchens’ book cover. I also enjoyed his commentary: The last thing I need when buying [a] book [Read More...]